Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Better World Facebook App Review

Everyone is on Facebook. One of the coolest features besides being able to find old friends and keep in touch with family is the apps. There are so many of them, there is all kinds of games, horoscopes, television apps. I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook talking to my friends and playing some games. I have found some really cool games and some really boring ones that I only played once. I had the opportunity to try out a game on Facebook called A Better World. I really like A Better World because it is a game about doing good deeds. There are so many games online about shooting and fighting, so I love that A Better World is one of those positive games. I think that it could inspire people to do good deeds in real life.

Here is the official press release about A Better World:

A Better World, a Facebook game that rewards players not just for in-game activities but also for real world acts of kindness and expressions of gratitude, has soared to more than 120,000 players.

Popular with women, A Better World, adds a new layer of social activity to casual gaming. Gameplay activities are designed to help everyone who participates feel better about themselves, be supportive of others and make positive choices in their everyday lives. Players also can play mini games with inspirational themes; personalize their own characters and spaces in the game and play with and care for virtual pets.

The game offers more than 15 locations for community members to explore, including the:

• Department of Do Good – A place you can share real world good deeds you’ve performed and see what other members of the community have done

• Gratitude Grotto – A charming area where you can reveal what you are thankful for and express your support for messages left by others

• Sanctuary of Hope – A building where you can communicate your hopes and dreams and send encouragement to other players

• Arcade – A play area with uplifting mini-games to enjoy alone or with friends

• A new feature is the Better Pets Pet Shop, filled with adorable puppies, cute kittens or even a magical unicorn

A Better World was created by ToonUps, a digital entertainment company that has focused on developing digital content that encourages a positive outlook and altruistic behavior for more than a decade.

ToonUps hopes A Better World’s original approach could usher in a new genre of “do good gaming.” Research shows that being encouraged to think about things they are thankful for and doing activities that provide encouragement to others improves their mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

I enjoyed playing A Better World. It was really cool to see my friends houses were in my neighborhood. We are so far away in real life it is pretty neat that we are so close together in the game. I don’t have to hunt for them, they are all there. I had fun designing my character. I normally make characters to look like me. So, no crazy hair or outfits for me, I found an outfit that was similar to something I own. I even named my character Sheila. I have spent some time looking around the game and I really like the message and how much fun it is. It did take me a little bit to figure out the game. I must have hit invite friends a half a dozen times, when I didn’t want to invite anyone at that time. I hope you check it out and let me know what you think.

Play A Better World at

I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on A Better World. I received a gift card as a thank you for my participation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's Day Ideas from Plastic Jungle.

Father’s Day is right around the corner, it seems like I was sitting here writing about Christmas coming. Time is really flying by it seems.  With any holiday that you receive gifts their always is a present you don’t really want.  One year my ex’s aunt and uncle gave me a Sears gift card for my birthday.  I was very grateful that they thought of me, but I didn’t shop at Sears.  I remember thinking later, what will I do with this? I remember scouring Sear’s trying to find something I wanted to get. This was before I was a mom so; I couldn’t use it on kid’s clothes.  I think I ended up buying some pajama pants and some picture frames with it.  Oh and my ex got some kind of tool. It was really hard for me to find something to buy.  Thankfully, they didn’t repeat the same gift at Christmas.  I am sure I am not the only one who received gift cards that they didn’t really want or could use.  I am sure tons of gift cards are wasted every day by putting them away and waiting to find something to spend them on.

I was introduced to a website called Plastic Jungle. It’s really cool because you can sell your gift cards. You ship them your gift card and they even pay for shipping.  They will verify your balance on the card so there isn’t any dispute and you know exactly how much is on there.  They take gift cards worth $25 or more. You can receive up to 92% of your verified balance. That is pretty awesome. You can turn the unwanted gift card in to cold hard cash or an Amazon Gift card. Sometimes if I have a gift card that I don’t want I will sell it to like my mom or sister but sometimes it is for a store that they don’t shop at.  You could always try online bidding sites but those usually take forever and this way you don’t have to worry about messing with paying for shipping.

