Friday, August 27, 2010

Come Fly With Me........

When I went to Orlando, I got a brilliant idea. I thought I would take a small video of our flight. I didn’t want a video of the clouds although that would be kind of cool. Clouds are unpredictable however and I wasn’t sure I would be able to get a good video. I took this video as we were towards the end of our flight in to Orlando. The reason I took this video is because my friend Brandy does not like to fly. I thought it would be cool if she could fly with me in the safety of her own home. She has never flown before and I wanted her to see the beauty that I saw from the air. So, Brandy, friends Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. If you can use some exotic booze, there's a bar in far Bombay. Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away.

Noah the Sports Star?

Noah is at the age where he is starting to be interested in sports and activities. When I ask him what sports he wants to play he responds tennis and soccer. I am not sure why he wants to play tennis. The only person I know who used to play tennis is my sister. I am not convinced he knows really what tennis is. I think tennis is very boring and I am sure he would as well. I see him doing something active like football, soccer or even martial arts training. Noah’s pediatrician has said since he was a little baby that he is built like a linebacker. He has always been solid and bigger than average. I bet he would have fun playing soccer or football. Then you have all the health and exercise benefits that go along with it.

I think that martial arts training would be great to teach discipline and self esteem for kids. I think that it really cool to watch and it makes children feel better about themselves. It is also a great way to keep the kids off the streets. I think if more kids did things like martial arts and sports then there would be less time to cause trouble. You can even buy a martial arts DVD to learn some of the moves at home. Some families don’t have the time or gas to go back and forth to classes. I am not one of those parents that will force their dreams or things on their child. Noah can make the choices of the activities he wants to do. Mama has the final say though of course. I have seen some children that were almost forced to do a sport or activity and they ended up hating what they were pushed to do. I want to make Noah’s childhood as much fun as I can.

What kinds of activities do your children do? I am always interested in what you have to say.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thar She Blows.....Chunks.......

Everyone has an embarrassing story. Embarrassing things happen to everyone. I thought I would tell you about my most embarrassing story that ever happened to me. In high school, in English class we went on a field trip to see The Miracle Worker. I went to a huge high school so there were a lot of people that went on the field trip with my class. I am pretty sure it was half of the English classes. I was fine when the play started; I am semi claustrophobic when I am around a bunch of people in a small space. Around intermission, I started feeling sick. I thought maybe it was because I was hungry so I bought a drink and a candy bar and ate it while we were waiting for the play to start again. All the sudden my head and stomach really started to hurt. I told my teacher and he told me to go talk to the nurse that came on the field trip with us. They brought a nurse in occasions like this one.

She knew me quite well out of the 4,000 or so students at my high school. I did have a habit of “being sick” during school. I liked school just not the classes. She didn’t believe me; she refused to call my mom. Seriously, if I was going to pretend to be sick I wouldn’t do it on a field trip. After all I was already out of classes for most the day. I kept telling her, I don’t feel good. I am sick. She had me lay down on a bench. I managed to make it through the play without getting sick. We had to ride the bus for 45 minutes to get back to school. As soon as the bus started moving for a while, I started vomiting. I vomited and vomited and then vomited some more all over the bus. I vomited on the nurse and another teacher. I vomited on people’s book bags that were on the ground. The bus stopped at the gas station so I could get a Kiwi Strawberry Snapple to drink to try and settle my stomach. I was also able to clean up a little bit. I am sure the bus garage hated me that day.

When we got back to the school, I went to the nurse and she called my mom. Everyone in my grade knew about the bus disaster by the end of the day. I was so embarrassed. People would ask me about it. I had it come up a couple times even after high school. I think it is funny now. You bet when the nurse saw me in her office and I said I don’t feel good she believed me.

What is your embarrassing story? Please share it with me.

Self Confessed Kitchen Gadget Junkie

I am obsessed with kitchen items, because I love to cook and bake. I have a ton of things in my kitchen that are great helpers in the kitchen. I think it would be cool to have my own cream dispenser. Sure you can buy the store bought aerosol cans of whipped cream but as my grandma would say, Fresh whipped cream is the best. I am not a huge whipped cream fan but many of my family members are. I host a family get together almost every year in my home and we always have dessert and I think that would be the perfect accent to a delicious dessert. The times that my Uncle Gene and Aunt Peggy can come to a get together my aunt Peggy makes the most delicious Lime Mint Dessert. I love it and it is such a treat when she brings it along for me and everyone else. I know she makes it with me in mind. It is also hard to whip cream for one person because it doesn’t stay fresh very long.

