Thursday, September 29, 2011

Check out For All Your Coffee Needs

When I am buying my mom a gift for a special occasion, I usually include some coffee. My mom loves to drink coffee, so I know that she really appreciates a bag of gourmet coffee to drink. I would consider her a coffee snob, because she is picky when it comes to what she drinks. When we went to visit my aunt and uncle in California, I received an email from my aunt asking me about coffee makers and coffee.  She wanted to get my mom the best coffee for our stay. She ended up getting some at the store so she could pick out the flavor she wanted.  It is similar to asking someone what they want for dinner a week or two in advance.

I would love to own a Gaggia Classic Espresso machine from Roaste.  Roaste  is a gourmet coffee marketplace, selling coffee beans from coffee roasters from around the world. Coffee is delivered to the customer's home. Offering also includes coffee makers and espresso machines.  The site also includes a coffee community, featuring coffee news, coffee recipes and other articles.   I had a job in a bakery where I would make the hot drinks. It was my favorite part, of the job. I would love to be able to have guests over and offer them the hot beverage of their choice. It would eliminate the task of going to a coffee shop and paying those outrageous prices for a grande mocha cappuccino.  It would be nice to have more options than black, cream and sugar.

I love entertaining so it would be a great investment for me. I love when my family gets together and we talk about the Good Old Days. My aunt found old records from 1930’s of my grandpa and my great grandparents. My great grandpa is playing the fiddle. It was so neat to hear them after all these years.  I would also love to have some of the Hario V60 products to go along with the Gaggia Classic. I’d like the Hario V60 Ice- Coffee Maker Fretta to have iced coffee drinks for those summer months when the air conditioner is constantly on and you feel like if you go outside you will melt.  It would be great for those days where you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, not literally of course.

What is your favorite coffee drink? I look forward to your responses

Ten Movies I Can't Stand

I have blogged about my favorite movies so it’s only fair that I blog about movies I hate or don’t like. I am a huge movie buff. One of my favorite things about my trip to visit my aunt and uncle was talking about movies with my aunt.  She loves movies as much as I do which is awesome because my mom isn’t a big movie watcher. We always sit around and watch movies at my aunt and uncles house. It is so relaxing so here is my list of movies I don’t like, in no particular order.

Napoleon Dynamite-  This was the stupidest movie I have ever seen. The only time I laughed was when there was a llama on the screen and that was because I was watching it with my old best friend and we had inside jokes about llamas and the teacher who said he ate them.

Queen of the Damned- Really this movie made no sense to me.  I wouldn’t sit through it again for a truckload of cash.

The Order- I turned it off after the first five minutes.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail- I know it is supposed to be British humor but it drove me crazy, especially when the Knights who say Nee come on. Then you hear Nee for three weeks after. I actually was dumb enough to buy my ex that movie and it was the first one I put in his pile when I kicked him out. I ended up getting another copy from a friend it was in a bag of dvds she didn’t want. Needless to say it was at Blockbuster two hours after she left.

Underworld enough said.

March of the Penguins- I went with my old best friend and her kids, thinking it was a kids movie. We were all disappointed when we realized it was a documentary. I think we all almost fell asleep.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Anything with Cheech and Chong
The Ring- it gave me nightmares for a week.

The Notebook- Really I am not in to anything from Nicholas Sparks, I didn’t like Message in a Bottle       either.

There are 10 movies I don’t like. I am sure there are more. What are some movies that you can’t stand? That you cringe anytime you think about it. I would love to hear what you have to say and what you pick.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Healthy Family

Thankfully we are a pretty healthy family. I don’t really get too sick, I did have the flu like 5 times last year, but I think that was stress related.  That was the first time I had the flu in a few years, and I have never had a flu shot.  Noah is healthy as well.  Just so you know I banged my foot on my wooden head board so we both don’t wake up with the Mongolian bird flu in the morning.  I feel really lucky that we hardly ever get sick compared to some of my friends families, who it seems like every other week another family member is sick with something. I am not sure if it is luck or if we are just not around a bunch of people all the time. I work from home and Noah has never been in daycare so, that might play a big role in it. We are also avid hand washers and seem to have very healthy immune systems.

