Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guest Post: Beauty myths - Don’t let them get to you

One of the things women will care about consistently throughout their lives will be their beauty and skincare. It is actually amazing how far women would actually go to preserve their skin against aging, or to reduce acne and freckles or to get a glowing spotless skin. Well, most of us tend to believe a lot in beauty myths that we read in magazines or have just been passed down from mother to daughter. Well, don’t follow these supposedly beauty tips without confirmation because most of them tend to be just myths and nothing else.

Myth1: Crossing your legs will cause varicose veins - Wrong! Sitting with crossed legs cannot cause spider legs or varicose veins but spending a lot of time standing up may do that. When you stand up for too long, your vascular network has to work harder to pump blood to your heart and this can cause protruding veins on your legs.

Myth 2: Shaving your legs makes the hair come back thicker-another myth. Your hair will grow as they should, according to your genes. Some people have lighter, thinner hair while some have darker, thicker hair; shaving has nothing to do with it. Only, when you shave, you cut the hair, it’s not removed from the root so when they grow back, they tend to look thicker.

Myth 3: Applying ice to the skin will make the pores smaller - Wrong! Our pores are once again, part of our genes and that also has nothing to do with artificial products. The size of our pores will remain as they are. However, ice can act as a good toner for your skin anyway.

Myth 4: Applying nail polish all the time can make nails yellow - True. This happens to a lot of women who love wearing nail polish all the time. The reason for this being true is that our nails can absorb the color pigments, especially of stronger and darker colors. So before you put on the color, apply a layer of clear base coat which can prevent the nails from absorbing pigment.

Myth 5: Toothpaste can cure pimples – well, yes kind of. Toothpaste has elements and ingredients that can heal a pimple much sooner and can dry it up but toothpaste can also irritate your skin and dry it. So it may be a better idea to use pimple cream rather than toothpaste if your skin is especially susceptible.

Myth 6: Applying beer on skin before a sun tan can make it glow - Not! Unless you are going for a self-tan, try to avoid sun tanning altogether. Applying beer has nothing to do with golden tans; it’s all about the genetics. Some people can get good and golden tans while some cannot, it is as simple as that.

Myth 7: Split ends can be repaired-Wrong. Split ends once formed are formed and you cannot force the hair to repair itself back again. Split ends are a sign of unhealthy treatment or just an indication that it is high time for you to get your hair trimmed. Hair trimming can actually make hair grow quickly and remain healthy.

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The Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker Review


Noah loves to eat breakfast foods. He loves pancakes a lot as I have mentioned before. He also loves shapes. He will make his food in different shapes and when I had the opportunity to try out an Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker, I knew Noah would think that it is the coolest thing. The Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker is made by LC Premiums, Ltd., who also makes the Pop Art Toaster. The Tasty Baker is an electric appliance that you use to cook pancakes, muffins, little cakes, brownies, and biscuits. The possibilities are really endless. It all cooks it in 1/3 of the time, which can be a total life saver sometimes. They also have a Disney character one.

The best part of it is that there are molds in it that you can make shapes like trains, smiley faces, blocks, hearts and even dogs and cats. Noah and I love to cook together too. He loves to pour ingredients in the bowl complete with sound effects of trucks. He also loves to mix and he asks me if he can be a cement mixer. Of course I can’t tell him no. He is a great little helper in the kitchen. I usually just do the actual measuring and help with the mixing and of course if the oven is used or in this case the Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker.

I couldn’t wait to receive The Tasty Baker. I was so excited because I knew Noah would be so happy to eat train shaped pancakes. We tried it out the next morning and made pancakes. I had my little assistant in the kitchen with me ready to get to work. We just used packaged pancake mix and it worked well. The pancakes were so moist and delicious. Cleaning up was really easy too. I love to cook and bake but hate to clean up afterwards. So, I was impressed at how easily I could just wipe down the plates and it was ready for the next time.