I would also like to have a soda siphon. I think it would be fun to make my own fountain type drinks like chocolate soda. I am sure it would bring back memories of youth for some older people. I think it would be a great way to bond with your children and talk about “The Good Old Days”. I can hear the stories now. When I was your age, I had to walk up hill both ways in 10 feet of snow and it was a real treat to go to the local drug store and get a soda from the soda jerk. We also had the treat of picking out a couple pieces of penny candy back when it really was a penny. Of course I am just kidding around about the stories.

What are some cool kitchen items or gadgets you would like? I am always looking for new ideas and suggestions.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Feel Great and the Power of Positive Thinking

When I was in high school, my biology class went on a field trip. I am not still 100% sure the point of the field trip even now. I loved my biology teacher Mrs. Newman. She was an awesome teacher and I loved that class. We piled in a school bus and went to an educational building and started the workshop. I am sure you are thinking a biology field trip means looking at lab samples and learning under a microscope. This was not the case. I don’t remember the entire field trip but I do remember building things with gum drops and the speaker.

The speaker was a motivational speaker that taught us one phrase. “I feel great”. Those words mean a lot to me even now. He basically told us no matter how we are feeling when someone asks you are supposed to respond “I feel great.” If you tell others you feel great, it will make others feel good and if you keep telling yourself that you will start to feel great. It is the power of positive thinking. I will admit when I was a sophomore in high school I thought that it was kinda weird.

I mean we even got key chains shaped like a number 1 and that said I feel great as a reminder to feel great. Now being an adult I get it. You are how you feel. Only you can decide who you are and how you feel. If you feel good about yourself you will be more positive but if you are negative you will focus on negativity. It is pretty much common sense that I forget about on occasion. I am really hard on myself a lot of the time. I need to stop and remember I feel great because I am great. I know it is easier said than done but I need to try harder to feel great and through osmosis, others will feel great and I will too.

Do you have any tips or stories about positive thinking?

I'm Getting Contacts!

I have been wearing glasses since I was in 5th grade to see the board. I hated wearing glasses and didn’t wear them for about 5 years when I was in school. When I was an adult I decided it was important that I should wear them. I really had trouble watching TV and reading signs, so it was time I did something. I knew my vision wasn’t perfect. I wear glasses most of the time, I feel like I can’t really see without them. I can see just not far away too well. I recently decided that I want to get contact lenses. I have gorgeous eyes and my glasses hide them. I also think I look kind of weird in glasses. I am really excited about getting contacts although touching my eye is a little nerve racking for me. The eye doctor will make sure I know how to put them in and take them out a couple times before they send me on my way. I know quite a few people that wear contacts and have had them for years. It doesn’t look that hard to do. It might take some practice. Thankfully, I am not squeamish about touching my eye. I am looking forward to not having to wear glasses all the time. I am always afraid something will happen to my glasses. I also have an indentation on the bridge of my nose from them. I hate having the indentation on my nose because it looks weird. I occasionally fall asleep wearing my glasses which results in me laying on them or my glasses poking me. I think contacts would be the best solution.

Do you wear contacts? Do you have an Astigmatism? How long do yours last? I know there are daily ones, weekly ones. Any tips or tricks for me after I get them? I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions!

Friday, August 20, 2010

BOB Books Giveaway


The first time I heard about BOB Books was when I was with my old best friend and we at the open house for the little preschool program for her son which was in our high school. She asked our former teacher about books for her son that he could use to begin to learn to read. I was listening to the conversation, while tending to a 6 month old Noah. I remember that she said they were kind of like Dick and Jane books. I made a mental note and filed it away.

I had the opportunity to check out some BOB Books. From the #1 bestselling learn-to-read program come two brand-new sets focused on learning and practicing Sight Words..Sight Words are words that are recognized by sight rather than sounded out, in order to achieve reading fluency. They are the most frequently used words in the English language, and are often unable to be read phonetically (“was”, “are”, and “out” are examples). Bob Books Sight Words feature the top Sight Words in two sets – one for kindergarten and one for first grade – in order to allow parents and children to read, learn, and practice easily and enjoyably. Each Sight Words box includes 10 original books, 30 flashcards, and a parent guide.

