Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gerber Life College Plan

One of the things you have to start thinking about the moment you find out you are going to be a parent or when you find out you are having another child is paying for the child to college if that is something they want to do. I am not one of those parents that will demand that my child goes to college. I am pretty sure he will want to because even at 4 years old, he loves to learn. Many parents start saving for their children’s college education from birth. I wanted to share with you about the Gerber Life College Plan. Everyone knows about Gerber with the iconic Gerber Baby. I learned recently that they offer a college plan to help you save and pay for your child’s future education. It is an endowment life insurance policy. It is designed to help parents save a guaranteed amount of money for their children's college education expenses in a safe and secure way. I am sure a few of you are wondering what an endowment life insurance plan is, I didn’t know until I checked out the FAQ.

I think that this is a great gift to give your child or grandchild. It will help them in the future. You don’t have to worry about losing it by having it tied up in investments and have the stock market crash, and be left with nothing. I know that has happened to a lot of people recently with the economy being so bad off. It is a small monthly gift that will provide a lifetime of education which will provide a future for your child or grandchild. I know in some families it is customary for the grandparents to pay for college, why not start now and have it taken care of without having to pay a large sum every year.

For more information please visit the Gerber Life College Plan’s FAQ.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Camping Music Fans

There are a few campgrounds in my area, not because I live by a national park or even a state park but because there is a music center close by. In the summer I see many camping tents at the local camp ground, which really is someone’s yard with port-o-potties. There are probably three trees not what you think of when you think of people camping out. I assume they make great money by charging people to camp there. They have tried to sell it many times but I am sure the insurance is really expensive on the campground. Most of the time I only know who is playing by what is written on the welcome sign.

I often wonder what goes on at night after the concert is over, and there are all those people with their camping gear. I am assuming it would be kind of scary because you have no idea how drunk these strangers are what kind of drugs they are on, and what kind of life they lead. I am sure it is one big party but, I don’t think you could pay me enough to spend one night there during a Phish concert which seems to be one of their busiest weekends.

I am curious what the owners must be like. I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the immoral activity taking place on my property if I owned it. I am pretty sure there is illegal drug use at the campground too. I wouldn’t be able to turn the other cheek; I would feel like I had an obligation to not allow that kind of behavior and I probably wouldn’t be very successful in the campground rental business.

Have you ever camped out after a concert? What did you think of your experience? If you haven’t would you put yourself in the situation?


Wordless Wednesday: Dragonfly

I found this dragonfly on my front porch, it was perfect and dead. Noah loves bugs so seeing this dragonfly was a real treat. He wanted to keep it for a pet. It was on our front porch for a few days until the wind took it and blew it away.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Keep Your Electronics Protected with Pelican Cases

In this technology oriented society more and more people rely on expensive electronics like laptops, GPS devices, digital cameras and smartphones than ever before. Not only are these items expensive, but they are usually also very delicate, needing careful handling and safe storage. One of the best ways to safely secure these items and many others is by storing and transporting them in Pelican cases.

For those of you not familiar with Pelican cases, they are the most popular method of providing waterproof and shockproof protection for delicate items of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a digital camera you want to protect while outdoors, or you need a good, sturdy, waterproof case for carrying your laptop in, Pelican has a case solution. Pelican’s cases range in size from very small, for protecting items like cell phones and pocket sized cameras, to very large cases, for bigger items like rifles, computer monitors and tools. Additionally, each Pelican case is backed by the famous Pelican guarantee, You Break It, We Replace It…Forever.

In addition to the extreme protective qualities Pelican cases provide, they are also very handy for keeping organized. Each case model has available accessories like lid organizers and re-configurable padded divider sets, perfect for conveniently arranging lots of smaller items. Features like these make Pelican cases very popular amongst professional photographers because of the large number of lenses, batteries, flashes, etc that they must carry at all times.

Much like technology in general, Pelican’s case offerings are evolving. Some of the most recently developed case models Pelican now offers include the Pelican 0450, a completely waterproof mobile tool chest, and the Pelican 1510, an FAA approved airline carry-on case.

If you need protection for your smartphone, camera, laptop, or any other valuable gear, I recommend investing in a waterproof hard case from Pelican. It will last you a lifetime, and will increase the longevity of whatever you put in the case as well.


Just For You Video

In a previous post I shared with you about Noah and my song. Just For You which is a song sung by Little Critter. We both love this song and we decided to sing it together for you all. It has been a song that I grew up listening to and one that Noah has listened to many times. Not just by me singing it but on one of his CD’s. Now that his CD player has lost the battery cover and he doesn’t have anywhere he can safely have things plugged in his room he hasn’t been able to have his bedtime music. I tried turning it up and putting it outside his door but it wasn’t working too well and it had to be up really loud for him to kinda hear it.

So without further adieu: Noah and Mommy singing Just For You.

Please Note that the video is black on purpose for security reasons.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Carriers are Beneficial to Your Baby.

Choosing to use baby carriers can be a smart choice for you and your baby. They can provide comfort, as well as strengthen the bond between a parent and their child. Newborn babies need nurturing and warmth during those critical first months of life and using a baby carrier helps with both.

Infants need to adapt to the outside world as well as being outside of the womb. A baby carrier, like Baby Bjorn carriers can simulate the womb experience as well as provide much needed comfort for the newborn, allowing your baby's energy to be focused on early growth. While supported in a baby carrier your child can hear your heartbeat, and feel the rhythm of your walking and breathing, much how they felt it while in the womb. As a result this encourages positive growth.

