Sunday, September 13, 2009

MrsDesigns Etsy store!

Do you like homemade purses and other items? I do. I can’t sew. If I try it looks like a four year old made it seriously. Now through the wonders of the internet you can have people make you things with out having to leave your home.

My friend Melody of MrsDesigns loves to sew and make really cute things. I think she started out by making baby bonnets for her daughter. She now makes all kinds of really cool handmade items. She makes little card holders called cash and card foldies.

She is a really good friend of mine and I have admired her stuff and her skills for over a year now. She began just as a hobby sewer and to make clothing for her kids. After all sorts of positive feedback she decided to start a business. She has an Etsy store where you can find her creations for sale. Everything is really inexpensive and very well made. There are all kinds of bargains on her site.

My personal favorite is the Brown Corduroy Pleated Purse. It is only 12 dollars and so adorable! It also comes with a matching homemade wallet. Another item she makes is bread sacks. They are really interesting and so unique. I hate going to the store and coming home and finding my bread smashed in. Some baggers don’t really know that you don’t put heavy things on top of a loaf of bread. You can also use the bread sacks as a wine bag or for a carton of eggs. They are a definitely something you should have.

Melody will also make custom things. She can make all sorts of adorable creations, just ask. If you want something custom made but not sure what visit her blog for ideas and samples of items she has made. She is truly a pleasure to know. She sent me a Hobo bag with a matching cash and card foldie. I love them both. They are so beautiful . She also shipped it really fast. It didn’t take long to get here at all. We were both surprised how quickly I received it.

If you want homemade, great quality products that are a total bargain go visit MRS Designs Etsy shop! Go pick up some really cute stuff today!

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