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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Holey Moley plaid moon

I love to wear Pajama pants. They are the most comfortable thing ever. Although every pair of flannel pajama pants ends up ripping. Not a little rip but a huge rip. Last night, I was wearing my only pair of flannel pants I have left that don’t have a huge hole in them. I went in to my son’s room to retrieve a basketball and football. I bent over to pick them up and I heard a loud ripping noise. I walk out of his room and there is a giant hole in my flannel pants. It was almost cartoonish it was so big. Why oh Why does flannel rip? I wish my pajama pants wouldn’t get giant holes in them. It doesn’t matter what brand it is or how much it costs… It all rips…

I love Victoria’s Secret. I love their little flannel pajamas sets but, besides being expensive unless you get during a great sale the flannel still rips. Cheaper flannels rip too. I think the more expensive ones rip faster. Maybe I just wear them more. It really sucks. I keep having to buy new flannel Pajamas. I wish they came like some of my son’s pajamas. Where you get two bottoms and one top. The tops never rip. Never have I had a top rip it is always the bottoms. I don’t understand why the tops manage to stay intact and I end up mooning people when my flannel pants rip down the back.

I wonder if guys flannel pants rip too. Maybe its just women’s flannel pants. I would like some input. If the men’s flannel pants don’t rip, I am going to start wearing them. I am all about being comfortable and flannel is so soft and nice. I am just sick of them ripping. So please make flannel pants that don’t rip.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shopping at TJ Maxx!!!


I love TJ Maxx. My family has been shopping at TJ Maxx for as long as I can remember. I would go with my mom when I was younger and I would sit in the chairs by the door when I got bored or when she was checking out. I am definitely a bargain shopper and I love a great deal. It is so much fun to see how much stuff you can get for a set amount of money.

I am always amazed at the prices of quality brand names that they sell at TJ Maxx. I think that some people don’t shop there because they think that the clothes are defective. That is not the case at all. It isn’t some knock off brand. It’s just that they might have had a surplus so they passed on the deals to us. One of my favorite past deals was a Ralph Lauren tank top. It was originally 40 dollars and I got it for 5 dollars. I have bought a lot of my son’s clothes from TJ Maxx. They have most of the normal brands of kid’s clothes that big department stores have just at a much better price. TJ Maxx also has a nice little toy selection too. Some of Noah’s favorites came from TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

TJ Maxx isn’t just clothes. They also have house wares and d├ęcor items. TJ Maxx carries bedding, picture frames, fragrances, even hair dryers and flat irons! The selection changes frequently. You never know what kind of treasures you will find each time you visit TJ Maxx. With it being Back to School time, TJ Maxx and Marshalls is a smart place to shop for your kid’s new clothes. You really get more bang for your buck. Your kid’s can look great without it emptying your pocket book.

I went shopping today at TJ Maxx as part of the Back to School Event. They were having a store wide Clearance sale. There were lots of great deals. This Back to School Event commemorates 25 years of TJ Maxx working with Save the Children. Save the Children is a wonderful charity that helps children in the US and all over the world. Keep a look out for the 99 cent reusable bags that they have at TJ Maxx. For every reusable bag they sell TJ Maxx will donate an article of clothing for a child in need. With just 99 cents you can help clothe a child which no doubt is a wonderful much needed gift.

My pajama pants are really cute they look really comfortable too. I didn’t realize that they were Nautica until I got home. I paid $12.99 for them they were originally 34 dollars.

I really love my new box grater. I have a thing about cheese graters. I have one that I have had for as long as I can remember and it is really hard to use. Now I have one I don’t have to hold while grating. It has a little Tupperware bowl on the bottom that you can use to catch the cheese. No more escaping little pieces of cheese. You can put the lid on the bowl when you are done and store the cheese and it stays fresh. Freshly shredded cheese is delicious but as you know it has a really short shelf life. I paid $9.99 and it was originally 20 dollars.

As some of you may know Noah’s Birthday is next Sunday so I thought I would take the opportunity to get him another present. I got him a really cool John Deere Tractor toy. When you wave your hand over the cab it moves forward. When it bumps in to something it moves on its own backwards. I think that is really cool because my son tends to crash cars, trucks, and trains in to walls. My plan for the tractor to be a Birthday present was a short lived one. He saw it in the cart and I told him he could hold it but it was a birthday present. Yeah didn’t happen. When we got home I went ahead and let him have it. It’s open and he has been playing with it since we got home. I paid $7.99 and it was originally 12 dollars.

The last thing I got was gourmet COFFEE. TJ Maxx sells gourmet food items. They carry different things than the grocery stores. The stuff you would find in a gourmet food store for a fraction of the cost. I got some Hazelnut coffee. It smells so good. As soon as I put it in the car and got in I could smell the coffee.

I am very happy with my purchases. I got some really cute Nautica pajama pants, a big box cheese grater, a John Deere Tractor toy for Noah and a bag of gourmet coffee all for 38 dollars.

Shopping at TJ Maxx has always been an important part of my life. I always save a bundle by shopping when I shop there. I hope you all go and check out the treasures that they sell at TJ Maxx. Don’t forget to pick up a reusable bag as well.

Thank you TJ Maxx for letting me be a part of the Back to School Event!