Baby carriers and slings can also reduce the risk of premature infant mortality, a fact that was discovered by accident. A shortage of incubators in a hospital in South America forced medical practitioners to wrap premature infants to their mothers in order to provide them with the warmth and stability that would normally come from the incubators. In doing so it was discovered that the premature babies who were strapped to their mothers using baby slings thrived as well and sometimes even better than those in the incubators. This is a testament to the effectiveness of not only baby carriers, but attachment parenting in general.

Another added benefit of baby carriers is that they help soothe crying and colic. According to extensive research, when babies are worn in infant carriers for at least 3 hours a day, they tend to cry 43% less during the day and 51% less at night. This significant reduction in the amount of time spent crying results in a happier, more balanced baby with milder temperament.

The benefits of baby wearing are not only for the infants. One of the obvious benefits of carrying your child in infant sling is that it allows your hands to be free to be able to perform your daily tasks. Baby slings offer a more convenient way to carry your infant, especially in places where a stroller would often be difficult to navigate, such as large crowds or up and down the stairs. Using baby carriers has also been linked to reducing the instance of post partum depression in women, as the act of wearing your newborn simulates the womb effect for both baby and mom.

Basically, a baby carrier or sling should be on every mother's necessity list for the new baby.


Kid's TV Shows Questions

I am a mom of a 4 year old. We watch a lot of kid’s shows. There are many questions I have about the shows. Yes, I think about things like this. I am wondering why certain shows are the way they are. I know that one of the biggest questions parents have is where are Max and Ruby’s parents? I actually looked it up and the author and creator of Max and Ruby wanted kids to learn how to solve problems on their own. Max and Ruby are not orphans that live alone, so no need to call CPS on Max and Ruby’s parents. They are there somewhere. Perhaps locked in a closet or the attic somewhere, I wonder why they have grandma though. I love how they make it seem like grandma lives far away when in reality she lives next door. I really don’t care for the fact that Max is allowed to go to the store by himself when he is probably no more than 4. I know it is a cartoon but not all kids grasp the fact that it is make believe.

Noah likes to watch Franklin. I was thinking about it and started wondering why all of Franklin’s friends are named what kind of animal they are. Bear, Otter, Beaver, and Porcupine for example. Why does Franklin have a real name and why isn’t he called turtle. Maybe it is to distinguish him from everyone else or maybe Franklin’s parents are just more creative. What if another beaver or bear move in the woods then what would they be named? Bear 2 and Beaver 2? Do they have last names? Maybe they really have first names and they go by their last names, but why not Franklin?

I know that is a common occurrence in children’s shows. Now I am thinking about The Berenstain Bears. Why Brother and Sister are called Brother and Sister. I know they are brother and sister but everyone else calls them brother and sister too. What about Mama and Papa Bear. Everyone including other adults call them Mama and Papa. What were their names when they were little? What are the odds that if their parents really named them Mama and Papa they would fall in love and get married? Unless it was an arranged marriage, I don’t see it being possible. I know all of Brother and Sister’s friends have first and last names. Sister’s friend Lizzie Bruin’s parents are called Mr. and Mrs. Bruin. I have no idea.

I am sure I am way overanalyzing these shows but, it ,makes you think about things. I remember the time I looked up why Caillou is bald. I wonder about things like that. I am a dork and I am the first to admit so. In case you are wondering, Caillou is bald because the creator of Caillou wanted to make it so all children can relate with Caillou equally by giving him no hair.

What are some of your kid show questions? I hope this helped clear up some of your questions you have been losing sleep over.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to Get Cheap Contact Lenses

If you are a contact lens wearer, you already know how expensive buying new lenses can be. Just because your optometrist wrote the prescription and happens to sell contact lenses does not mean you have to buy yours from his or her store. Shopping for contact lenses online has become a much cheaper alternative. All you need is your lens prescription and you can buy from one of the many online stores that offer cheap contact lenses.

Whether you need disposable, bifocal, color, toric, vial or novelty contact lenses, you can easily find them with a simple Google search, at a price far lower than you’ll find at your local eye doctor. Each online lens retailer is a little different, but the purchase process is basically the same for each. Simply supply them with your prescription information, including your doctor’s information and you’ll have access to whichever lens brands you want.

How is it these online stores are able to offer such low prices? Simple, the vast majority of online contact lens stores are strictly online, meaning they have no storefront property to purchase. In addition to those cost savings, many of these lens stores do not carry a physical inventory. They are simply affiliated with a supplier, and all lens purchases are fulfilled by the supplier, further decreasing the cost of operation. All of these cost savings are passed onto the customer in the form of lower prices, bulk purchase rebates, and free shipping offers.

With all that in mind, the key to maximizing your savings is to buy online and purchase your replacement contact lenses in bulk. By doing so, you will nearly always get free shipping, and many times become eligible to receive a substantial rebate on your purchase. Each store’s rebate offer will be different, so shop around to make sure you are getting the most for your money. Couple these options with web based stores’ already lower contact lens prices, and you can see how easy it is to save a lot of money. So, next time you’re in need of replacement contact lenses, get online, search for the brand you want, and remember to buy in bulk.


The Cupcake Girls

I am not huge on watching what I call fad cooking shows. You know what I am talking about cake shows except for Food Network Challenge. I noticed a while back the trend is now cupcake shows. One network started doing one and then every channel that has cake shows now has a cupcake show. I understand that cupcakes are huge right now. I decided not to watch any of the cupcake shows because seriously….how many different ways can you decorate and make cupcakes? Competition shows also get on my nerves. It is never anything different. Same show, different network. I would like to see some originality in the programming on TV. It seems like the same concept is used over and over again. That is a whole other blog post though.

