Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arnold Sandwich Thins Review

My son loves bread. He loves any kind of bread from bagels to sliced bread. He loves bread so much that he will take loaves off the counter and sit down on the couch and eat it. I had the opportunity to sample some New Arnold Sandwich Thins. It is artisan bread. It is like a bun but it is thin. That way you don’t have to fill up on bread and you can use less filling in your sandwich. It is about the size of a top of a bun. It is flat and as big as a bun in size. It is great for those who are trying to eat less bread and carbs because the flavor is there but the excess bread is not. Arnold Sandwich Thins are made with whole grains which is important for preventing obesity and diabetes along with other health issues. They are only 100 calories.

Arnold Sandwich Thins contain No High Fructose Corn Syrup. They are cholesterol free. They are full of fiber and are low fat. So you are really putting something healthy and great tasting in your body. You can have all the flavor of Artisan bread with out the calories. They come in 4 varieties; Multi-grain, Seedless Rye, Whole Wheat White and 100% Whole Wheat.

If you like tuna in your lunch it is wonderful. You know how when you make a tuna sandwich in the morning or the night before and by lunch time its mush and the bread is all soggy? Not the case with Arnold’s Sandwich Thins. The bread stays intact. Do your kids hate crusts? Since Arnold’s Sandwich Thins are round there are no crusts to cut off! Arnold’s Sandwich Thins are delicious and very nutritious. My son loves them. His favorite way to eat it is with some melted cheese on a half then cut in little pieces. He also likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I like to make ham sandwiches with Arnold Sandwich thins too. As I said my son loves bread but I don’t really want him to fill up on bread. So, I really like giving him Arnold Sandwich Thins. I know when I give him Arnold Sandwich Thins I will be giving him something that is good for his growing body and that he will enjoy eating.

Arnold Sandwich Thins are available in stores across the US. To locate a store near you go HERE and click store locator at the top and it will tell you if Arnold Sandwich Thins have been delivered in the last 3 days to a local store. For more information and sandwich recipes and ideas please visit Arnold Sandwich Thins website.

Thank You to Arnold for the opportunity to sample some of your delicious Sandwich Thins.

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