Saturday, October 3, 2009

Holey Moley plaid moon

I love to wear Pajama pants. They are the most comfortable thing ever. Although every pair of flannel pajama pants ends up ripping. Not a little rip but a huge rip. Last night, I was wearing my only pair of flannel pants I have left that don’t have a huge hole in them. I went in to my son’s room to retrieve a basketball and football. I bent over to pick them up and I heard a loud ripping noise. I walk out of his room and there is a giant hole in my flannel pants. It was almost cartoonish it was so big. Why oh Why does flannel rip? I wish my pajama pants wouldn’t get giant holes in them. It doesn’t matter what brand it is or how much it costs… It all rips…

I love Victoria’s Secret. I love their little flannel pajamas sets but, besides being expensive unless you get during a great sale the flannel still rips. Cheaper flannels rip too. I think the more expensive ones rip faster. Maybe I just wear them more. It really sucks. I keep having to buy new flannel Pajamas. I wish they came like some of my son’s pajamas. Where you get two bottoms and one top. The tops never rip. Never have I had a top rip it is always the bottoms. I don’t understand why the tops manage to stay intact and I end up mooning people when my flannel pants rip down the back.

I wonder if guys flannel pants rip too. Maybe its just women’s flannel pants. I would like some input. If the men’s flannel pants don’t rip, I am going to start wearing them. I am all about being comfortable and flannel is so soft and nice. I am just sick of them ripping. So please make flannel pants that don’t rip.


  1. At least yours rip on their own. If I lay mine down to get in the shower, my stupid little terrier chews the crotch out of them. Doesn't matter if they are dirty, clean, brand new...he has chewed every last pair.

    PS the men's rip too - hubby's ripped and oldest son just put a rip in his. I think flannel just wears more easily than other fabrics.

  2. Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)