One Saturday night recently I was watching TV. I decided to start watching a show on WE called The Cupcake Girls. There was nothing else on and the description on my cable box sounded appealing. So I checked it out. I fell in love with the show. It is not a show about cupcakes, how to make them or someone who is judging others making them. It is a show about two best friends in Canada that happen to own a cupcake business. I really enjoy watching Lori and Heather’s adventures. I love the dynamics of the show. It is so interesting because they don’t know how to bake, they are best friends and they don’t just talk about cupcakes. I love cupcakes more than probably anyone in the world, but like I said just watching people make cupcakes, decorate cupcakes to me is boring and makes me really hungry.

The really cool thing about the show is also that they show you how hard it really is to run a business. It seems like every show they have some kind of obstacle to overcome in their business. They are able to go through all these challenges and are able to be best friends at the end of the day. I love all of the Cupcakes staff too. They all seem like they are really nice people. It makes me want to go to Vancouver and go to Cupcakes and buy some delicious treats. I am really hoping that they achieve their dream of having their cupcake bakeries in every neighborhood in North America. I would gladly open a Cupcakes bakery if I had the revenue. Baking cupcakes for a living would be a great job. I would have to be rolled home in a wheel barrow every day because I would eat cupcakes all day. They also came up with a cupcake mix that you can take home and make it with your kids. I bet it is delicious. I would love to sample some of their cupcakes someday.

I have to share with you guys about Cadence. She is one of the girls that work the counter at Cupcakes. She is so funny and sees like she could make anyone smile. I hadn’t seen her on a couple of the episodes and I was very worried that Cadence wasn’t working there anymore. Thankfully I saw her, because that would have made me sad because she is a great support person on the show. Cadence definitely has her moments. She has had to scrub the toilets with a toothbrush and clean the bathrooms on the show a few times I suspect because she is too nice to say anything to the customer. I really think that Cadence has a great heart.

Another thing I really like about The Cupcake Girls is how it's like Lori and Heather are your friends and you share in their heartbreaks and victories. I know when Lori found out she was pregnant I started crying. I cried when they showed her ultrasound on the show because she had been trying for so long. I found on their Facebook page that Lori had a boy. I am so happy for her. I really love The Cupcake Girls. Do you watch the show? What do you think?

It is on WE on Saturday Nights. The new episodes are at 9:00 pm and 9:30 pm ET. It is also on at other times too. Check your local listings. It is definitely worth watching.

Sadly, I did not receive any cupcakes for this post, but Lori and Heather if you want to send me some, please don’t hesitate to do so.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ameda Purely Yours – A Hygienic Breast Pump

For new breastfeeding moms out there looking for a quality breast pump, the Ameda Purely Yours offers patented technology that makes pumping much safer than competing brands.

All breast pumps provide the same basic function nursing moms are looking for, but one of the most important factors that many new moms do not consider is the hygienic qualities of their breast pump.

In years past, all breast pumps worked on the same basic principle of suction cycles, which were intended to express their breast milk quickly. Needless to say, newer, more efficient breast pumps began branching out with their own proprietary technologies to provide higher levels of customization, making them more effective, efficient and easier to use. However, one factor that was left overlooked by many manufacturers for many years was the prevention of contamination.

After various research had been completed, it was determined that most breast pumps on the market did not prevent milk and other contaminants from entering the pump mechanism itself. Over time this issue could develop mold on the interior of the pump, leaving it contaminated and impossible to clean. Any milk expressed by a breast pump with this level of contamination could be rendered unsafe for consumption, thereby making the use of the breast pump a health risk for your child.

Certain breast pumps manufacturers like Ameda took this research very seriously and in turn developed what they call a closed-system milk collection kit for their line of Ameda Purely Yours breast pumps. The resulting product eliminates the risk of milk contamination and also makes cleaning their breast pumps much simpler than other manufacturer’s models. This technology has become standard on all hospital breast pumps, but has yet to become the norm for many personal-use breast pumps in today’s market.

Taking all this into consideration, if you are thinking of purchasing a breast pump you may want to seriously consider investing in a closed system breast pump like any of the Ameda Purely Yours breast pumps. Ameda offers 4 different models of their Purely Yours breast pump, each containing different accessories depending on your pumping needs. These include the Ameda Purely Yours, Ameda Purely Yours with Carry All, Ameda Purely Yours with Backpack, and the more robust Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump.

Nursing Home Safety Precautions

I was thinking about different ways to keep people that are in nursing homes safe. There was a tragedy that happened shortly after my grandma left an assisted living home to live with us for a while. This happened a couple weeks after my grandma left, in winter a woman went outside and froze to death. It was a terrible thing to happen. I still feel really bad for the family even now, many years later. I was thinking what if nursing homes bought an id badge printer and made ID cards for the patients? There are many benefits for doing this. It would help with the high amount of turnaround with employees knowing the patient by name. It would also help when it is time for meds for the patients and making sure the right person gets the right medications.

As a granddaughter of a woman who had Alzheimer’s I think it would also help those patients remember their names as well. I think for privacy reasons it should be the first name initial on the badge. You could even go as far as putting the patients and residents names in a certain color if they didn’t have permission to leave alone for safety reasons which would be great if it is a big building. It would also help knowing who belongs there and who is just visiting.

