Saturday, July 11, 2009

Virtual Families

I was lucky enough to win a copy of Virtual Families by Last Day of Work from . I thought I would share with my wonderful readers about this fun computer game that I like to play. Virtual Families is a Sims based computer game where you adopt a friend. There are many to choose from. When you adopt your friend you have to take care of them. You have to make sure you buy them food. You also have to teach them how to do things. They have to be told to do chores or their home becomes a pig sty! There are two different gloves you use. Green to praise them and Red to punish them. The purpose of the gloves are to teach them good behavior. They will get sick and you have to give them medicine. On Occasion they will send you an email or they will get emails from old friends. They will also get marriage proposals. My friends are happier once they get married. After they get married you can have children if you want. I always try to have a big family. They do everything a normal family would do. The children grow up and then go off to college. You can collect treasures and earn trophies for certain things like having a baby and spending x amount of money on them and so on. You have the opportunity to upgrade your home and create new generations. Once a character gets to be of a certain age they pass away. You then can choose one of "your children" to be the next generation.I will warn you that the game does progress really fast. I guess that is so you can move on to new generations. You could also just keep going with the family members you have unless they both die at the same time like mine did today. It was kinda sad. At least they didn't have to live without each other. It moves in real time so they sleep when you sleep. It is meant to be played in short spurts. It does become very addicting because it's so fun. There are only a few things I don't care for about the game. I wish that they didn't age so fast and I wish that the previous family members didn't just disappear when the next generation starts. Neither of those things have stopped me from playing a couple times a day. I must check on them to make sure they don't need anything.
You can download a free trial at to try it out. It costs $19.95 to buy. It really is entertaining and worth the money. I would of gladly paid the money to play. Go check it out! The website is really cool too. It has a game guide and forums where you learn about all the awesome features of the game.