You can also buy gift cards at Plastic Jungle. You can save up to 35% too! You don’t have to worry if it is a scam or if the person really will send it because Plastic Jungle takes care of all the shipping and verifying. You can buy discounted gift cards from Plastic Jungle without going through a bidding war and without hoping that the money you paid wasn’t lost forever. I have browsed gift cards on those bidding sites and honestly, I am not sure if I would trust any of the sellers. You can’t verify it before you buy, you could really be conned easily. Plastic Jungle offers free shipping and all of the transactions are guaranteed. You know what I love? You can pay with Paypal. So, those stores you shop online that don’t accept Paypal, you can use Paypal to buy your gift card and use it at that particular store.

 I have been browsing Plastic Jungle and their deals are awesome.  I think that instead of taking the time to go to the mall or the store to pay full price for a gift card for Dad this Father’s Day, why not check out Plastic Jungle? They have plenty of cards dad would love like Sears, Best Buy, Target, and Gander Mountain.  You will find something that brings a smile to your dad’s face this Father’s Day.

I received a sample gift card for my post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Always Do the Right Thing

It is always important to always do the right thing. It doesn’t matter what it is, or how much you will benefit from it. You have to do the right thing in all situations.  I am teaching Noah to always do the right thing.  Recently, I wanted to order my salami and I waited until I had a coupon code, which happened to be the same day I was able to order more.  I put in a coupon code I received from the company on a post card and I couldn’t remember if it was the same one I used before as I have ordered from there a couple times. I remembered I had. So I closed their website and went to do other things. When I got their newsletter, I was so excited, I had a feeling that I should wait that morning. I put in the coupon code and was ready to check out. I noticed that the website had taken forty-two dollars off my order, making it $2.50 before the shipping.  I knew that had to be a mistake.  I immediately emailed them and told them what happened. I waited about ten minutes after I emailed and decided I should call them. I didn’t want it to get on a deal site or a coupon site and end up costing them big money.

I really don’t like talking on the phone unless I know you really well because I get really nervous. I sucked it up and called anyways. Last thing I would want is a company that I really like to have to go out of business. After all they have my salami and are a great company to order from. I was really nervous as I explained what was going on and they were very thankful that I caught their mistake and told them about it.  They are a company that really strives on great customer service and I wanted to do the right thing. I used this as a learning experience for Noah and how it is important to do the right thing.  It is my job to teach him these things. We talk about the right thing and the wrong thing to do.  I always try and do the right thing. If something isn’t rung up right where I wasn’t charged for something I will say something.  I would hate to see someone have to pay for something or feel the guilt of doing the wrong thing.

Sometimes it is easier, and more beneficial not say anything, but to me personally I rather go the extra mile and do the right thing. I am the example my son has and I want him to always do the right thing too.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Make a Difference with

Giving back to others is very important to me. I know that I always try to give back when  I can, I have been the recipient of a good deed. I have also done good deeds for others. I think that giving to charity is really important because unfortunately there are people that don’t have as much as you do. Things that we take for granted like TV, the occasional meal at a fast food restaurant, or more important things like shelter or clean water. There is an awesome site called, where you can start foundations to support the causes of your choice. I was able to put in my zip code and find local charities. Many of them I haven’t heard of. So, if you want to support a local cause you are able to find which ones are in your area. You can choose whatever ones that appeals to you. Maybe you have a cause that is dear to you, and has affected your life you are able to donate. I love this idea. Everyone knows about the main charities, but not always the local ones.

I found out there is an organization for ducks.  Ducks Unlimited stands today as a global force in wetlands and wildlife conservation. DU''s conservation programs have evolved and expanded over the years to address the habitat needs of waterfowl and other wildlife on ever changing landscapes. Today, DU and our many partners utilize space-age technology and cutting-edge research to conserve habitat as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  I think that is awesome that people are looking out for the ducks. My son and I enjoy the ducks on our pond and we love seeing the baby ducks each year. If it weren’t for Ducks Unlimited the ducks might not be there.

You can find so many charities and causes on I hope you check it out and start your own foundation and donate to those who are in need. All of the charities are tax deductible.


The Envelope

The world is a big, yet small place.  The following story is completely true; the names have been changed to protect the parties involved.