I think it is important to have some kind of protection for the residents that a stranger couldn’t be able to walk off the streets and victimize the patients. I don’t know how many times I went to visit my grandma and I was able to walk right in the facility and wasn’t asked who I was or who I was coming to see. Sure they have a sign in book but I think there should be an extra precaution in place. Of course there should always be a person at the front desk to protect our loved ones from strangers that have no business walking in.

Another idea would be that they have HID proximity cards for family members that visit. The family members could just swipe their card and gain access to the building or better yet, for families that have a loved one in a more secured location. I forgot the code to gain access to where my Grandma Rose was living because she was in a secure area. I wrote the number down many times and even tried to remember it with a mnemonic device and I never remembered it. There would be times we couldn’t leave because we forgot the code to the elevator and we had to hunt down an employee. I know that safety for our loved ones is very important especially those that are already fragile.

Friday, September 24, 2010

DYMO Label Maker Review and Giveaway


I try really hard to be organized now that I am a busy mom and a blogger. I have so much stuff that I need to keep in some kind of order. I have a file box for all my important documents that I bought when I was pregnant with Noah to keep track of all my doctors stuff, Noah’s doctor stuff and of course important documents that we have such as birth certificates. I have noticed throughout the years the little paper tabs they provided have fallen out, became lost and now it is a huge mess. I could no longer look at the tabs and find what I was looking for. I had to start going through files. I didn’t like that because that is how things get lost or misplaced.

I thought I would buy a label maker, you know one of those old ones that you have to literally squeeze until your hand hurt to sometimes punch out the letters. I didn’t really use that one much because it was so unreliable and took a long time. I usually had to reuse it a few times to get what I wanted the label to say. As a scrapbooker I have a ton of stuff that needs to be organized and not thrown all together because a lot of it is delicate and could rip easily. So, when I had the opportunity to try out the DYMO Label Manager 260P I was really excited.


Here are some of the cool features of the LabelManager 260P
• Prints professional quality labels on 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” easy-peel split-back DYMO D1 labels

• Includes separate set of keys for numbers, allowing for faster typing

• Features quick access buttons for punctuation and symbols

• Allows user to customize labels and add emphasis with three fonts, six font sizes, seven text styles, boxes and underlining

• Stores up to nine labels and is capable of inserting saved text

• Prints up to 10 copies of one label

• Sleek, compact and lightweight design, allowing for fast, uninterrupted labeling whether in the office or on-the-go

I love how easy it is to use. You just load the cartridge and you are good to go. I did have a slight problem with loading the cartridge but I figured it out quickly. I love that you are able to type out the labels on the keyboard. Since, I spend a lot of time typing I am able to label with accuracy and ease. My hand doesn’t hurt from squeezing out labels and hoping they do come out readable. You can even make different font sized labels. Great for people like my mom who has to wear reading glasses. It is also rechargeable! No more buying batteries or having to be restrained by the length of a cord. Just charge it and you are all ready to label your heart out. My scrapbook stuff is really starting to look organized.


The first label I made was of my blogs url. I stuck that on my label maker. Yes I am a dork that labels her label maker. Noah really enjoys the label maker too or should I say the labels. He thinks that they are stickers and I made a few practice labels right after I received it and he stuck them to himself. He is always asking me for stickers when he sees the label maker. I hid it because it is so easy my now 4 year old could use it. I am glad he wants to be organized but there would be labels full of random letters stuck all over the house. I have taught him that stickers do not go on walls, doors and windows so I think those would be safe!

For more information please visit DYMO’s website. You can find the DYMO Label Manager 260P at your local office supply store. The suggested retail price is $65.99

Thank you to DYMO for providing me with a sample of the DYMO Label Manager 260P for my family to try out and providing one for the giveaway!

I have a giveaway for you!

One (1) lucky winner will win the DYMO Label Manager 260P

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This giveaway will end on October 8, 2010 at 11:59 pm ET.

Foods I Won't Eat

Recently, I have been thinking about foods I refuse to eat, mainly meats I won’t eat. Yes, I eat meat but there are some I refuse to have in my mouth for various reasons.

1.Lamb – I don’t care how good you think it tastes. I will not eat lamb in any way shape or form. All I can think of is Poor little Lamb Chop and who would eat Lamb chop?

2. Duck- No Duck for me. No thank you. No Turkducken or roasted duck that is just plain yuck. Ducks weren’t meant to be eaten in my opinion.

3. Goat- Sorry Annie. No goats for me.

I don’t have a problem with those that choose to eat these items but, please if I am coming to dinner, don’t serve them to me and tell me they are something else, I will know. People always say to me: “You’ll eat alligator but you won’t eat, lamb or duck?” I always respond with yep, crazy huh?”

This reminds me of a trip to North Carolina I took. I went to go see my friends Logan and Loretta; they kept talking about liver mush. I had no clue what livermush was. There were signs for livermush everywhere. Even on the marquee at Walgreens. I thought it just had a weird name. I never did make the connection that it was liver! Call me na├»ve. I thought liver mush would be like grits. I have never had grits but I thought it would be mush, after all it is called livermush. I took the name literally, but the wrong part. Somehow they managed to convince me to try it. It looked like sausage. I think they told me it was sausage or something. I can’t remember how they got me to try it. I do remember trying it. It did not taste like sausage. It was gross. Never again will I eat livermush. Never again!