I am a parent who is always teaching my child something, even if it is just life skills or how to have manners. I believe there are so many moments to learn things in daily life. I remember that I taught my four year old neighbor how to read when I was younger. I just think that maybe she looked at the picture now. Who knows really.

BOB Books are really cool because they come in a box for easy storage, short books that are not too big or small for a child’s hands. They come in different lessons for different aged kids or grades. I definitely think Noah will be a BOB Books kid. He loves to look at the pictures even at age three. He is all about wanting to read books himself. I encourage him to try. There is no right or wrong, because sometimes the story will change depending on who is telling it.

For more information Please visit The BOB Books website.

Thank you to Scholastic and BOB Books for providing me with a couple samples of BOB Books and providing the giveaway prizes.

I have a giveaway for you:

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A Bob Books lunchbox
Copy of Bob Books Sight Words: Kindergarten
Copy of Bob Books Sight Words: First Grade

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here is What Has to Happen

This is part of three of What Happened to Me and Here’s What Happened be sure to catch up if you haven’t already.

So, what am I like now? I am very shy and quiet. I overanalyze EVERYTHING. Just ask Brandy, I drive her crazy I am sure dissecting everything down to the etymology of the word, maybe not that far, but close. I hate being this way. I don’t really smile much. I do when I am with my son, since I am a stay at home mom you would think that would mean always. I want to smile for other reasons though, not just because my son is being goofy or cute. I want to be back to who I was, who I am. I want to really bad.

Now, I have to figure out what I need to do. I need to let go. I am great at forgiving someone but not so great at forgetting and really forgiving myself. I am not sure why that is really. I have always had an excellent memory and I remember almost everything. I guess it goes back to being too hard on myself. I guess. I am way too hard on myself. I don’t know why. I just am. I guess I need to let myself go a little. Let my hair down and quit being a worrywart. I need to loosen up some and understand that it is ok to mess up and not know what is going to happen, or what might happen if this happens that would probably not happen. Worrying is hard work. If I spent less time worrying about silly stuff life would be so much better.

I was thinking while I was checking on my roasted pork I am cooking, that I am scared to post these posts because what if people think I am crazy. What if they don’t like me anymore? I stopped myself and was like who cares. What if…. What if….. Martians floated down in bubbles and stole our grass. I can’t worry about everything. It really is getting hard and taking a toll on my life. I need to leave the worrying to others or just not worry as much as I do. I worry about my friends and family too constantly. I worry about every little thing I can.

I am compulsive worrier. I am worrying about worrying too much right now. I think I am going to try and remove the words what if from my vocabulary and stop thinking about something that may or may not happen and be confident that what happens is what is meant to happen especially about things I have absolutely no control over what so ever.

I also have quite a bit of fear about some silly things. I guess that fear and worry go hand and hand. Fear is the mind killer. I really believe that. Fear can consume you just like worry or rage. I need to not fear. I need to trust in God that everything will be fine and just forget about it. I also need to realize that I can’t fix all the wrongs in this world by myself. I love that quote and I often find myself trying to fix things.

I have recently been reminded in life there are no guarantees. The only guarantee is death, which is the only thing you can count on eventually happening. In relationships I just have to let things happen the way they are supposed to happen and not push people away and not worry. I need to learn to trust, I do trust people but at the same time I don’t trust that what someone is saying is what they really mean and not that they have some ulterior motive. I just realized I am ultimately setting myself up for failure. It has become a routine thing where I almost make it fail. If you think you won’t succeed you won’t. It is all about the mindset you have. I will not expect to fail anymore. I will succeed and if I do fail than well whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Here's What Happened

This is the continued post of What happened to me? If you haven’t check it out.

I guess it all started in high school. There was this guy named Matt. I can still see his face in my mind. Looking back it was like seriously, what was I thinking. Let me tell you about Matt. He was 18 and a bad boy. Of course he was attractive but he was bad guy like he had gotten kicked out of his parents house and was a nomad, his residence was under a bridge. I am not making that up. He was what you would call a hippi. I thought it was cool, but I was only 17 and very naïve and gutsy.