As I am writing this I am reminded of my Grandma Diana, who was a very cautious woman who would say things like mind this and mind that. She was one of those people who was overbearing and the type of person who would freak out about germs. I remember if I was sick or had been sick with anything I wouldn’t be able to be around my cousin Alex. Alex wasn’t medically fragile by any means, where I could totally understand, she was just really overbearing.  I don’t see myself being like that because soon Noah will be going to school and being around other children.  I would like to get an IQ Air purifier to use when there are germs present or maybe just to have all the time to clear out any odors from the cats or any pollutants that might enter my home through an open window or door.

Do you have an air purifier? What are some other tips to keeping your family safe from pollutants and germs in your home?


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cooking with Noah and Cracking Eggs

I have been teaching Noah how to cook, and he is fascinated with cracking eggs.  I made Angel Food cake the other day and I had to use 12 egg whites.  I am a pro at separating the egg whites, but I have to concentrate, and with a very helpful five year old saying I want to help and sneaking over and grabbing the eggs out of the carton it is a little nerve racking. Thankfully I only had to crack 14 eggs because I managed to lose two of them.  Noah is pretty good about listening and didn’t help me crack any eggs. I remember the first time; I had him crack an egg. I had him sit at the table and he smashed the egg and it ended up all over his face, clothes, the table and the floor. It was a mess for me to clean up after I put him in the tub and scrubbed him clean.  My mom always teases me about how when I cook something always goes wrong. It is never anything major and the food is always delicious, I guess I get distracted a lot. I too have gone to crack an egg only to not pay attention and drop the egg on the floor.  It is a complete mess.  I am then required to mop the floor, which is probably one of my most not favorite house cleaning jobs.  

I often wonder how clean my floor really is getting. I know that the dirt or substance is removed but what about all the germs? Am I getting them up too? Raw eggs contain risk of salmonella, I can be a messy cook, and sometimes I drop things like raw meat on the floor. I pick it up and mop but am I really getting all the bacteria?  I think I need to find a new steam cleaning mop just to make sure that I am not making my family at risk to get sick. I would love to get a Ladybug Steam Cleaner, for my floors so I feel better about my kitchen messes and not spending all that extra time scrubbing the floor and worrying about germs.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Mommy, My Lightbulb is Burnt Out Again

Noah and I both have ceiling fans in our bedrooms. They were purchased and later put in by my aunt and uncle who are the absolute best at these kinds of things. Well I have noticed that the light bulbs in them seem to burn out quickly, more quickly than any other light bulb in our house. It might be because they are both on all the time. I like to sleep with my light on, it makes me feel safe, and so I can see what is going on. I wouldn’t say I am afraid of the dark per say, it’s just a comfort thing.  I hate changing the ceiling fan light bulbs.   When I put my furniture in my room, my bed was placed in a spot to where I could stand on my bed to change the light bulb. The glass dome is such a pain in the butt to put back on, because you have to do it in such a way so the glass dome doesn’t fall off.  Sometimes it takes me a while to put it back on right.  It is really annoying.

Noah’s light is the one that you have to stand on a chair to change, well that means I have to carry a chair upstairs from the dining room that always makes me nervous. Then it is a series of up and down because I don’t have eight hands.  Sometimes, I wish I did, when I have to do twelve things at once.  I absolutely hate when Noah’s light bulb burns out. I have only had the light bulb get stuck and come apart once and it was mine. I was able to get it out with a pair of pliers after the power was turned off. Recently, Noah’s light bulb burned out at 8 pm.  I had ordered dinner out so I was waiting for the delivery guy to bring me my food. They had been early the last two times so the last thing I wanted to do was be standing on a chair trying to mess with changing a light bulb.  So, Noah was up in his room waiting for me.  I gobbled down my wedge fries and cheese, before changing his light bulb.  It was still light outside so it wasn’t dark in his room. He pretty much hung out in the hallway.

After I finished I was ready to tackle the job. I am sure you are all like what’s the big deal and your minds are filling up with how many so and so’s does it take to change a light bulb jokes.  I got the dome off fairly easily between telling Noah to please leave his room, in case I drop something or fall.  I changed the light bulb and I got down to test it before I put the dome on.  The light bulb worked fine. I had put the dome on it.  I told Noah, who usually remembers everything to remind me about the chain because I wrapped around the fan. Well, after getting the dome on for like 5 minutes, I turned on his fan, while out of the room to make sure the dome was securely on. I always tug on it to make sure, but it is an extra step. I didn’t remove the chain and bam the light went out. I was not happy, Noah said mommy remember the chain. I was like thanks honey, thinking why didn’t you tell me that before I turned the fan on. Of course I didn’t say that, just thought it. 