My friend Logan aka the Jerky King passed away in November 2008 suddenly. I miss him a lot. We had many good times together and laughed a lot. Loretta’s mom thought Logan and I were having an affair but we weren’t. That whole trip to visit them was truly an adventure, you wouldn’t believe it if I told you. It was so messed up from the get go. I will blog about it sometime. I am so glad that I had the chance to know Logan. He was a great friend.

There are many other foods I won’t eat. Listing them all would take a coon’s age. What are some foods that you will eat?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shopping for Noah

Since Noah turned 4 I have been thinking about getting him some new furniture for his room. There are so many cute things they have for kids furniture. They have little recliners that are the perfect size for our little ones. I think it would be really cute if Noah and I had matching chairs to sit in. He likes to sit on our recliner but it is kind of big and he used to have trouble climbing up and down. Now he is a monkey and climbs on everything. I am one of those moms who think small versions of things are adorable. I would love for him to have some stuff like that. He has a little soft chair but honestly it is not the best thing to sit on because the sides are attached with just Velcro. He occasionally will slide off the chair if he sits on it the wrong way, which worries me. I would also like to get sturdy furniture for him that isn’t too heavy that it could hurt him but not flimsy enough that Noah could break it with normal use or worse tip over hurting my little boy.

Another thing I have started doing now that he is four is finding me going in to the toy section at the store and looking at educational toys. I think that is part of being a teacher’s child. I have always been taught that education is very important. I want him to learn with every experience that he has. I am not someone who is very strict that he can’t play with pointless loud toys either. I find that somehow Noah is very creative that he uses the toys that you would think are not educational and finds a way to learn from them. He is always trying to figure out how things work. I remember when he was a baby he would examine things and try and figure out how to take them apart. He would turn his stroller upside down and get under it like he was working on it. He definitely gets that from my Grandpa Jim who was a diesel mechanic and was always working on something. It makes me smile so big when he does things like that because it reminds me of my grandpa and how he would examine things and was always thinking just like Noah does now.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Dear Friend Adrianna

I have been blessed with some wonderful people in my life. I wanted to share with you guys about my friend Adrianna. Adrianna and I met when we were in daycare. Yes, that was a long time ago. I haven’t seen her in forever but we had so much fun playing together. I am thankful for Facebook that we are able to still stay in touch now that she is so far away. Adrianna and I always had the craziest ideas. I am not sure which one of us were the brains in the operation, I think that we were both equally responsible for the hair brained ideas we came up with. I remember when we were in daycare, Adrianna told me that she had an elevator in her house and a ton of makeup. Being a young girl I thought that was so cool. Then I went to Adrianna’s house and come to find out the elevator was just a cubby hole in the wall and didn’t move. I know I tried to find the button and her makeup collection consisted of one tube of chapstick, not even lipstick, but chapstick.

We also had a slew of nicknames for each other including Louie and Olive and at one point Squeaky and Frenchy. I remember the reasoning behind Olive and Louie because it was from our middle names but not clue about Squeaky and Frenchie. Throughout the years we had done singing contests, survived the getting lost in the woods in her neighborhood, gone on many adventures and even became sumo wrestlers. One of us, not sure whose idea it was, probably mine because I am weird like that, decided it would be fun to stick pillows under our shirts and tuck them in our pants and fight like sumo wrestlers. So, we would run in to each other full force and bump each other with our pillow bodies. This was long before the days of sumo suits. It was a lot of fun until….she had an asthma attack. I knew she had asthma but this one was a bad attack. We were both sobbing because we were so scared because her inhaler wasn’t working right. Thankfully she ended up being fine. We both decided that we couldn’t play sumo wrestlers anymore and it was pretty dangerous not only could we get hurt but crashing in to each other is a bad idea when someone has asthma.

We must have spent hundreds of nights together giggling at each other’s houses. We even had what we called Pippi Longstocking Day but that is a whole other post because it is a long story. Don’t ask me how many times we played Mall Madness and Party Mania because I couldn’t even tell you. I remember how we used to play bar, of course it was all pretend and didn’t even know what we were talking about. We weren’t really allowed to do it but we did anyways when no one was in the basement. Her dad used to work for RCA and I was invited to some of the events. I used to go to church with her sometimes when I spent the night on Saturday nights. I was very close to her family and she was close to mine. We had a very loving friendship but like any young girls we had our share of fights. We always seemed to make up and it was like the fight never happened we would never hold grudges and forgave whole heartedly. We used to play the gotcha game. One of us would ask if the other could spend the night and if the answer was yes the answer told was occasionally no followed by gotcha. We never said yes if the answer was no though because that was just mean.

I am so glad that I met Adrianna at La Petite so many years ago. She is a very special person and friend and I hold all of our memories together in my heart. I hope sometime we can see each other again. I would love to see her family again too. They are such great people and miss them all.

Camping in Florida

Lately Noah has been obsessed with camping. He talks about it constantly. Most of the time he talks about wanting to go camping in Florida, not sure why he always picks Florida but I think it would be awesome to camp on the beach. I wonder if they make special camping tents for camping on the beach. It would be amazing to camp at Fort Desoto, which happens to be my mom’s favorite beach. I would be kind of afraid that out camping gear would be swept out to sea during high tide. I am sure we wouldn’t camp really close to the water, so the odds of that happening would be slim to none. Of course you know days before if a hurricane is coming and so I think it would be pretty safe. I would love to wake up in the morning and unzip my tent and see the beautiful ocean and have my lungs full of the sea air. Talk about the perfect view.

