Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ten on Tuesday!

I participate in a meme called Ten on Tuesday over on Yano what I mean
This weeks question is...
10 fads you just don't get.

1. Crocs I personally think they are weird looking
2. Most slang words like what it do
3. Clothing that looks like it belongs on a streetwalker
4. Teen Pregnancy or Teens that want to get pregnant
5. Grills
6. massive amounts of Bling
7. Trashy Reality Shows
8. guys with shaggy mop top haircuts
9. Heelies I hate those things!
10. Most new rap music


  1. Good list! Except for Heelies, I actually knew what you were referring to, which was good for me since I'm not very in tune to fads.

  2. I love my crocs! They look weird and tacky but they are beyond comfortable. The slang is so true though. My sister texted me the other day and said "What's up, man?" Uhhh I am not a man so that doesn't make sense!

  3. I hate those heelies too but I forgot them on my list. I agree with most of yours too!

  4. I agree with teen pregnancy I was a teen parent and believe me it was not hip to do 20+ years ago