Sunday, August 9, 2009

ABC Gauze Review

I had the opportunity to review some bandages from ABC Gauze. I couldn’t anticipate a time when I would have to use these. So I will update you all on my personal thoughts after I use the product. I wanted to give you some background information about the product and the company.

ABC Gauze is an inventive new way to stop bleeding. The concept of course isn’t new but the material is. ABC stands for Advanced Bleeding Control. It looks really cool. If you ever have pulled off a bandage and painfully ripped off all your hair this product is for you. It comes off easily and painlessly with water. I remember when I was little people would tell me rip it off really fast and it won’t hurt. Of course that wasn’t true. It still hurt. It just hurt quicker.

I am sure you are wondering what is ABC Gauze? ABC Gauze is a new way to stop bleeding in diverse situations where bleeding occurs. It is all natural and is made of Collagen like substance created by regenerated cellouse, an effective hemostatic agent. It is registered with the FDA to help control bleeding from wounds in-body cavities. This is not your grandma’s piece of gauze! It converts to a gel as soon as it comes in contact with your blood and stops the bleeding FAST!

Now let’s talk the Science and Mechanics of ABC Gauze. How does it work? When it comes in contact with the blood, ABC Gauze instantly turns in to a safe clear gel that expands to create direct pressure. The direct pressure physically blocks off and seals the damaged blood vessels. When it turns in to gel it increases platelet aggregation and stabilizes clot formation. When you wash off the gauze it will not reopen the wound or restart the bleeding.

ABC gauze comes in a variety of sizes and can be used for many different things. Here are some examples
1”x1” – Minor cuts, abrasions, shaving nicks, mouth injuries
2”x2” – Nosebleeds, puncture wounds, cuts, bites, burns, first aid
2”x4” – Sports/outdoor, lacerations, gashes, people on blood thinners
4”x4” – Large scale bleeding and deep tissue lacerations

You don’t need a prescription to use ABC gauze. It is safe and all natural. It is sterile. ABC Gauze is lightweight. It would also be great to have some in the car for those times when you are out and your child falls down at the playground. ABC Gauze is something that every home should have. It is a quick and effective way to stop bleeding. It is wonderful for the elderly, those who are on blood thinners, children who play sports, and everyone else.

ABC Gauze was featured on The Today Show and is a MUST HAVE for all first aid kits!
For more information and how to purchase ABC Gauze please visit ABC Gauze.

Thank You to ABC Gauze for the chance to review your product. I will post a follow up when I have to use the product. Hopefully it will be something minor and no one gets seriously hurt.

I was given the opportunity to review this product because of my membership at The Product Review Place.

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  1. First aid gauze is always a good thing to have one hand. I've never heard of this kind of gauze before, but it sounds like a good thing.