My whole family loves the beach. I think my mom would be perfectly happy with a tent on the beach somewhere. She loves it that much. I am not sure if I could picture my mom camping on the beach as a residence, but I am sure we would have a great time camping together as a family. You can really camp many places. In the woods, at the beach, in your backyard, all that matters is you have fun with your loved ones and stay safe of course. Right now we can’t have open fires in my county because it has been so dry this summer. No campfires, bonfires or fire pits. So my longing to roast marshmallows will have to wait until another day. Noah wants to roast flowers. I don’t think he fully understood the meaning of roast. I spent the day explaining what roasting is and how it is not safe to do it in a tent. Shortly after our conversation he decided that he rather roast marshmallows.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is It Just an Urban Legend?

I love learning about Urban Legends. I am not exactly sure when I learned about them. I remember I would spend hours reading about them online. I think they are so interesting. It becomes like a giant game of telephone. I am sure you remember playing telephone where you tell someone something and by the time it gets passed down it has changed. They also play in to our worst fears that these things can happen. They have been around for a coon’s age. They are recycled throughout the ages and also updated to fit the times. Maybe it has to do with the first time I saw Adventures in Babysitting with the man with the hook, which is a very famous urban legend.

Some of them are really scary, I remember there would be times when I just had to shut the web page because I was scared. I know that people have written ghost stories about them as a basis. It always ends up being kind of ironic, escaping death only to die a more gruesome death a few moments later. They are things that could possibly happen but no one actually knows for sure. It’s always a friend of a friend that it happened to. I believe they are also a good scare tactic of the unknown.

I remember when I saw the movie Urban Legends, I was dating a guy named Steve, and we went out to eat and then to the movie and drank hot chocolate. I don’t do well with scary things. So, I was freaked out a little. Thankfully Steve was a nice guy that didn’t try and scare me. So, Steve where ever you are Thanks! I am a big baby though and get scared really easily. I didn’t really like the movie too terribly much because it scared me. It was making them real and they were no longer urban legends. I am not sure if I have seen the second one and I am not sure I want to . I haven’t watched the movie pretty much after it came out. No thanks. Nothing scary for me, I get nightmares and I can’t sleep for days. I avoid scary movies at all costs. I am sure you are thinking that movie wasn’t scary but like I said I am a baby.

I do however love to watch the tv show Urban Legends on the Biography Channel. It is on Saturdays at noon and there are 4 episodes that play. I like it because they tell you three stories and you have to decide which is fact and which is just an Urban Legend. I like that they tell some things that really happen. I think that is why I like Snopes because they tell you if it is true, false or unknown. When I watch Urban Legends I find myself thinking, I really hope that is an urban legend, because that is nasty or scary etc. Usually it is but there is always one that is real and really happened. They even go as far as occasionally having the people that it happened to on the show saying my name is such and such and this is true. If it is not true they sometimes explain why it can’t be true.

Do you like urban legends? What are some of your favorites? Do you watch the show on Biography?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sick Sick Sick

I am sure you have noticed the lack of my presence around my blog, Twitter, Facebook and through emails. I have been really sick. Sunday I started feeling really sick and I have been really sick since then. Been living off 7up and Saltines. I have been vomiting like crazy too. I have the flu BAD. I hope everyone is doing alright and I hope to feel better really soon!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Judge Noah?

It all started when I was pregnant with Noah, I would watch Judge shows all the time. I even watched them when I was on bed rest in the hospital. The nurses kept asking me if Noah was going to be a lawyer, which I didn’t find amusing extremely pregnant, on bed rest in the hospital for TWO weeks. Half the time I had to call a nurse to go to the bathroom so, those couple weeks was not the most pleasant thing to experience. Now I have been watching judge shows for years, I really enjoy watching them because they are interesting. Somewhere may it be, genetics or while in my womb or shortly after Noah was born, Noah developed my love for judge shows. When he was a teeny tiny baby he loved to watch Cops I think it was the lights and the music. He no longer watches it though.

His favorite is Judge Judy. Judge Judy is awesome. We watch it every day it is on. He asks to watch Judge Judy on weekends or before or after it is on. He will say “Wanna watch Judge Judy?” It is really cute. I will tell him to put on his listening ears and he will do the Judge Judy listening ears hand movements. I like Judge Judy for her brassy attitude. I am sure she is probably a total sweetheart when she is off the bench as long as you don’t lie to her. He also likes to watch Judge Pirro. He knows all the judges by name.

He even knows who the judge on Street Court is. He says look it’s judge Mazz. I never watch Street Court it just doesn’t interest me. We both love People’s Court too. Noah really enjoys watching it too. I love how compassionate Judge Milian is. I love her no nonsense approach to ruling. I have said before that if I went on a court show it would be The People’s Court. I love the sayings she says. She seems like such a genuine person. When I went to Dolphin Mall in Miami, you can bet I was looking at every person’s face I saw. I would have been floored if I saw her but I regret to say I did not. I am such a huge fan of hers.

Something I have noticed is in watching massive amounts of court shows. They start out meaning well, then they seem to turn more to the trashy side of TV, I am sure it is for ratings or just the cases they get offered but it does make me somewhat sad. I am not saying they aren’t amazing people I just wish they tried cases that weren’t about sex or nudity or just trashy period. I wish all TV was like that though. I might be crazy for watching court shows with my son but we both enjoy it a lot. Noah doesn’t normally stay glued to the TV no matter what is on. He is busy playing and running around. I would just like them to be somewhat appropriate or family orientated. Usually Judge Judy and People’s Court are pretty good at being family friendly and even then they have their moments.

