Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's happenin' in September on Sprout?

We love PBS Sprout. Noah and I watch Sprout all the time. We enjoy the programs that are on and we also watch Sprout On Demand. I wanted to share with you first of all how wonderful and educational all of the programming is. There are shows like Caillou, Sesame Street and Barney to name a few. I know that when Sprout is on that I have complete confidence that there will be mom and kid approved content. The shows are very entertaining and Noah has learned a lot from his Sprout friends.

Sprout has launched an exclusive contest on their Facebook page asks viewers to submit a photo of their best Wiggly face. The winners will be chosen by user votes. There will be weekly prizes of a Flip Video camera . The grand prize is a Nintendo Wii and a Wiggles autographed shirt! How cool is that? I can’t wait to check out all the Wiggly Faces!

Noah loves the Good Night Show. The Good Night Show is on every evening starting at 6 pm ET. It stars Nina and Star. They also have a friend named Lucy who is a firefly. Each show has a theme with episodes of Sprout shows that are based on the theme. Nina also does an evening stretch that Noah loves to do. They sing songs and do a craft as well. It is a great way to wind down after a busy day and it keeps Noah entertained while I make dinner.

There will be a new season of the Good Night Show starting September 21st . The new season of The Good Night Show will also feature a new show called the Rubbadubbers. In celebration of the all new fun shows Nina will be joining Chica in the Sunshine barn for a Pajama Party! Noah and I decided we were going to celebrate right along with them and have a pajama party as well. It will be a lot of fun.

All children should have comfortable pajamas to sleep in. Unfortunately not every child has them. The wonderful people at Sprout have realized this and have teamed up with The Pajama Program for the Great Sprout Tuck in. The Pajama Program is a charity that helps children get comfortable pajamas and books to read.

Noah loves to wear pajamas. He will ask me for some jammies to wear sometimes even in the daytime. He has a pair of fire truck pajamas that he loves and asks to wear often. My heart sinks every time he asks to wear them now because he has out grown them! Not to mention they are more Winter pajamas. I think that every child should have a favorite pair of pajamas. Not only to keep them warm at night but for the comfort.

One of Noah’s favorite things is to look at books and have me read to him and tell him stories. Children who are read to when they are younger tend to have a greater love of reading as they get older. Some children don’t even have any books to read or look at. You can help! Here’s the deal… You can purchase NEW pajamas and NEW books and send them to PBS Sprout and then they will help give them to children in need. They will also match every single donation. They request that the items be new. They need all sizes of pajamas and all sorts of children’s books.

They need your help. They have almost reached their goal of helping 75,000 kids with new books and pajamas. Wouldn’t it be great to help them surpass their goal? The Great Sprout Tuck in is trying to hit their goal of 75,000 by Oct. 1st. Please help these children have a Good Night.

If you don’t get Sprout call your cable company or 1-866-9-Sprout and say Sprout Please!

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