Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kernel Seasonings Review!

I really love popcorn. The more butter the better. When I go to the movies its always extra extra butter. When you are at home and you don’t have access to your own butter topping pump, popcorn can get really boring really fast. So when I had the opportunity to try out Kernel Seasonings I was really excited. Kernel Seasonings is a wide variety of popcorn seasonings. It was started in a dorm room at The University of Michigan by a guy who was sick of plain buttered popcorn. Brian Taylor started mixing different seasonings together for his popcorn each night. Soon his fellow classmates were knocking on his door asking for his special spice blends. So, Brian contacted a flavor team with over fifty years experience to help perfect the seasonings. It took two years to tweak the flavors just right. Kernel Seasonings are perfect.
Kernel Seasonings comes in 16 flavors, they are Parmesan and Garlic, White Cheddar, Jalapeno, Salt and Vinegar, Apple Cinnamon, Nacho Cheddar, Chile Lime, Kettle Corn, Butter, Ranch, Sour Cream and Onion, Salt, Caramel, Cajun, Barbeque, and Chocolate Marshmallow. Now just because they are called Kernel Seasonings don’t think they are strictly for just popcorn.

You can use them on other things such as potatoes. Each bottle comes with suggestions of other uses. The Kernel Seasonings website has many recipes using their seasonings. Get this…if you come up with a recipe using Kernel Seasonings and they use it on the website they’ll send you a free full set of Kernel Seasonings! That is definitely something to remember when you are cooking in the kitchen.

Some of the seasonings are salt free too. My best friend’s husband can’t have much salt because of Congestive Heart Failure so I told her about the flavors that are Salt Free. They are Kettle Corn, Apple Cinnamon, and Caramel. You can learn more about the nutrition values and allergen information on the website.

Kernel Seasonings also sells Movie Theater Butter Popping and Topping Oil. You use it to either pop the uncooked kernels or as a delicious topping. A little goes a long way! Kernel Seasonings also sells Popcorn Spritzer that you spray on air popped popcorn to help the seasonings stick. Of course they also sell popcorn kernels and microwave popcorn too.

Something you will quickly learn about me is I love garlic. I also love Parmesan cheese. So it was no big surprise that my favorite flavor is the Parmesan Garlic. It is so delicious. The White Cheddar is great too. I really liked all the flavors I have tried so far. Kernel Seasonings adds a great kick to popcorn and other items with out being too over powering. It is the perfect blend of seasonings. I had my family try some of the flavors. My mom’s favorite is the White Cheddar. My sister and her boyfriend told me how they have wanted to try them as well. They had seen them at the movie theater. So they were both excited to try them. They both really liked them. It was a hit with my entire family. Even my son loved Kernel Seasonings!

Look for Kernel Seasonings at your local movie theater. Mine has them for complimentary use. That would be a great way to try different flavors. If your movie theater doesn’t carry Kernel Seasonings you can always request that they should. You can also purchase Kernel Seasonings on their website including the Movie Theater Butter Popping and Topping Oil and the Popcorn Spritzer and popcorn. I have seen the seasonings at Wal-mart and at Meijer. Blockbuster also carries Kernel Seasonings.

To find retailers near you please visit HERE for your nearest location. If there is not one near you, remember you can purchase them online on the Kernel Seasonings website.
Here is a coupon code for you guys! You can use coupon code Kernel235 to receive a FREE Popcorn Pouch and Popcorn Spritzer with any order you place!

Thank you so much to Kernel Seasonings for giving me the opportunity to try Kernel Seasonings!