What court shows do you like to watch?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Smell Chocolate!

I am sure most parents are guilty of this. I know I am. What is the charge? Sneaking treats and candy behind your child’s back. It is not that you don’t want to share, well maybe sometimes you don’t but usually it is you don’t want your child to have anymore treats. You might hide in your bedroom, your closet, or maybe the car to enjoy a little treat without little hands and faces begging for some. I am somewhat of a pushover when it comes to treats. I don’t go overboard though. I feed my son very healthy foods but I am a firm believer that everyone needs a treat sometimes. Most of the time, I am eating something sweet around Noah I will share a little bit. Sharing is important after all. I don’t let him eat a lot of candy or treats. I make sure he has had a meal first or if it is the middle of the afternoon it is a small amount. I am teaching him about healthy eating because it is best for his growing little body and it is my job to make sure he gets the nutrients that he needs. Thankfully, for snacks he is happy with something healthy versus having a bowl of candy or chips.

When I was little, I loved treats and candy. That has not changed much. I don’t think I eat nearly as much as I used to. My cousins used to tease me about how I would buy pounds of candy but I would always share with them. My mom would used to have a little treat when I was little, she knew that as any child would I wanted some. Occasionally she would wait until I was upstairs or in another room. Her plan would fail because I would come running yelling I smell chocolate! It wouldn’t matter where I was in the house I would always smell it. We have always lived in nice sized houses too. I just had the scent for chocolate.

Do you have me time when it comes to treats? Do you have any good hiding places?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Nina's Little Fables

Recently after a trip to pick up dinner or going to the store, I let Noah stay up a little later because we had been in the car for quite a while and he didn’t get to watch The Good Night Show on PBS Sprout. That was when we were introduced to Nina’s Little Fables. From the moment we watched Nina’s Little Fables we became instant fans. I really like how Nina and Star share a fable. I have always liked fables growing up. I love that there is always a moral of the story and it teaches our children things through a story which I think sometimes has a bigger impact than just being told. Sometimes children need validation or a reason for things and fables are a great tool for that.

We have been staying up a little later at night and sitting on the couch and occasionally sharing a little treat while we watch Nina’s Little Fables. It is a special time we share together although every moment we share is special. It is definitely a privilege and if he misbehaves he will not be able to stay up for Nina’s Little Fables. I love how the animals are shadows. I have a pair of red pajama pants that have white animal shapes on them. Noah informed me that I have Nina’s little Fables on my pants. I looked at them and was like yeah you are right. I didn’t even make the connection. Noah is really smart.

I recommend getting your family together and watching Nina’s Little Fables on PBS Sprout during The Good Night Show every night. It is a lot of fun in our house.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Appearance in Disney Movies

I wrote a post a while back about kindness. I have been thinking about kindness again so I went back and read my post I wrote. I said that I have a theory about appearance and I didn’t ever write the post. So, I thought I will now that it is on my mind.
I have noticed something in my 29 years of being on this earth that Disney movies are kind of messed up for a couple reasons. The first reason is appearance is a huge part of it. Let me explain. You have all the beautiful princesses and princes who are all beautiful and handsome. That teaches children that if you are different looking or not beautiful and maybe even plain looking you aren’t as good as someone who is beautiful. The villain is usually ugly, haggard in appearance or fat. That is kind of wrong in my eyes that almost always the villain is ugly and the hero or heroine is beautiful or handsome. It is kind of like well; if someone is different or scary looking they must be bad. I am aware that it is make believe but think about it. It kind of makes sense. It is playing on society’s obsession with outward image.

I know that this theory is flawed in two Disney movies. The first one is Beauty and the Beast. Gaston is an “attractive” man and the villain in the story and the beast is the hero. Ok, but he was put under a spell to teach him kindness and that beauty is found within, Of course he changes back in to a handsome prince. I get that they are teaching that beauty is found within but I don’t really see how they should have made him attractive at the end. Seriously what is wrong with being average or unattractive? Appearance is not the most important thing in the world it shouldn’t even be on the list of the top ten thousand important things.

The second Disney movie that flaws my theory is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Quasimodo is not only unattractive but he is also disabled. It’s my favorite Disney movie because it teaches the way I think about others and how you have to look past the skin and see their soul. I would of liked for Quasi to get the girl but after all it is a Disney movie and an unattractive person with a beautiful person granted neither one is under a spell is unheard of. I am also aware that it is a book and that is not how the story goes at least they didn’t kill anyone good in that movie like in the book.

Just because someone is beautiful doesn’t make them good. Just because someone is unattractive does not make them bad. They have nothing to do with each other in the slightest. I just don’t understand why appearance is such a huge deal these days. I mean something could happen and someone is stripped of their appearance. I think that you can’t judge a book by its cover is a great proverb. I look for the beauty in everyone and everything, not outer beauty but what’s inside. That is all that really matters and should only matter. Everyone is different and if everyone walked around looking like Barbie and Ken then the world would be a confusing fake place.