Shortly after we made the pancakes, we decided we were going to try and make brownies with it. I love brownies but we have trouble eating an entire pan ourselves. It seems like more often than not there are a few left that end up getting thrown out. I love that you can make individual ones and as many as you want. Maybe you want a little snack but don’t feel like making that entire pan, but really want brownies, then The Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker is for your family. The brownies were great too. Noah and I really enjoyed talking about the different shapes we were going to make. It is also great for his creativity and imagination because it will spark conversations and lead to many smiles and laughs. The brownies were great too. Noah loves brownies so he kept asking for more. I had to put them up in the cabinet or he would eat them straight off the counter.

I really like The Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker and I am glad that it is now added to my kitchen and will continue to use it in my daily life. I am a very busy mom of an adorable little boy who always keeps me on my toes so it is great to have an appliance that is practical and easy to use. It allows me to have more time to spend with my son and enjoy yummy food with him and bond over what we make and eat together. There are also a lot of recipes on the website that I can’t wait to try out.

For more information please visit The Pop Art Toaster website. Also check out the Pop Art Toaster for a fun and hip way to enjoy your toast.

You can purchase The Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker Here

Thank you to LC Premiums, Ltd. for sending me a complimentary The Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker for my family to enjoy.

The Truth about Magazine Salespeople

I promised in an earlier blog post about soliciting I would write a post about “magazine salespeople”. Now I am sure there are legit people selling them for schools. When I was a freshman we sold them for our trip to Kings Island. When I was younger I was fearless. I was one of those kids that thought nothing could happen to me. Luckily it didn’t really. I mean I had my normal teenager drama but I am telling you I had guts! When I was 17 I met some people who were selling magazines. I thought it sounded like fun. Yeah I was naïve and probably even a little stupid. I decided to go around with them. Yes I got in a van with complete strangers and they could have kidnapped and murdered me and no one would be the wiser. Thankfully I survived and I was ready to jump out of a moving van, like I said I was fearless. They went to a neighborhood and they were telling me about their pitches. I thought it was pretty weird and deceitful. They asked me a few questions and told me they all travel the US and sell magazines. I don’t know if they really fulfill the orders or not. It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t. This is how it works: Forgive me this was 11 years ago if I don’t remember exactly.

Good looking guys are trying to win a contest where they get a modeling contract for being the most handsome guy or something. I don’t know what that has to do with magazines but people fell for it. Not me though. Then there is what they call power houses. Power houses are in nice neighborhoods. They are big houses and presumably have a lot of money. The salesperson pretends to be in college and is trying to raise money for various reasons. It is usually is something academic. Their pitch starts out like this. Hi my name is Lisa and I live in your neighborhood. You have seen my mom around. She drives a Volvo and walks with our Dalmatian. I go to *insert local college* and I am trying to raise money for my *insert some kind of once in a lifetime learning experience* and I am selling these magazines. They would also try and squeeze information out of people like names and kid’s names and then turn around and say your neighbor told me to stop by so it would be more convicting. Quite a few people signed up for subscriptions. In reality these people are from God knows where and they roam the US peddling magazines to trusting unsuspecting people.

I think it would be good ideas if you don’t think they are who they say they are don’t give them a check with your account number or credit card number. That is just common sense. I guess if you really wanted to do it and wanted to be careful you could ask for a school id before proceeding. Even then they could be forged. That is why I totally trust my gut and if it doesn’t make sense then it probably isn’t true as the brilliant Judge Judy would say.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Importance of Self Defense!

When I was in high school, we had to take a couple weeks of self defense in gym. I remember that a woman from our county’s women’s shelter and rape counseling center came to talk about the dangers we face as women. Since it was high school the gym classes were segregated by gender. I still remember what she said. Now that I am an adult, I am reminded of how important taking self defense classes are. There are a lot of unsavory characters in this world that are looking to prey on women. These days it is dire to be able to defend yourself if you end up in one of those situations. Remember that you don’t have to worry about just strangers, but also people that you know. The most common type of rape is date rape by someone you know.

