Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Vacation!

I have been so busy lately. I have been trying to get some things done with my family. I also went on a vacation for 4 days. I went to see my best friend Rene. We had a wonderful time. She is totally the best. I am so blessed to have her in my life. From the moment I arrived I felt just so happy to be with her. The drive down there was pretty fun. I saw the Jim Beam Distillery. I do now have a vast knowledge of Pokemon. Her son showed me and told me about probably 30 of those little creatures. Her children are so adorable. I went to work with her for like 7 hours. It was kinda fun. We spent a lot of time talking about everything while I was there. I learned a lot about different things. We watched lots of movies mainly Kevin Smith movies gotta love me some Silent Bob. Her husband looks a lot like Kevin Smith. Rob is really nice too. He is really funny and interesting. Her son turned 11 when I was there. We had a little party for him. Boy was he proud on his birthday. He would go around and tell people at Wal-mart...It's my birthday. Both of her kids have unique personalities. I went blackberry picking with her kids and now I have 33 bite marks on my legs. I don't know if it was from that or the attempt at geocaching but man do I itch. The saddest part of my trip was going to the cemetery to visit Tommy. I completely lost it. I cried so hard. Rene just hugged me while I bawled. It just made it so real. I also saw Jim Beams grave. You could see it from Tommy's grave. I never knew that Jim Beam was a real person. I wonder if there really is a Captain Morgan. lol. Probably not. It's fun to think about though.

We also went to a place called The Village. It was pretty cool because they were the original buildings that were just moved. We walked around and looked at things. There used to be a Tee-pee. I made the joke that maybe they took it down because people were doing "bad things" in it. Then we saw a pair of Khaki pants on the ground over by where it used to be. That was really funny. On my last night there we went to a place called Buffalo Wings and Rings. We decided that we wanted to have a little girl time together. Rob and her son sat inside and Rene and I sat outside by the bar. We had a drink called Sex on a buffalo. Oh man it was so good. We both tried to google the recipe and we couldn't find anything. It was like a sex on the beach made with Malibu Rum. It wasn't the same as Sex on the beach it was so much better. We kinda think that it was something the bartender made up for us. I learned some new things about Tommy while we were there. We swapped stories about all kinds of things, It was a lot of fun. When we left we went to Kroger and got some brownie mix and made brownies and pigged out. It was a great trip. I was sad to leave but I missed my little boy. I know Noah missed me. He was so excited to see me and I was excited to see him.

Thanks for a wonderful trip Rene. I will return soon!

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