Well we started dated and I found out he was cheating on me. The nerve, the sadness. I was heartbroken. Now I am sure you are thinking that I wouldn’t possibly be broken over a guy from 12 years ago. That is where it all started. I mean I had my share of problems growing up of course, I just think this is where it all went downhill. I was still outgoing and gutsy. Maybe a little too gutsy if you ask me. Then you have my ex-husband which was just a real “gem”. I guess guys are part of my problems with really good reason. If you are told something over and over again you will start to believe it sooner or later. I was verbally and emotionally abused daily by my ex. My miscarriage left me dead inside. Then finding out my ex prayed for it killed me even more.

I have this complex that I call the “jerk” complex, it really doesn’t make real sense but it does to me. It is I guess a safety net. I am really trying to cut the strings of that net. It is silly. If I keep pushing people away of course they are gonna run for the hills. No one wants to be where they are unwanted. I know that all too well. I am getting better, I think. I mean I think I am. I am trying really hard not to push him away. It is weird. Maybe that I has something to do with the “choice” of men I have been attracted to. I find myself being attracted to jerks because they are jerks and if it is a guy who is not a jerk I have to be a jerk to make them a jerk. Yes you read that right. Clear as mud? I know it doesn’t make any sense. I guess it is a way to justify it if a relationship fails. The bottom line is I push people away. I know why I do it but it is personal way too much for my blog. Only a few people know why.

Another thing that broke me was when my grandma had Alzheimer’s Disease. I couldn’t deal with it. My grandma and I were so close and I didn’t really have any experience with it except when they would talk about it on a TV show. I tried to understand and I never really did. I missed my grandma when she was still alive. It was like her soul had gone up to heaven and her shell was still there. It was really hard. She remembered me most of the time but other times she was not my grandma. She was not her lovable self like a complete stranger. I don’t blame her because she had no control over it. It is definitely something that is hard for everyone involved. I never changed how I feel about her and love her with all my heart.

I had many toxic friends as well. I have removed all of them from my life. It is hard to remove toxic things from your life. I don’t know why all the toxic people were drawn to me. I am not toxic and I guess it is because my heart is really big and I forgive easily and love unconditionally. I had friends that would say really mean things to me and talk about me behind my back. One who even wrote a hateful letter to me and had a bunch of other people write mean things about me. What did I do? I forgave her. Even now I wish I wouldn’t of because that caused many more years of hurt and pain to me. She is gone now, which is a great thing.

Toxicity breeds Toxicity and it feeds off of you until you have nothing left, many toxic experiences and friends have broken me. Just like anything that is broken it can be fixed. I want to fix it. I am sick of feeling like this. It really sucks. You would think that all of these things would make me quit feeling, quit being so loving and sweet but they don't. My heart is too big and I just can't quit caring and turn totally bitter. It would be too much for me. I always say I am too sweet for my own good. My big heart is a blessing and a curse.

Stay tuned for part 3.

MyScentEssence Review and Giveaway


I absolutely love things that smell good. I have an extensive candle collection, there is just something about a great smelling home that gives off a positive feeling to me. Since I have become a mom, I am very careful about having an open flame around Noah. He thinks that all candles are birthday candles and tries to blow them out. I have them up high enough where he can’t reach them but it still makes me nervous. So, when I had the opportunity to review a product from MyScentEssence I was really excited for a few reasons. The first reason it is a smell good product. The second reason is there is no flame. The third reason is it is electric. I was thinking back to when I would go visit my grandma in her assisted living community. I would always see those signs where it would say no smoking or open flame, Oxygen in use. I remember thinking that stinks because they can’t have candles or anything to make their rooms smell nice or the atmosphere that a nice thing like a candle would give off. I am not sure why that thought popped in my head at the time that I first heard about MyScentEssence but it did. This would be a great product for anyone even older people.

This product breathes a sigh of relief when you can just turn it on and let it go and not have to worry about it. It has many different types of scents and warmers. I just put in 12 of the little scent shakes and that lasts for 24 hours. I am sure most of you that have been reading for a long time know about how much I love tarts. Well, the worst thing about a tart was getting it out of the warmer. I actually broke one of my tart warmers by putting it in the freezer and it falling out. With the MyScentEssence warmers all you do it turn it off, let it harden and take your nail and make a little scratch on the side and it pops out. You could save the little “discs” and put them in a drawer for a nice subtle refresher kind of like a sachet. That is a great way to repurpose them.