As someone who was in an abusive marriage, I wish I would have had the skills to defend myself and to walk away. It took me a long time to just leave. I suffered through a lot of emotional, psychological abuse and even some physical when my ex husband was really mad. There were days I feared for my life honestly. Of course he is not in the picture and I am extremely thankful for that. I think that all women should have the tools to protect themselves when they need to. I don’t think protecting yourself has to do with your size if you know what you are doing. Sadly we live in a violent society and we as women need to know that it is not OK to be attacked and how to stop it and prevent it if necessary. I think I will look into some kind of class that will help me protect myself and my child.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Risk Free Trials

Lately I have noticed a lot of commercials where they say if you are one of the 100 callers in your area you will get a risk free trial. Then a counter pops up so you think that there are people calling. Who really calls at 2 am in your area or so to order whatever skin stuff or eye junk they are selling. I have seen the same commercials many times and I have noticed the numbers jump the same every time. Obviously it is not being completely accurate or honest. They just want you to think that people are actually ordering their product and to promote hysteria about their product.

Which brings me to my next point; they offer you a risk free trial. What is a risk free trial? Many people might believe it means you get to try it for free. Let’s examine it. Risk free Trial, You hear free trial. Maybe you didn’t pick up the word risk; I only notice those commercials late at night. Honestly, it means you get to pay for it and if you don’t like it, you can get your money back if you don’t like it. Only if you are one of the lucky 100 though, otherwise you seem to be out of luck. How long do you have to decide if you like the product? I mean I bought some hair stuff from Target like a month ago and I still haven’t even tried it. People get busy; it takes a while to try out something that you can’t form an instant opinion until you use it for a while.

I am wondering why only those people get to have their money back. I believe if someone doesn’t like something they should be able to return it for a refund. I don’t think you should have to have a special ticket to do so. I personally find those kinds of commercials extremely misleading. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. You shouldn’t have to be one of a certain number to purchase their item and magically have a return policy. These companies are not giving away anything they are still selling the product to these customers. They should have a customer wide policy.

What do you guys think about this? Do you find it misleading? Do you think their policy is fair?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun in the Backyard!

When we were building our house having a big patio was something we really wanted to have. We have a gorgeous view and didn’t want to build a deck so a big patio was the way to go. I don’t know if you have ever had a BBQ and had to squeeze all of your guests plus the grill on a small patio. It is not fun at all. I love having all the extra space to spread out and not have to worry about having people crowding me on a small patio. Another great benefit is I can have quite a bit of outdoor furniture. It gives me a spot to put chairs that are in the grass when it is time to mow. I think it is so much fun to sit outside and eat dinner with my family. I like picnics but I enjoy sitting at a nice table too. I love to sit outside in the evenings and talk on the phone or just relax and take in the nature around me. I live in a really nice area and it is extremely peaceful.

I am reminded of when I was growing up. We had this really old picnic table. I must have eaten a million Popsicles at that picnic table. My dad made the picnic table so it was one that moved with us and was at each of our houses. It is funny that a picnic table can mean so much to me. It surely had a lot of memories of my childhood. I know it was repainted quite a few times from being out in the elements. I also have memories of my grandparents sitting with me at that picnic table. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world but it was a nice place to rest your bones as my grandma would say. Now outdoor furniture is extremely comfortable and it still serves the same purpose, to rest your bones.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Can Not Solicit in this Neighborhood!

I live in a really nice neighborhood and in our most recent newsletter there was an article about solicitors. This has become somewhat of a problem in our neighborhood. We have signs at both entrances of our neighborhood that say “No Soliciting”. The article said that if a solicitor comes to your door you should call the police. It doesn’t matter if they have a permit or not. I don’t like to answer the door if I am not expecting someone. I always check for delivery trucks or the mail truck out the window before I go to the door. The doorbell ringing is almost a daily occurrence with some kind of parcel or package. Normally the solicitors are respectful but occasionally they are kind of pushy. I will write about “magazine salespeople” at another time. I have a good story to tell.

