Tuesday, September 1, 2009

God Bless Tylenol!

Noah has a cold. He doesn’t get sick very often as he is pretty healthy. I am extremely happy about that. He has had the sniffles and a runny nose. He has been sneezing and coughing as well. I know that the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) says not to give children under 6 cough or cold medicines. So of course I would not do that.

Noah has a fever of 101.5 tonight. I gave him some dye free cherry Children’s Tylenol. That he thinks is absolutely delicious. It is hidden on a high shelf in the hall linen closet right next to the baby powder. Well at least I don’t have to fight him to take it. I am happy to report that his fever has gone down already. It is still kind of high but it is an improvement.

I started thinking about how Tylenol has been a great thing to have in my home and all the times I have given it to Noah. It was there when he got his shots almost every time. It helped take the pain away and reduce the fever from the DTAP vaccine. It was there when Noah was cutting his little teeth. It was there when he has been sick. It is really nice to have a product that has been around for forever and you can rely on in your times of pain and fevers.

I remember the taste of chewable Children’s Tylenol. I used to have a pill issue where I couldn’t swallow pills so I would just take the Children's Tylenol chewables. It got to the point when I got to be a certain age and I was taking so many of them just to make a dose. Then I learned about sticking them in apple sauce. Works like a charm. Heck that is how I got my prenatals down sometimes when I was pregnant with Noah.

I used to get really bad car sickness. Whenever we would drive home from North Carolina when I was young my mom would always give me a car sickness pill in a spoon of peanut butter. Please, please don’t do it. It traumatized me. Well not really but it is not a good suggestion in my opinion.

God Bless Tylenol!!
I really am glad that Tylenol is such a trust worthy caring company.
Thanks Tylenol!


  1. I agree. Tylenol is a great thing! We use it for Josiah for teething, sick times... and the list goes on. It's a wonderful product.

  2. aww, I am sorry Noah is sick but yes, tylenol seems to work wonders on children. I am having some knee issues and have been using naproxen, but I might start alternating with tylenol. thanks for the reminder of what a miracle drug it can be!

  3. We couldn't live wthout Tylenol. I love giving the chewables to my kids instead of the liquid because I think the taste of the liquid is nasty.

  4. My daughter was sick last week and I was alternating tylenol and Motrin to help break her fever. Well I had it sitting on top of the piano, but apparently she could reach it from the stairs. I went upstairs to do something and came back down and she was sitting on the floor with the tylenol and the medicine cup trying to open it (Thank goodness for child proof lids!) I asked her what she was doing and she said "medicine!" I had to laugh, but tried to tell her that she can't play with the medicine, and she needs to let us give it to her. (she's 2 btw)