Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lavender Lab Review

When I was pregnant with my son I was reading a parenting magazine. I saw an ad for Cloud B baby products and instantly fell in love with them. I immediately went to the website and looked at how adorable they are. It was something; I wanted my son to have. Cloud B is a company that makes products to help children sleep easier and better. Cloud B the baby sleep specialist, was established by two new mothers with the philosophy that every baby deserves a sound night’s sleep for healthy development. Cloud B’s products are developed in consultation with an advisory board of pediatricians and sleep specialists with a single focus: to achieve a better, safer sleep for baby. They have an array of items from the Sleep sheep family to Lullabags. Cloud B has won many awards for their products.

When my son was 2 months old I bought him the sleep sheep on the go. It is a stuffed sheep with a sound machine in it. It helped lull my son to sleep every night. We got it on vacation when we were in Virginia Beach. It not only helped him get to sleep but it helped me sleep as well- which is always important as new mom.

I wanted Noah to have the Twilight Turtle under the Christmas tree for his first Christmas. This time I ordered it on their website. It‘s so cool. The twilight turtle is your own personal planetarium in your child’s room. My son loves the stars. He will sit there and say let’s count the stars. He will also sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. On a few occasions, when our power has gone out during a storm, Twilight turtle has been my son’s comforting night light.

I had the opportunity to try the Lavender Lab. It is a stuffed dog that is filled with lavender. When I opened the box, my son was very curious to see what was inside. I pulled out the Lavender Lab and Noah started reaching for it saying, “I want my puppy.” I was interested in its soothing lavender scent. I handed it to Noah and he sniffed it and said “mmm smells good.” The lab is cuddly soft and just the right size for a child to hug. Noah noticed that the Lavender Lab has a purple nose and purple ears. The idea behind the Lavender Lab is you place it on your child’s pillow (or your own) and when it is bed time you remove it and the scent of lavender helps you fall asleep.

There is a really cute story about the Lavender Lab that comes with it. It has really helped my son fall asleep faster. He had been staying up late since I moved him to a toddler bed. He loves to carry around his Lavender Lab with him around the house. He named it Puppy. He will hide his Puppy and say where is puppy? There she is. I admit sometimes after a long day, I spend a few moments cuddling with Lavender Lab.

Sleep Sheep and Twilight Turtle have been treasured “friends” of Noah for nearly three years and still in excellent condition. I am sure Puppy will be around for years to come.

When someone asks me what is something every new mother should have? I always mention Cloud B. I talk about all of the wonderful products they make and how much my family love s them. I also will recommend them as a baby shower or new baby gift. I whole heartedly believe in Cloud B and it is a must have for any parent of a young child.