Fast forward to today. The doorbell rings, its naptime I am upstairs watching TV and texting my friends. I get up and look out the window no cars and no trucks, not even a tractor or bulldozer in sight. I thought maybe it’s a neighbor so I go downstairs and there was a girl who I would say was about 16. First she was banging on the window, which kind of annoyed me. I reluctantly opened the door. She was like hi!! Her tone was like nails going down a chalkboard. I was like yeah what do you want. She was staring at me. I was upstairs relaxing. She was like don’t worry you don’t have to buy anything, she hands me a piece of paper and started her prepared speech, I stopped her and was like you can’t solicit here. It’s illegal. We have signs posted. You are going to get to the cops called on you. I was trying to be nice. She was like well do you know where I have to go to get permission? I was like no you can’t solicit here. She said I have a permit. I said it doesn’t matter permit or no permit it’s still illegal. She said should I call my manager? I said I think you should take it up with them. She said ok and I closed the door.

It is funny because my friend Brandy and I were talking about this the other day and again on Saturday. She had quite a few strangers come to her door. I told her we normally hide from strangers. Well you can never be too careful. Remember what happened to Mary Jo Buttafuoco? She answered the door innocently and Amy Fisher shot her in the head. Oddly enough I thought about that shortly after she left. I think I have seen The Long Island Lolita Story too many times on Lifetime Movie Network or something. I love that movie though. I am very interested in true crime and law.

I really don’t like solicitors. There are also the ones that try to trick you in to their goods and services, but I will discuss that more in an upcoming post. Another trick a solicitor will try is walking around saying oh I am working on your neighbor’s yard or house and I thought you would like my services too. I am having a special on such and such. That doesn’t work with me. It sounds too much like a scam. I am less likely to get services and goods from people peddling them door to door than if I am seeking them out on my own. Of course I have nothing against kids in the neighborhood selling candy or over priced gifts and wrapping paper. I was one of those kids once. I am sure you all remember I used to sell pictures I colored out of my coloring books. What do you think about solicitors? Does your area have any laws against them?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I used to collect masks. I am not talking about Halloween Masks but those beautiful masks known as Venetian Masks. I had a few of them. I am not sure whatever happened to them. I am sad that I don’t have them anymore. They were up on a shelf in my room by my porcelain dolls. I really enjoy looking at all the different ones that are made. It is really cool to think about how each of the masks has a story behind them. Some artists decide to make them look like animals. There are full faced ones and partial ones that you wear around your eyes, like the ones you wear to a costume party. I think the full masks are more for decoration, but you could wear them too if you wanted. They are breath taking pieces of art. The details are absolutely amazing. Many of them are hand crafted and the artist spent hours making each mask.

I have always wanted to go to an elegant masquerade ball were the guest wear stick masquerade masks. I used to watch soap operas all the time and they always went to masquerade balls and wore masks. It would be so much fun getting all dressed up and wearing a gorgeous dress and a mask that would match it perfectly. I would like to wear one with feathers and glitter. It would make the costume ball magical because you wouldn’t know who you are dancing with until the mask comes off. It would be great if you are secretly in love with someone and they had the courage to ask them to dance. I am a hopeless romantic. What would your mask look like if you were going to a costume ball? Do you collect masks? What does your favorite one look like?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Piggy Bank for the 21st Century


I have a really cool toy to share with you. I thought my readers with older children would love to hear about this brand new, unique, hi-tech, educational children's toy. The toy is the Ekomini Piggy Bank and it has been designed by educational professionals to promote financial literacy among kids. It features an interactive money box that connects to a computer via USB to provide kids with a fun way to keep track of what they save. I wish I had one of these when I was a kid. I would have to sit and count change all the time back when I did Kool-aid stands and sold other random items. It would also be great if your child is saving for a special toy or game. When Noah gets to be a little older I am going to give him an allowance and I am going to have him save for things he really wants.


Another really cool thing about Ekommini is that kids can take part in virtual adventures in Ekominiville where they learn about saving, spending, donating and investing their money in a fun context. I feel it is important to teach children about money at a young age to prepare them for the future. The Ekomini is currently being launched in North America and is priced at USD 39.99.
For more information please visit


Email Feed Problems

It has come to my attention that my email feed is having issues. It is only coming every so often. I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause anyone. I am aware of the problem and I am hoping it will work it's self out or I will have to figure it out with Feed Burner. Thank you for your patience and for reading my blog! Until then be sure to keep checking back here.
Have a GREAT day!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Exactly Does That Toy Do?

