Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good thing I went outside when I did....

 I went outside and was sitting on my screened porch. I noticed the neighbors had their fire pit going. No big deal right. I thought its kinda weird to have it lit at 3 pm in the afternoon as they like to sit around it at night. So I am sitting there and watching the little white pieces of ash float around. Then the mom comes out from the other side of the house and puts a 4 foot piece of carpet or rug on the fire. I am thinking that's not a smart thing to do. But these are the people that burn furniture. So I am sitting there hoping my house doesn't catch fire. All the sudden I notice that the grass is on fire. I thought that maybe it was a big piece of ash or something still red. Nope the grass was on fire. My neighbors weren't outside watching the fire. So I panicked and I went next door and ring the door bell and no one answers I ring it again and then finally the son answers and I was like hi your grass is on fire. The fire is going but the grass is on fire too. I really hope they have one of those home warranty insurance plans to protect themselves from their crazy escapades.

Mind you these are people that seem to forget to put the collar on their dogs so they run all over the place. When I went back in my house I looked and the mom is standing out by the fire. I live next door to these people and I love my son and my house and I don't want anything to happen to my family or stuff. I am gonna go check again. There is a reason you aren't supposed to burn carpet and rugs. That's what trash cans are for.

Update: I went downstairs and looked and the fire is out now.

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