So, I bring the chair back in, get back up there and take the dome off and change the light bulb. It doesn’t work. I try another one, it doesn’t work. I am like I wonder if I blew a fuse. So, I go out to the garage, and locate the power box and none of the switches were flipped. I couldn’t read the scribbles of the person who did the electrical work in my house.  I didn’t know what to do. At this point I decided to try two more light bulbs and surprise surprise none of them worked.  I had no clue what to do. I asked Noah if he would sleep with flashlights. He was fine with it.  I was texting my friend Brandy and I was asking her what it could be. Neither of us had any idea. I started replaying it in my mind, then I was like I wonder if it pulled the chain by turning the light out.  Sure enough that is what it was.  It had to be. I was texting anyone who might have an idea, of what was going on.  Eventually after a forty five minute ordeal, the light was working and Noah was in bed. 

I do think there is something wrong with the light, because it isn’t as bright as it used to be. Maybe I broke the dimmer feature.  Not that I use it, and it is still bright enough.   It’s always something!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why Can't Teachers Hug Their Students Anymore?

When I was growing up it was normal for teachers to hug students, to consul them if they were upset. I am not talking about what I learned as bad hugs but good hugs. I loved hugging my teachers; I have always been an affectionate person. It was something considered acceptable. I am sure that somewhere there were children being sexually abused by teachers both male and female but really now days teachers are no longer allowed to hug their students without made to look like a villain. School nurses were allowed to check children for illnesses and other things going on, but now it is considered wrong and immoral.  Parents throw fits and threaten lawsuits for ridiculous reasons

Every time I think about this I think about my study hall teacher Mr. Brown. He was awesome I loved having study hall with him because he didn’t really care what the students did as long as they weren’t causing problems. Every other day, I would go to his class, see him and we would hug. Mind you Mr. Brown at the time was in his 60’s or perhaps 70’s he was like a grandpa.  We would say “I love you” in a goofy tone. It probably looked like we were having an affair but of course we were not. That’s just something silly we used to do. It was all in good fun. That was 12 years ago. If that happened today, Mr. Brown would be an inmate in the county jail and Nancy Grace would be pounding down my door for my comment. 

Now I am not pulling the wool over my eyes, I do understand that tragedies of sexual abuse do happen. I don’t however think that if you want to hug a teacher or another adult that it is happening necessarily.  I think that it depends on the situation of course. I think that a teacher should be about to hug a student if they are having a bad day. You back when a hug could make a world of difference or make you feel much better.  I think that a nurse should be able to do their job and care for a student and protect the other students without being accused of doing something wrong. The point is yes I know there are bad people out there but not everyone is bad or have malicious intentions.

In a over sexualized society, it is important that children are educated about what kinds of touch are acceptable.  When I was in brownies, a woman came to a troop meeting and explained to us about good hugs and bad hugs. What kinds of touches were acceptable and what was not.  She had dolls and everything. It really was something that stuck with me because I can remember it 20 years later. I can even tell you where I went to dinner that night.

I remember learning about sex ed in school. I remember I was in 4th grade and we were separated from the boys and taught about periods and age appropriate things about sex.  Nothing glamorous about it, just the logistics of how it works, I am not sure if I was a sheltered child growing up in the safe community I grew up in or what but, it wasn’t a huge thing. I know I didn’t know what the kids these days know now. I think that sex has really become an issue that is being portrayed as fun or cool or whatever people are saying through TV and music.  I am not blaming TV per say but even parents that monitor their children closely are being exposed to things they shouldn’t be. There are also parents that don’t care about what their kids do or hear and let them roam around like an adult.
I am not a prude by any means but I think that it should be education about it, but not to the point that they know everything before they are 13. I believe that the lines of communication should be open because everything is over sexualized now. It is sad. There are in fact pedophiles out there. Many of them unfortunately but, not everyone is one. I urge you to talk to your children about good touch and bad touch and your children can come to you about anything or if they have questions.  Don’t make them feel like it is wrong to come to you. Talk in a very calm tone and answer their questions to the best of your ability.  Love them unconditionally.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Noah's Drawing of Me