I decided when I was pregnant that my son was going to play with educational kids toys. There are quite a few useless toys on the market in my opinion. Who really needs a doll that comes with a dog that needs to be “housebroken” or creatures that make foul noises? I think it is disgusting. I think it is important to use toys as a teaching tool, especially when your child is young. I believe that your child can learn a lot with playing with toys. Noah has a huge imagination. He is always coming up with new ideas to do with his toys. He has blocks that he loves to play with and he makes patterns with them, complex ones. He will turn just about anything in to a crane or some other kind of transportation, yes he calls it transportation. He loves to build things or “do construction” as he calls it, and that helps with his gross motor skills.

There are what I classify as good toys and bad toys. Good toys are educational and have a purpose and are fun. Bad toys are those that are crude or violent. I know it is not really an issue at Noah’s age now but as he gets to be older he might want some toys I find unacceptable. I have already decided there will be no toy guns in my home. My neighbors have BB guns and it drives me up the wall because I am afraid Noah will pick up the BB’s the kids shoot and try and eat it. I also don’t like that they seem to aim at live animals on our pond. I don’t want Noah to think that guns are cool. They also look a lot like real guns and that is how tragedies happen.


Can I get a Price Check?

I get very excited when I find items I use a lot are on sale. You really have to check and make sure it is in fact a deal. One of my local grocery stores often has a sale buy 10 for 10 and get one free. You can mix and match so it is usually a good deal. One day I was shopping for baby food and I saw in the flier that it was 10 for 10 and get the 11th free. Great, awesome right? Yeah I thought so, until I realized that the item only cost 88 cents to begin with! So, I was thinking they want me to pay an extra 12 cents? I don’t think so. We pointed out the mistake to an employee and they kind of thought I was dumb for pointing it out. I thought it was kind of deceitful to act like it was a better deal when it wasn’t. I often wonder how many times we think something is on sale because the sign covering the price says so.

I always have a million things going on while I am at the grocery store. I don’t check every sale price with the original price every time. I have started to remember to do so. I hope you will remember to make a point to check out prices when you shop and make sure just because it sounds like a good deal that it really is.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let's go camping

One of the things I am looking forward to doing with Noah is going camping when he gets a little bit older. I used to love going to summer camp. Going to camp was one of my favorite things to do during the summer. I made so many friends and I didn’t want to go home. I really enjoyed receiving letters from my family. It is just something about being outside in the wilderness and sitting around a campfire that does a body good. You can have so much fun just sitting around a fire telling stories, singing songs, and of course making S’mores. I also like to fish. I really think that Noah would get a kick out of it and really enjoy camping. We have talked about looking at camping tents and sleeping outdoors in our backyard. We were discussing that the other day. I am not too sure if it would be something that would last all night and if I would get any sleep.

I used to camp out in my back yard with friends or my sister and most of the time we would end up coming inside once it got late. We would hear a noise and get scared. I have always lived in really nice areas but I am kind of a chicken even now. I think a better idea would be to instead of camping out, spend a few hours outside in our tent and doing everything that you would do when you are camping but then come inside after we did all the fun things. I think that would be the best bet until he gets to be older then we can do the full blown out in the woods experience. Do you like to camp with your family? Please share with me some of your stories.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yummi Bears Review and Giveaway

Vitamins are important to a child’s growth. I decided Noah needed to start taking vitamins. The vitamins I took when I was little were hard and gross tasting. I didn’t really like taking them, but I knew that they would help me grow up strong. I can still taste those hard chalky character vitamins. I am concerned about Noah not liking those same vitamins so I started looking at gummi vitamins. I had the opportunity to try out some Yummi Bears vitamins with Noah. Yummi Bears are gummi vitamins by Hero Naturals. Hero Naturals makes many different varieties of Yummi Bears, for different vitamins including an organic Yummi Bear multi-vitamin. The different vitamins can be taken together. They also make adult gummi vitamins. I have a little trouble with swallowing big pills sometimes so, I really like that I can take a couple gummi vitamins and be done with it.

