Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coffee Bean Direct Review

I love a great cup of coffee. I really enjoy hazelnut or French vanilla. It seems like there are a million brands to choose from and some are great and others well are not so great. I am somewhat of a Coffee Snob. So when I had the chance to try a sample of coffee from Coffee Bean Direct I was excited. Coffee Bean Direct is an online business that sells many different brands and flavors of coffee and tea. The prices are really good too. They even have really nice coffee and tea gift baskets that would make an excellent gift for someone you love filled with coffee or tea and little treats as well. Most people like to enjoy a little treat a long with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Not sure what kind of flavor you would like to try you could always order one of the Sampler packs which come in both coffee and tea varieties. You have many choices when it comes to flavors. You can either order your coffee in whole beans or already ground. It comes in Regular or Decaf as well. The tea categories include Black teas, green teas, herbal teas and Wulong teas. They also offer other teas.

I got to sample the Hazelnut coffee. As soon as I opened the box, I could smell the coffee. It smelled so good. My son decided he wanted to smell it too. He thought it smelled pretty good. I couldn’t wait to try it. The coffee was so flavorful and tasted great. I savored the coffee in my mouth as I drank it. It was full bodied and very aromatic. It filled my house with the warm scent of coffee. It was delicious.

So, if you want great, fresh coffee please order from Coffee Bean Direct. They bring it straight to your door. It would be great on a cool day.
You can get a 5 pound bag of delicious Coffee for about 5 dollars per pound! What a great deal! They also have monthly specials with great bargains. You can sign up for their newsletter and get all the information and deals right in your inbox.

Thank You to Coffee Bean Direct for providing me a sample of coffee to try.

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  1. No Pictures, Coffee Bean Direct is a good company to work with. I was silly and did a giveaway only, so I haven't tried the flavor out yet. Looks like I'm missing out.