Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Silly monkey story--The tale of Noah and Bluesee!

Here is my Silly Monkey story. It's now Wednesday again but better late than never right?
My cat is named Lucy. I have had her since the summer before I was in 6Th grade. So she is really old. My son Noah loves her. Lucy however runs like a bat out of hell whenever she sees Noah. Noah is always nice to her. She just isn't used to Noah after all these years. Noah loves to pet her and say Nice Kitty. Lucy will let me hold her so Noah can pet her. He will carefully pet her and then pull away over and over again. Tonight I was holding Lucy and she is extremely soft. While Noah was petting her I kissed her. She has been my kitty for 16 years. So I love her dearly. Noah gave her a kiss too. He said I love you bluesee. Nice Kitty. Good kitty. He kissed her a few more times. He told me about how bluesee has ears and cheeks and legs. He loves to share his juice with Lucy too. He will put his sippy cup up to her like she is taking a drink. He loves Lucy so much and gets excited when he sees her


  1. What an adorable story. Our cats are afraid of the kids except the one we adopted last year as a kitten, because he's used to them.

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  2. Is Lucy one of the cats Grandma used to babysit? I remember trying to help her when they'd get out of her bedroom.

    Your story about Noah and Lucy reminded me of when I was really young and grandma still had Gypsy.

    I was used to having cats at home. Even though I was terrified of Gypsy, I'd always try to pet her. It never ended well.

    In her later years, she warmed up to me and would let me pet her a lot, but I don't think I ever held her.