When we received the multi-vitamins in both original and organic, I wasn’t sure if Noah would like the organic ones, so we started with the original Yummi Bears multi-vitamins. He really liked them and thought that they tasted great. He had no problem taking them and he would even ask me for his vitamins. He also likes to tell me which colors he wants each day. I even sampled one and it was really good.

Once those were gone, we decided to try the organic Yummi Bears. Noah really liked the organic ones. They have a sugary coating so, he calls them sparkle vitamins. I tried an orange one and it tasted like an orange slice jelly candy. I was impressed. Noah told me he likes the organic ones better. I wanted to know his preference so I know which ones to buy. He would be happy with either variety.

Thanks to Hero Naturals for providing complimentary samples for my family to try out and providing an awesome gift pack for the giveaway.

I have a giveaway for you.


One reader will win an awesome gift pack of Yummi Bears products from Hero Naturals

Mandatory entry: Please go to the Hero Naturals website and tell me which product you would like to try.

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This giveaway will end on June 23,2010 at 11:59 PM ET

We are going to Disney World!

We are heading to Disney World in July. I am so excited to be able to take Noah for his first trip. I have very fond memories of going when I was little and I am happy to be able to share this wonderful opportunity with him. I am sure it is often a concern of parents about the cost of tickets to Disney World. If you have a big family it can be expensive. I sometimes find that planning a trip can be really stressful too. The smart thing to do would be to check out Disney World Packages for your trip. That way you save when it is all bundled up together. Usually there are great discounts if you just do a package deal. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about paying for everything separately. That is the easiest way to forget to but something. It would be awful to get to Orlando and realize you forgot to book a part of your trip. The deal seeker in me always wants to get a great deal and that includes tickets to Disney World. I think with a little investigating you can find some great savings on your trip to Disney World.

We are really looking forward to our trip and I have been telling Noah about all the characters we will see. I am not too sure how he will act around the characters so if it upsets him we will have to avoid them all together. I am hoping that will not be an issue because I used to love to meet the characters. I think it is an important part of the Disney World experience. It definitely brings it to life. I still enjoy looking at pictures of my sister and me with different characters. We have some great family pictures of us with Dopey, Princess Jasmine, and Winnie the Pooh. I will be sure to share the details and memories with you all after we take our trip.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Great Weekend!

I just wanted to say I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I also wanted to wish my cousin Dan a Happy 40th Birthday! What is everyone up to? Are you enjoying the weather? We are cooking out tonight! I hope everyone stays safe.

Mardy's Munchies Review and Giveaway!

As you all know, I love cupcakes. They are my favorite dessert. Not all cupcakes are created equal. I have had some not so good cupcakes in my life. Recently I had one from the store when I was visiting my sister. It was from the grocery store bakery. I decided to put a banana nut muffin in the container that Noah wanted to finish later. Big Mistake, my chocolate cupcake became banana flavored. I am not a huge banana fan. So, it was a huge disappointment. The worst part was I wanted cupcakes for weeks before that. I was so excited when I got one and I was crushed when it tasted awful.

Thankfully my cupcake guardian angels emailed me. My cupcake guardian angels were none other than Steve and Jana of Mardy’s Munchies. They wanted to send me cupcakes and other goodies. I was so excited and waited for my special delivery of goodies to arrive all the way from their bakery in Los Angeles. Mardy’s Munchies is a mom and pop bakery, they make everything themselves and they use no preservatives. Mardy’s Munchies is named after Steven’s late mother Mardy, who instilled a love of baking and inspired him to create delicious treats for over 20 years. They are a fixture at local farmers markets and often attend local festivals. Steven and Jana are both really nice and they even subscribe to my blog! I follow them on Twitter at @Mardysmunchies and I am so jealous of those of you that can constantly get goodies from Mardy’s Munchies. They are someone you must follow if you live in the LA area.

When I received my treats, I couldn’t wait to dig right in. They were packed perfectly; they weren’t crumbled or smashed at all. I was a little concerned about receiving baked goods like that. I was confident that Mardy’s Munchies would make it work. The first thing I tried was the Double Trouble Cupcake. It was hands down the best cupcake that I can ever remember eating. It was chocolate with chocolate cream cheese frosting. It would only be fitting that my cupcake guardian angels would send me such a heavenly cupcake. I savored every single bite. They were perfectly moist and the frosting was amazing. I love cream cheese frosting but I had never had chocolate cream cheese frosting. Oh man, I am drooling thinking about it.