I was the typical teenage girl who was attracted to bad guys.  You know the type rebels, tough guys, the kind that your parents warned you about. Well, when I was younger, thankfully I grew out of this stage, I started talking to this guy, we will call him Tyler Durden (cute huh?).  Tyler Durden was my best friend’s boyfriend’s best friend. I started talking to him one night.  We became close and we talked every day for hours. Well Tyler got in trouble and ended up going to Boy’s School, which is also known as Juvenile.  I never did know exactly what he did to get in there.  I pretty much stopped talking to him, we would occasionally send each other letters while he was in Boy’s School. I decided that I didn’t really want to per sue anything with Tyler because he was not a good guy to be around and I met another guy which I will call Bob Marley.  Bob was not much better than Tyler, he used to live under a bridge. He was pretty much a hippie and not a really good guy to hang around either but I was young and dumb and I thought I was in love. 

I pretty much stopped responding to Tyler after I started dated Bob.  I wasn’t really interested anymore and I still didn’t know what he did. However I did think it would be cool to date my best friend’s boy friend’s best friend.  Tyler would still send me letters and call me when he could. One day my mom decided to get the mail. I think it was a weekend day. So, she saw the Boy’s School stamp saying this letter was from an inmate.  My mom knew I was dating Bob Marley and the letter had hand written on it Bob Marley.  They would give you a set amount of envelopes and when you ran out you were out of luck.  My mom was pretty upset for two reasons, her teenage daughter was receiving mail from an inmate and it was from someone who was named Bob Marley.  I explained that it wasn’t my Bob Marley and told her the truth about who it was. I was forbidden to talk to Tyler Durden. After things with Bob Marley didn’t work out, I was talking to Tyler Durden again for a little while longer. I gave him my friend’s address and he sent the letters to her.  I found out that Tyler ran out of envelopes and borrowed one from  Bob Marley whose real name is a very common first and last name. It was a sheer coincidence.  After that I stopped talking to Tyler Durden.   This was in like May.

I am sure you are like so what, people have the same names all the time, but it gets weirder.
In October, I was home from school, I had been sick, I was on AOL in a chatroom. I started talking to this  random guy and I knew his name was Bob.  I didn’t want to type anymore so I gave him my number and he called me. The caller id said something like Martha Marley.  I thought wow another one? Well it is a pretty common name after all there must be millions of Bob Marley’s out there.  Then I was like thinking about it while I talked to him and asked him, figuring he would have no clue what I was talking about, Do you know a guy named Tyler Durden?  He responded yeah, I was in Boy’s School with him.  I squeaked out, I got your envelope.

Friday, June 10, 2011

What is a Homeware?

The media seem to like throwing around jargon that either means nothing or a thousand things at once, the key word they’ve cottoned on to at the moment is homeware. We see it in articles relating to the home, and shops have even started using it as a category to put a wide variety of items under. But what does it actually mean?

The dictionary definitions say that homeware is furnishing for the home, this includes furniture and cushions. But is there more to homeware than just furnishings? Furnishings tend to imply those little extras that finish a room, the curtains and knick knacks, but are modern homeware more? Does it include cutlery, plates and other kitchen items? Well the shops seem to think so and most people you talk to seem to agree with them.

So it seems in the modern world homeware has taken on a new definition and expanded its range to, well, everything that may be needed in the home. Be it bedding, curtains, a bin, kitchen equipment or even a bed itself homeware covers it all. There is of course a question where the term homeware stops and appliances begin. For example a blender can easily be considered to be homeware, but what about a fridge or tumble dryer? These are traditionally considered to be appliances, maybe in the case of crossovers it depends upon the size, with smaller items that can be tucked away, being considered as homeware. Or maybe, just maybe, homeware can be considered an overarching category that appliances falls under in its own sub category.

If homeware is now deemed to cover the home and everything in it, it seems the next logical question is how far the term home extends to. Does it cover the garden and gardening equipment? What about the garage and its contents?

It seems that the term homeware is a continuously evolving idea that changes depending on the worlds current needs and demands on it. Given 50 years who knows how homeware will be seen, it might have changed dramatically from the view we have of it now.

Visit today for all your homeware needs. 

New Signature Brands Icings Review and Giveaway

I love desserts, they are probably my favorite thing to eat. I love when things have a lot of frosting like on cakes, brownies and cupcakes.  I had the opportunity to try out some new icings from Signature Brands. They have Oreo icing. Let me tell you about how much I used to love Oreo Brownies.  In the 90’s there were Oreo Brownies. I loved them so much. They came in a box of 6 and they were so delicious. They stopped making them. I was really upset about it, they were better than Oreo cookies because they were so moist and the icing was amazing.  A few years ago I was in the Reno airport and I saw an Oreo brownie, I was so excited. I thought it was back. I found them at the store and immediately purchased 4 of them. I was sorely disappointed when I tried them. They were not the same Oreo brownies I fell in love with, they were really not even good at all. I ended up throwing away the rest of them.  After a year or so I bought one more, just in case the one I had wasn’t very good for some reason. I had the same result.  I had come to realize that those were a thing of the past. I was kind of used to it because when my mom or I really like something it ends up being not made anymore. 

