Sunday, September 6, 2009

One of my secret loves is TARTS!

Tarts are one of my favorite things. Some of you might be wondering what a tart is. No it’s not sweet tarts although the chewy ones are really good. It’s also not a little pastry. It is scented wax. You put it on top of a tart burner and then you put a tea light in the bottom lit of course. It melts and scent is distributed in to the air. Yes it is kind of like a candle. It serves the same purpose. I love candles as well. Tarts are cool because you can change the scent when ever you want. They are a lot cheaper than candles but of course you get less burning time.

Yankee Candle says you get 8 hours of burning time but I feel like I get about 12. When the scent is weak you can blow it out and let it harden. Pop it in the freezer for about 15 minutes or so and the tart will come out really easily. Note that it doesn’t work very well with soy tarts. I got a small package of soy tarts last year at the Car Auction. Good thing I have three tart burners.

You can then take the harden wax and stick it in your underwear or sock drawer for a great smelling freshener. How’s that for recycling? I love everything Yankee Candle from the tarts to the Jar candles to the linen spray. They don’t make that anymore. Yankee Candle if you are reading I want them to bring it back! Oh and please stop retiring my mom’s favorite scents. If you want to you should totally email everyone on the email list and send a note in the catalog so the people that love them can stock up. That would be a great idea. Since the scent lasts forever it would be a great idea not only for sales but to make the customer happy!

I went to the flagship store in Williamsburg VA which was a paradise of any Yankee Candle lover. It was huge and it had a holiday land and little shops inside it. My son lost his favorite orange pacifier in there. I found it by the tarts. We spent like 2 hours in there and made a special trip on the way home from Virginia Beach. They have other flagship stores as well. I will return again someday.

My favorite Yankee Candle scent is Macintosh. It smells so good. I have fond memories of my mom burning it when I was younger. It was also a candle given to my Grandma Rose as well. It just smells so crisp and nice. I like Country Linen and Vanilla cupcake as well. I like most of the scents a lot but Macintosh will always be my favorite.
I have a nice collection of tarts from Yankee Candle. I have a good assortment of scents. I love them all . I have 66 of them. That is a quite a bit. Tarts are a great way to try new scents. OK sure you could buy votive candles but they can be messy. You could burn a votive without a holder but then you get melted wax every where or you could burn it in a little holder but it doesn’t come out too well. So, tarts are the best way to go for sampling scents or if you like different ones like me.
They would be a great gift. Go to Bed Bath and Beyond and get a tart burner for 5 dollars and some tarts and some tea lights. For those of you that aren’t candle savy they are the ones in the little metal holders. Guys don’t think tarts are a female thing, My old best friends dad would burn them in his office all the time. He was a Marine and far from girly.
So check them out! Your house will smell great!


  1. Love, love, love Yankee Tarts! Rob loves the cinnamon or apple scents. I like honeysuckle.

  2. I collect tarts too. I am actually obsessed with all home fragrance. I used to manage at Bath & Body Works, and I stocked up on home fragrance from there before I put in my two weeks to stay home and work full-time for myself.