Who is to say what is beautiful and who is ugly? Who makes that call? Is it you? Is it society? The answer is NO ONE. No one has the right to pick out the flaws of another person. If you have time to pick out someone’s flaws you have time to deal with them. I believe that you should love everyone for real reasons and look past others short comings just as you would want someone to look past yours. No one should judge anyone because no one is perfect and no one is better than anyone else that they even have a say.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Kitchen Table

When we were purchasing our kitchen table, we didn’t know that Noah was going to be a part of our family. I am sure you are wondering why something like kitchen tables would matter when it comes to having a child. I really like our kitchen table because it fits our breakfast area really well but, the chairs have wheels on them. Noah loves to roll around like any child would. He occasionally bangs in to the wall going backwards from the table. He also is famous for moving the chairs all around the kitchen and sometimes in to our family room. He is at least very creative and has lined up the chairs in to a train and he wears his conductor’s hat and sunglasses and pretends to drive the train. It is very cute. I am not innocent by any means. I sometimes roll the chair around when I am sitting in it, but I don’t bump in to the walls. It’s also fun to watch Noah come up with new ideas to play and I love spinning him around.

I think if I were to buy a new table I might get one with chairs without wheels. We have laminate flooring so maybe normal chairs wouldn’t be the best idea either. I would be afraid it would scratch the floor. What kind of kitchen table and chairs do you have in your home? I look forward to your responses.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

PostEgram Connects Families

We live in such a digital age, everything is done on a computer, we have email, Facebook and blogs. When was the last time you got a hand written letter from a loved one? It has been a while for me I know. I used to get handwritten letters from my grandma Rose. Not everyone is up to date with the digital times, which is fine. I remember the first time I showed my grandma the internet. She thought it was really neat. I am not sure it was something that she could of gotten in to. Some older people choose not to use the internet; it can be kind of confusing even to me. There is a great website called PostEgram. They will print out your Facebook statuses and photos or whatever you want as like a newsletter to send to your loved one and mail it to them through Snail Mail. We went from snail mail to email, well PostEgram made our email now snail mail. It is a pretty cool service.

I also think about how not everyone has a computer. It is somewhat of a luxury item or someone just might not want one in their home for whatever reason. Not everyone can afford the internet. Maybe they live in a rural area where they only get dial up that doesn’t seem worth it. There are many reasons why someone doesn’t have a computer or the internet. However, everyone has a mail box. Now with PostEgram you can sign up for your updates on Facebook either 4 times a month, twice a month or once a month. They also have subscriptions to help you save money.

When my aunt and uncle were visiting from California, I was talking about different things going on with my cousins and I mentioned that I am friends with them on Facebook. Now my aunt and uncle are electronic wizards, after all they had their own electronics store and are very computer smart but they are not on Facebook. They live in the mountains though and they are so busy doing other things on their home. I think it would be really cool for my cousins and I to send something like that to my aunt and uncle because they are so far away and that way they could stay in the loop so to speak.
I hope you all check out PostEgram for more information.


Friday, September 3, 2010


Give whole heartedly and ask for nothing in return. That is a motto I live by daily. I believe if you are going to give to someone no matter what it is, you give to give and not expect anything back. I think is an important thing to teach my son. When I give, I do so out of the kindness of my heart. I do not want anything in return because that cheapens it. Of course I believe that friends should give to each other and then return the favor if they chose to sometime. I don’t have a running tally of things I give to or help I give to someone because that doesn’t matter to me. I believe that a smile and a thank you is enough. I am now thinking about how when my friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday and my mom said, “Your presence is present enough.” Basically if you are there that is all I want. I try to be a giving person and I love helping people. It comes from the way I was raised. I would give if I could.

I don’t mind sharing what I have. I don’t mind hugging a friend and listening to them vent. I don’t mind feeding someone who is hungry. I don’t mind going out of my way to help someone. It doesn’t matter if you are a family member, a friend, or just a stranger. I have been in situations when I myself needed help. I have accepted the help of a stranger before a few times when I really needed it. I am very grateful for those people that live by the same motto as me. There are so many people in the world that constantly thinks about what is in for me? What do I get? Keeping a score sheet of who owes you a favor. I hate the phrase “You owe me” Seriously, if you don’t want to do something then don’t. I would rather someone not do something than do it and make me feel like I am indebted to them and I owe them something.

Give whole heartedly and ask for nothing in return. I wish more people would live by that motto. Of course with living my life like that I do get used and walked on occasionally, I guess it is just a side effect of kindness. Somehow I still manage to give and love just like I had before. There are so many people out there that I can’t change my beliefs and morals and the way I was brought up because there are a few jerks in this world and I can’t let them change me.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Get Printing with Next Day Flyers

Postcards used to be something you only would receive from a friend or family member when they were on vacation. I remember the joys of both sending and receiving postcards to friends and family. Now postcards have a different use, and you receive them a lot more often from businesses as ads, from family members as birth announcements, invitations and even in place of holiday cards. My cousin always sends a photo postcard at Christmas of her kids. Noah loves to get mail. Since he is almost 4 he doesn’t really get any mail but I always give him the postcards to look at and he studies them and talks about what he sees.

Next Day Flyers has many different printing needs for everyone, no matter what task you are trying to accomplish. Are you having a special birthday for someone and you want a poster of your favorite goofy photo? Next Day Flyers can help. Other products Next Day Flyers offer are business cards, brochures, flyers, tickets, menus, bookmarks and more. I don’t know how many times I have tried to order something that needed to be printed and didn’t know where to start. Next Day Flyers has a design library where there are tons of templates so, if you are like me and have no design skills you are taken care of. You don’t even have to have your own design software to use it. You can wow your friends and clients without embarrassing design errors.

Next Day Flyers is an online web printer that delivers to your home or office, with a few clicks and help with the design, they do all the work. You can just relax and know your printing needs are taken care of by Next Day Flyers.