Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Wipes Bandit!

I love my son with every fiber of my being but he has turned in to swiper when it comes to wipes. He will take the wipes from the box and mess up their perfect little factory pressed and folded sheets. Then turn them in to crinkled waded up little balls. Occasionally he rips them up. It drives me bananas. I know I can still use the wipes if I catch it close to the attack. I also know I can just re wet them if they dry out. BUT it is such a pain. I tried to tell him not to do it. That didn’t work. It’s not like he doesn't have any toys. Trust me he has a ton of them. I have been putting the box of wipes on the shelf in the closet out of his reach. Sometimes I just forget! I’m human right? I can forget to put the wipes up.

Now that he is in a toddler bed he has free reign of his room. His room is baby proofed. It just irks me. It’s not the container he wants to play with it is the wipes. He likes to clean his trains and trucks with them. I will give him a couple to use sometimes. Hey it could be worse.... He could have done what I did when I was about his age.

I was two or three years old and I was playing with my best friend at the time. We were in her room. I am assuming we snuck away some how. Then, I had an idea. Well it wasn’t really an idea per say but just something that looked fun. There it was in all its glory a big white container of Johnson’s Baby Powder. It was calling out to me saying play with me, smell me, come on it will be fun. How could I resist? How could anyone resist? So I got it down from the changing table assuming that is where it was. I picked it up and started squeezing and shaking it. I am sure I was laughing so hard. We (really I) left not a speck of baby powder in the bottle. The whole room was painted white in baby powder. My best friend and I were completely covered head to toe in it. It was in our hair it was EVERYWHERE! It was snowing baby powder. I have a picture of it somewhere. Our moms took pictures and talked about it for years. I am surprised we didn’t end up with breathing problems after inhaling all the baby powder in the air. This is why the baby powder I have is up high in the linen closet so Noah doesn’t follow in my footsteps.

So I guess I can be thankful that he didn’t do that.


  1. haha@swiper

    ROFLMAO@your baby powder story! OMG hilarious!! DIG up that PIC!!! lol

    we wanna see!(by "we" I mean "me" lol)

  2. I wanna see the picture too! :-)