I love the MyScentEssence warmer I own. I use it all the time. I have quite a few different scent shakes. They are always having sales so I picked some up for cheap! My two favorite scents are Very Vanilla which just smells so good and clean to me and Country Apple. I love the scent of apples. Country Apple smells just like one of my favorite bath and body scents. You can get a 2 ounce package of Scent Shakes for $4.50 which burns for many many hours because you only use 12. If you think about it, 1 little piece lasts for 2 hours which makes it extremely affordable.
I really like MyScentEssence so much that I decided I would start selling it. I haven’t really sold anything like this before but it is an exciting adventure to embark on.

Thank you to MyScentEssence and MommyPR for this wonderful opportunity and providing me with a complimentary electric warmer and 2 Scent Shakes to try out for my review.

I have a giveaway for you!

One lucky winner will win a Onyx Fan Electric warmer and two packages of scent shakes in the scents of their choice.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Happened to Me?

So, I have been thinking a lot lately about myself now vs. who I was when I was say a teenager. Man I have changed a lot. I mean I am still that really sweet person I have always been with a huge heart but I am in fact different. I am not convinced it really is for the better either. I mean of course I am older and wiser but I have been through a lot of stuff that has in fact changed me. I know that life is constantly changing but seriously I miss the person I used to be. I used to be extremely outgoing. I was gutsy, not sure that is something I would do now, as I am a mom. So there goes my dream of being a hobo. Yes I really wanted to be a hobo when I was young. Hey, they had an awesome life traveling the rails singing songs around a campfire. I would talk to everyone and I wouldn’t care who it was or what they thought. I am in fact the same person that would act like a complete random dork in public. I have this memory of being in Jr high and at the pool with my old childhood best friend talking about our pancreases and telling people they needed to go to charter. Don’t ask long story not even I think I can remember it all.

I really didn’t care what anyone thought of me. I mean I guess I did maybe a little but not enough to stop me from having the time of my life. I laughed until I cried and cried till I laughed. I remember there would be times that I was really upset and then someone said something and I would start laughing really hard. I was always smiling to the point where I thought my face was going to freeze like that like after Botox. I have and had a huge heart, I must of inherited that from my Grandma Rose, never seen a big heart than hers.

I was carefree and young. I have really changed if you are going to change, I believe in changing for the better or the greater good. I changed for the worst. I was talking to my friend Brandy and I realized one night that I am broken. I realized that from reading a journal I had where people wrote nice things about you and your strengths. I still have it and I was reading all the letter people wrote and I was like woah. I remember being like that. Then I started thinking what happened? Where did I go? They wrote things like you are always smiling and so outgoing and you have such a flair for drama. Oh yes I loved to act. I was never good at it though. I had bad stage fright but I loved to pretend. You will never see my name up there in lights.

Then, something happened. Lots of something I suppose. I broke. There are many reasons why I broke. When did I care if someone liked me? When did I start caring what people think? When did it matter to me? When did I stop smiling all the time? I mean yes I still smile. My son is the best reason to smile but I am not super smile woman anymore. I miss that.

To read more of this post there will be a part 2 posted soon.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lil Bit'z Clothing Review


I had the opportunity to receive some clothes for Noah from Bit’z Kids which is a really cute kid’s clothing boutique in New York City. Bit'z Kids sells Japanese children's clothes. As someone who has only been to NYC once a long time, ago I am happy to share with you that you can also order their clothes online, if you can’t make it to their store. If you live in the area you can sign up for emails and learn about the sales they have.

We received the SouthHampton Motors tee and the Sweat Lib Denim Shorts. Noah loves the shirt; it is probably his most favorite shirt at the moment. It is really cute. One the back of it, it says The Old Truck is My Friend, which describes Noah’s love for trucks. He really likes the shorts as well. They are comfortable for him. Those who know me know I am all about comfort. They are comfortable but they also look really cute on him.


The clothes are well made and are soft. Noah wore them all around Animal Kingdom when we were in Orlando. I was told by a few people that they really liked his clothes. When they asked me where I had got them I said Bit’z Kids! I explained that you can order them online. I wonder if they ordered anything. If you are looking for adorable, well made kids clothes please check out Bit’z Kids in store or online.

Thanks to Bit’z Kids for sending me the complimentary two items that I mentioned in my review for Noah to try out.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

If I Could Be Granted One Mom's Wish

If I had a fairy godmother that would grant me a mom’s wish this summer it would be that I wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning my house. I could spend all day outside with my son and maybe even go to the zoo and other kid friendly things with him. We wouldn’t have to worry about if the laundry is done or if I need to do some other kind of cleaning. I am a single mom after all. We could spend so many carefree days playing and creating lasting memories. I would have a janitorial cleaning service come in and scrub the floors, shampoo the carpets, clean the bathrooms, do all my laundry and even do the dishes. If you know me at all you know how much I love to cook but I hate doing the dishes afterward.

