Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boogie Wipes Review

Kids get sick….Its a fact of life. They get runny noses and stuffy ones. You reach for the nearest tissue or toilet paper. Tissues and toilet paper are more trouble than they are helpers. Your child’s nose gets sore, even with the ones that claim to make your nose not hurt. Not to mention they aren’t very good at cleanly wiping the sticky mess your child’s nose makes. Well drop the tissue and try out these. They are called Boogie Wipes.

Boogie Wipes are Saline wipes that make nose blowing a breeze! Boogie Wipes helps break up the mucous. Boogie Wipes were created by two mothers that were sick of chasing runny noses. Boogie wipes are Alcohol Free! They are also Phthalate & Paraben Free. They are made with Natural Saline to Dissolve Mucus. They are Hypoallergenic, so that means they are safe for all ages.

These wipes will actually moisturize your nostrils with Vitamin E, Aloe and Chamomile. Did you know the number one reason for nose bleeds is dried cracked nasal passages? That is another reason to use Boogie Wipes. They come in three fun scents. They are Grape, Fresh Scent and Magic Menthol. Magic Menthol is for those extra stuffy noses. Kids love the smell of them which is important because they are for your nose so a great scent is a must.

Noah has a cold right now. He doesn’t get sick very often but I was armed with Boogie Wipes to wipe his nose. Noah will not only wipe his own nose but he will actually ask to wipe his nose. He would of never asked to wipe his nose with a tissue, in fact it was a real battle and upsetting for both of us when he would use a normal tissue. Boogie Wipes are extremely soft and they are scented. Our favorite is the Grape! I tried one out just to see what it was like and it felt cool and refreshing. It felt so clean as well.

I told my mom about Boogie Wipes and I thought that she should get some for her students. She teaches children with physical and mental challenges so some of them don’t have the motor skills to wipe their own noses. Wiping their noses will be easier for her because Boogie Wipes are so thick and have saline in them so it is less mess than tissue. I think that anyone with a nose should have Boogie Wipes because they aren’t just for kids. They are for those who are kids at heart too!

Boogie Wipes come in packages of 40 wipes or individually wrapped wipes. The single serve wipes are great to keep in your car or your purse for those times when you need them on the go. Just think no more rough fast food napkins used as a tissue. We all have them in our glove boxes for that purpose. No more smashed boxes of tissues that get lost under your car seat. Colds will still be miserable but Boogie Wipes will help pamper your nose.

Thank you to Boogie Wipes for giving me the opportunity to try out some Boogie Wipes.

You can find Boogie Wipes at a variety of stores. Go Here to find a location near you. If there isn’t one have no fear you can order them online. They retail about $3.99 a pack and the individual wipes are $2.99 for a pack of 10.

If you sign up for The Boogie Bunch you can also get a coupon for $1.00 off.
For more information please visit Boogie Wipes
So what are you waiting for? Go get some today. Your nose will Thank You later.

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