Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sprout Baby Review-Sprout Foods baby food

I used to help supplement Noah’s diet with occasional baby food. It would help him get extra nutrients and I didn’t have to worry about all the extra stuff that is in table food. It is also something to have on hand if he is sick and doesn’t feel like eating something he has to work at. He is now strictly on table food. Before we stopped the occasional baby food, Noah had the opportunity to try Sprout Foods baby food. Sprout Foods baby food is a gourmet baby food company. Sprout Foods baby food is an organic, shelf stable delicious baby food. It is also gourmet is because Tyler Florence from the Food Network created the prepackaged baby foods. I love to watch Food Network so I immediately recognized the name Tyler Florence. I thought that it was a really cool thing.

The baby food comes in foil resealable packages. The package is big enough to lay flat but not too big that it is too much food for your child. The foil packages are really neat. They are so much safer than glass jars. They also don’t get crushed like the plastic containers. There is a zip top on the actual package so if you don’t use it all you don’t have to worry about accidentally throwing away the lid.

I understand the convenience of the pouch and I really like that. I however didn’t really care for having to put it in a bowl. I hate doing dishes so I avoid it as much as I can. I thought about just letting him eat it out of the package. Then I remembered the banana incident that some of you might remember. I thought it would be way too messy even if I were to feed it to him so I opted for the bowl. So if you were to take it on the road or to a restaurant I recommend bringing a bowl.

There are many different unique flavor combinations that you probably wouldn’t think of like sweet baby carrots, apples and mango also roasted bananas and rice.
The appearance of the Sprout Baby baby food was vibrant colors. I really liked how it wasn’t really runny. Runny baby food is such a mess. So the consistency was great. As for the taste, Noah really liked the Sprout Foods baby food. He would say mmm tastes good. His favorite was the Roasted Banana and Rice. So, it was a hit with our family.

Thank you to Sprout Baby for the opportunity to try some Sprout Foods baby food.

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  1. sure wish my little guy still ate baby food then hed atleast get the veggies he needs. He so dang picky