Friday, August 26, 2011

How Do I Lose My Stomach Fat?

I have always have had a little stomach fat, I remember it was referred to as an inner tube, I am not sure that was the best thing for my self esteem because I wasn’t fat, I just didn’t have a six pack or wore size zero. Before I was pregnant with Noah I wore a size seven. I didn’t weigh too much I just had hips. I only weighed 116 pounds. I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy, I was hoping it would come off quickly. Noah will be 5 in a few weeks and I still have most of my pregnancy weight. I have spent some time looking online how to lose stomach fat. I really don’t consider myself overweight. I just need to lose some of the fat and tone up so I am not so squishy. I have a normal BMI, but I would feel better about myself if I would lose some weight, my life is just so hectic to where I don’t really have time to work out. I don’t even really like working out. I have never been a runner. I hated gym class. I am not athletic, I was that kid that didn’t excel at gym class and didn’t play any sports in school.

I have been about the same weight for a long time. I am not really losing any weight or gaining any. My weight stays in a scale of 3 or 4 pounds difference. So I am thankful that I am not gaining any weight, which is a great thing. Maybe someday I will have a six pack. Right now I am focusing on healthy eating and exercise for Noah. His growing body needs healthy foods and lots of exercising and running around outside.

How do you work out or try and loose that annoying stomach fat?