Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Silly Monkey story.

Ok I know its really Wed. now but but but I just started my blog and I wanna play.
My silly Monkey story is My two year old was riding in the car and we were going to my cousins house and we went to Mc Donald's for breakfast. We were going thru the drive thru and as soon as we pulled in to Mc Donalds he started saying french fry french fry french fry. I told him they didn't have any but he wasn't having it. He wanted some french fries. Eventually he settled for teddy grahams and goldfish.
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  1. Your son sounds like a cutie! My twins are 2.5yrs old and they definitely know what they want too.

    So glad you decided to play Sheila! I look forward to reading your next Silly Monkey Story. :)

  2. Its never a dull moment here. I will definately do the silly monkey stories. I love to talk about my son. LOL