Tuesday, September 8, 2009

U-G-L-Y you aint got no alibi

you ugly yeah yeah you UGLY!

I turned 28 on August 29th. My best friend Rene asked me for my mailing address. I of course gave it to her. I thought maybe she was sending me a card. So I got the mail today and I saw that I had an envelope from her in the stack of mail. I was very curious to see what she sent because I love getting mail, especially from a sweetheart like Rene. So I opened it and was like what is this and I looked at it and it was the most ugliest wallpaper in the world.

I have seen ugly wall paper in my day usually in bathrooms and random people’s homes. Not going to single anyone out but man I have seen ugly. This isn’t ugly it is hideous! This is the wallpaper that has been hanging at her work for like over 16 years. She worked there before and it was hanging then and then she moved to South Carolina and it is still hanging today.

I went with her to work one night when I was visiting her and it was quite scary. We talk about how they are really alive and they are doing weird things in the store kind of like in the movie The Witches where the Grand High Witch puts the little girl in the painting and she moved around and grew old and one day she just disappeared.

I love the little gift she sent me. I think I scared my son though cause I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t stop. It really made my week. So Thanks Rene! I love you! Here is a picture of the wall paper and all it’s glory!


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  1. We believe it is the same wallpaper that was originally put up in the store about 30+ years ago.