I know if I had a fairy godmother there who could grant this wish I would have a lot of stress lifted from my life this summer. Noah is going to be 4 soon and I cherish every moment. I would love to have some more time to laugh and tickle him and to just plain be silly. What would be your mommy wish if you had a fairy godmother?


Global Resort Homes Review


My family had the amazing opportunity to go on vacation to Orlando. I love Orlando because I love going to Disney. Well honestly I have a new favorite thing about Orlando. My new favorite thing was where we stayed. We had the pleasure of staying at a property by Global Resort Homes. We stayed in Windsor Hills. Global Resort Homes is an amazing rental company. The staff is very friendly and helpful to make your stay what you want it to be. All of the units are owned by people. They are not timeshares. There is no trading your weeks or having a set date you must go every year. I had a friend who owned a time share and she hated having to go the same week every year. You can pick when you go and you don’t have to buy anything extra. Think of it as the most amazing “hotel” you will ever stay in because you just book it like you would book any other place you would stay on vacation.


Disney with my almost 4 year old was very trying and hot and not the happiest place on Earth. During those trying times of waiting in line and listening to Noah scream and cry all I could do is think about going back to our amazing vacation home and jumping in the pool and relaxing. We had a gorgeous 3 bedroom town home to stay in. The vacation home became my own personal oasis away from the chaos of the other tourists at the parks. The armies of people from other countries that walked 10 people across around Disney, and SeaWorld were everywhere. The location was great too. I loved not having to ride in the car for a long time after being out with my family.


Noah who had been up since 4 am the morning we got there with no nap was glad to be out of the car, the plane and the shuttle bus. He was still cranky when we walked in. Noah saw our dip pool and did a complete 180 and was so excited and wanted to go swimming! I knew that all of the properties had some kind of pool but I was surprised how big the dip pool was. I guess I was thinking it was comparable to a baby pool. I was wrong it was awesome. It was private and didn’t require a walk or drive back to change. We had never stayed at a place where there was our very own pool. I am sure some of you know about how I like to relax and not really deal with 20 screaming kids throwing footballs from the pool to the hot tub.


The vacation home was beautiful. I loved all the decorations and it was very inviting. The first thing I did was remove the beautifully set table. I didn’t want to break anything and I thought that it would be a good idea to remove the dishes from being out. The kitchen had everything you could think of as far as dishes and utensils which was nice because we decided to have a frozen pizza on our first night cooked in our own oven. We stocked the fridge with lots of milk and juice and soda. Noah kept trying to get the milk out and pour himself a cup. Each of the bedrooms had their own bathroom and TV in each bedroom. There was also a nice flat screen TV in the family room. All of the beds were really comfortable too.


I slept in the master bedroom and the king size bed was so comfortable. I ended up falling asleep the day we arrived around 5 pm because I was so worn out. I didn’t intend to do so but I was lying in bed watching TV and the next thing I know I woke up and it was 8 pm. I loved having all the room to myself and the sheets and blankets were so soft. I had a ceiling fan that was controlled by a remote. The size of the town house was great because there was actually breathing room. Even with a suite at a hotel there is still never enough room. I consider myself a accommodations snob where I will only stay in really nice places.


When I found out that every unit has a washer and dryer, I was thinking that was cool but I probably wouldn’t do laundry on vacation. I was wrong, I did quite a bit of it during my week stay. The neighborhood also had an awesome playground that Noah loved to play on. They had a giant chess board and Noah built a city with it. When he was finished he said “Hey boys and girls, look at my city.” I really liked the sundry shop. I am such a sucker for gift shops and little stores. I had really bad sunburn on the back of my neck. It was really painful. I walked over to the Sundry shop and I found a bottle of Aloe, a really big bottle of aloe. I immediately bought it and got relief without leaving the gates of our community. I was extremely thankful that they had aloe among the many other items they sold.

I highly recommend staying at a Global Resort Homes property the next time you visit Orlando. They provide all the comforts of home with luxurious accommodations.

Thank you so much to Global Resort Homes for inviting my family to stay for a complimentary week at one of your awesome vacation homes.