Tuesday, May 24, 2016

4 fun hacks for an awesome road-trip!

Road trip with your besties! Sounds super cool. Doesn’t it? Ah! Nothing can beat the wonderful feeling of being with cool friends and experiencing the pretty roads. But have you ever tried amplifying the amount of fun by doing some super fun stuffs during the trip? If not then here are 4 ultimate hacks for you to have a fun-filled journey with your buddies:-
Compose your own road games.
Unleash the child in you and use your creativity to form some games which can be a great way to interact and pass the time. Play ‘truth or dare’ in an innovative way or you can re-cast your favorite movie characters using you and your friends as the actor and you can imitate them. There are various ways to experiment with the usual games. So, go ahead and get funky with it.

Take photographs
Not just selfies or the Instagram kind. Road trips exposes you to various wonderful things and it can prove to be of some prime contribution for a beautiful scrapbook once you get back home.

Carry special road trip music
Yes! Music is a must have for any of outing. Especially during road trip, it lifts up everyone's mood and enhances the feeling of team spirit among the members. So, carry some crazy, happy music which will add up to your fun.

Play bingo
Bingo! You heard me right.… Indulge in a game of bingo whenever you people feel like relaxing. The happiness of shouting the word ‘BINGO’ in a chorus is incomparable or you can also indulge in a friendly bingo war to see who wins the most. Bingo at New Look Bingo, since this site amplifies the delights of playing bingo.

Happy road tripping guys!

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