I had the opportunity to try out the Oreo icings from Signature Brands, and they enclosed a recipe for Oreo Brownie bites.  I thought that it sounded really good. I had seen the Oreo icing and the S’mores icing at Wal-mart and I was really curious as what they tasted like.  When I received my packages from Signature Brands with everything I needed to try out the recipes I decided to try the Oreo Brownie Bites. I had my trusty assistant Noah in the kitchen with me and it was really easy to make. I was really surprised how quickly we made them. I ended up making normal sized cupcakes instead of the minis. I also forgot to put the icing in the middle, so I will be sure to do that next time.  I can’t tell you how delicious they were even without the icing in the middle. I had found that Oreo Brownie taste once again,  just as I remembered it. I really had to control myself from running in the closet and sucking down the whole package of icing.  I have thought about going to Wal-mart to buy a package just for that purpose.  I really think that Oreo Brownie Bites are my new favorite dessert; they are a brownie and a cupcake in one.  Noah loves them too, I had to hide them from him because he would eat them all if he had the opportunity. I can’t wait to make them again soon. 

There are four flavors of the icings from Signature Brands, Original Oreo, Chocolate Oreo, Original Hershey’s S’mores  and Chocolate Cinnamon S’mores. You can easily put icing tips on the frostings so whatever you make will look like a professional made it. I love that because I am left handed and I am horrible at icing cupcakes and cakes. 

Be sure to check out the website for more recipes. You can find the delicious icings at your local Wal-mart.

Thank you to Signature Brands for providing me with samples of the icings to try out and for the kit to make the recipes and providing the giveaway prize.

I have a giveaway for you.

One (1) lucky reader will receive their own chance to make the recipes and receive their own baking kit.

Mandatory  Entry:  Go to The Signature Brands website, take a look around and tell me which icing flavor you would like to try and which recipe other than the Oreo Brownie Bites would you like to make.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sheilacakes Confession: My TV is on My Dresser

I have thought about getting a new TV for my room. I would like to get a flat screen one that would hang on my wall because I don’t have any TV furniture. My TV in my room sits on my dresser.  I am not really sure if I would have a place to hang it on the wall though that wouldn’t require a complete makeover of my room. I have a pretty big dresser in my room and I also have two bookcases and Noah’s chest of drawers. I wouldn’t really know how to move all my furniture so it would still look good.  It really doesn’t bother me that it is on my dresser; it has been on there for years. I am just not sure what to do if this TV decides to not work anymore. It is pretty old, since it used to be my sisters. 

My TV downstairs is a good sized TV and it is in a really nice entertainment center. I remember the day it was delivered. I don’t really care for moving people, delivery people etc.  I also was planning on taking Noah with me to go hang out with my friend and her daughter that is the same age as Noah. We were going to observe her son at preschool.  I really like my entertainment center. It is beautiful, the only problems with it are the bottom shelves didn’t stay well and they kept falling down and that they delivered the wrong tower so the door opens the wrong way.  It’s nothing noticeable unless you study it, but it is still a great piece either way.

When I think about  a TV stand I think about being at my Grandparent’s house. They had a big one that sat in the little hallway between the family room and kitchen. You could turn the TV to face in the kitchen or the family room depending on where you wanted to sit. One of my favorite spots was sitting in the little hallway. My Grandparents had a little penguin candle with its own little igloo. I loved it. I still have it somewhere.  I would constantly play with it when I was at my grandparents. I am sure my sister and I used to fight over it. One of us, I can’t remember who now, was turning the TV and the TV stand fell over. No one was hurt but it poked a hole in the wall and I think we got in trouble for it.  I felt horrible and the penguin candle was lost for months.  I am not sure what happened to it, but I was so excited to be reunited with it.  I didn’t touch the TV stand for a long time after that. 

What are your TV's on? Do you have something fancy or something simple like I do for my bedroom TV?