Noah decided to draw a picture of me. I am amazed at what a great artist Noah is. I think it looks like me. At first I thought it was an abstract picture of me, as a worm but then I realized that I am raising my hand. Noah had sent me to jail the day before for putting his beloved stuffed animal in the freezer.  He also took me to court. My then four year  now five year old plays court.  He knows that if you go to jail you have to go to court.  Not because his mom has gone to jail or court but just from watching Judge Shows, since he was in my tummy. We watched court shows when he was a day old in the hospital.  When Noah took me to court, the “victim” of my crime was the judge.  How is that for a not so fair trial?  I was sworn in and I raised my right hand. I was able to escape a life sentence by saying I am sorry.

                                                Defendant being sworn in to court at trial.
I decided the picture Noah drew of me was actually a court sketch artist’s drawing of me being sworn in.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

There's Room for Everyone in this World if Everyone Makes Some Room

As a blogger, a mother and a person in general I have some issues with some things. I am really sick of the negativity and complaining that I have seen a lot of lately. I don’t have the best life; I have my share of problems, hardships and things where I am just like at the point where I am three minutes from the nut house some days. I know my life could be a lot worse. I have things that others could only dream of.   I think that is part of being a human, and living your life. It just gets on my nerves to see how negative people are in general.  It really gets me down to see it.  I have a friend who complains about everything, from work to his love life to what color trash bags he has in his kitchen. I am not the best at what I do but most of the time I try my best and that is all that matters. I understand that everyone is having hard times and it really sucks, well in this I start overanalyzing my life. If you know me personally I will dissect everything, every word, every syllable, and I am sure it drives people crazy.  Actually, I know it does.   I try not to compare myself and my life to other people, but at the same time it is like human nature.  We all want to belong, we all want to fit in and ultimately be loved.

I have noticed that I am not sure I have ever really belonged. In school I was friends with whoever and I didn’t have a set group that I belonged to. I guess that is a good thing because I can’t stand being in a clique.  I was in a “group” a couple years ago and I was kicked out of it.  I will give you the short version because it’s not really worth an entire blog post, because I had to be the martyr in the situation. Maybe not martyr maybe more like the sacrifice, and just between us, it still kind of hurts a little.  I reconnected with a guy I knew from school he was in like a bunch of my classes. We weren’t friends in school per say more like just talked before class and at lunch.  I remember he asked me out when we were sophomores and I was in to my bad boy phase and ”madly in love” with this junior who was also in our biology class.
Well I found him on Myspace and sent him a message, we started talking and we hung out one night, this also led to being reacquainted with this other guy who I knew from school who I thought was the sweetest, shyest dork ever.  I was ecstatic when I knew they were still friends. Well, we all became really good friends and hung out a lot and had a lot of fun. We definitely had some random issues, but nothing friends couldn’t get through or so I thought.  Well, in the process of the friendship two brothers started hanging out with us and then like a whirlwind I was kicked out of the group. I am not sure if it was because I was female, I was always really nice and polite, it really hurt though because I was like best friends with one of the guys. We hung out almost every day I did things like go to a stupid car auction because his dad was in Amish Country and he didn’t want to go alone. Of course, I had no interest what so ever in going it was hot and a waste of time to just look at cars. I went with a smile. I did find a really cool toy truck like my grandpa had worked on and had the same toy truck, so I guess that was worth almost getting heat stroke over. I went to flea markets with him, did so many things where I would have rather been doing anything than that. 

After months and months of hanging out daily and all the things we did together, you know what happened. He had one of the brothers send me a nasty message on Myspace, saying I don’t want you in the group anymore. He still to this day has given me no explanation, not even a peep from him. I think I would at least deserve to know what I did wrong, why our friendship was thrown away over something that I have no clue. I am still dumfounded about this.  I still remember the last time I saw him, it was the day after Christmas, he was bringing me home, we said our normal text you tomorrow have a good night thing we did a million times before and then nothing.  Nothing ever again, he didn’t even have the nerve to tell me himself.  I try not to be bitter so when some things happened to him I truly and seriously felt horrible for him. I am one of those that once I care, I care always, no matter what happens between me and someone.  

On a good note, now I have a group of the most amazing friends. I am not sure why I settled for what I did in the past. I love you guys. You mean so much to me, thanks for your unconditional friendship.