I also received a Punk Mama’s Red Velvet cupcake that I shared with my mom. She thought it was amazing and so moist and delicious. It had normal cream cheese frosting on it. My mom loved it. She is not a cupcake fan but she really enjoyed eating the Punk Mama’s Red Velvet cupcake. I had a lot of goodies to try and the only right thing to do was to share with my family. I mean it would be rude of me to stuff my face with delicious treats and not offer them to others right?


I decided Noah would like the Coomer cookie they sent us. Noah is a cookie monster. The Coomer cookie is a Vegan cookie that is a Delicious Oatmeal mixed with bananas and vegan-approved chocolate chips. It also comes with pecans. Noah is not a vegan but he sure did love his Coomer Cookie. He kept asking for more cookies. I thought this is a healthier version of some of the cookies that I could get for him because it also contains no preservatives.

Another goodie I received was the Georgia White Brownie. They are rich, chocolate brownies with white chocolate chips dancing throughout. Covered with our chocolate frosting and then we drizzle white chocolate all over these and then for fun throw on some chunky chopped pecans- from the website. It was a nice big brownie and it was so moist and fudgy. I prefer fudgy brownies to cake like brownies. My favorite part was the chunks of pecans and the white chocolate on the top. I thoroughly enjoyed the brownie and Noah did too. So am I making you hungry yet? I know I am definitely craving some Mardy’s Munchies.

The next item I tried was the Triple Shazam Baby Bundt Cake. mini chocolate bundt cake is smothered with a dark chocolate glaze and then showered with white and dark chocolate chips. It was so cute. It was also very delicious. There is just something festive about a bundt cake. I think it is because my grandma used to make them all the time. Most bundt cakes are kind of tough on the outside, not the baby bundt cake I received. It was so moist and there is even a surprise when you eat it. I won’t ruin it for you though. You will just have to wait and see!

The last but not least goodie was the Raspberry Crumble Tart. Delicious Organic Raspberry fruit surrounded by buttery shortbread crust and streusel topping all nestled inside a gorgeous tart. I decided I should also share this one with my mom. She really enjoyed it too. She doesn’t really like tart shells but she said that the shell was perfect and the raspberry filling was not too sweet and not to tart just right. She said the best part was the crumb topping. I really enjoyed all the treats I received from Mardy’s Munchies. The only thing I didn’t like about the goodies I received was that when they were all gone, I didn’t have any more. I will have to visit them the next time I am in LA and bring home treats with me.

If you live in Los Angeles or traveling there, you can visit Steve and Jana every Tuesday at the Old L.A. Farmer’s Market located in historic Highland Park. Or if you want to end the week on a sweet note, then come on over to the El Sereno Farmer’s Market, an exciting, supportive community gathering with music, food and art that happens every Friday afternoon. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, then stop on by the famous Antigua Coffee Shop on Figueroa in Cypress Park or Casa Princessa on York Blvd for a varietal look at Mardy’s Munchies goodies. I know there are a lot of bakeries in LA but they are a dime a dozen compared to Mardy’s Munchies. Please keep them in mind if you want delicious homemade desserts that contain no preservatives.

For more information please check out Mardy’s Munchies

Thanks to Steve and Jana at Mardy’s Munchies for sending me some yummy desserts to try out and review and providing the giveaway prize.

I have a giveaway for you. One lucky winner will win a dozen gourmet cupcakes your choice of flavor!

Mandatory Entry: Go to the Mardy’s Munchies website and tell me what looks good. Please tell me the exact name of the item and what it is. They have such cute names for everything.

You must do the main entry for the bonus entries to count.

Bonus Entries:

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This giveaway will end on June 21, 2010 at 11:59 pm EST.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Learn Business on the Sea

I love to go on cruises. You can go on cruises for just about anything. There are singles cruises, theme cruises and even a cruise where you learn about business. Talk about one heck of a business meeting! Zenith Training is offering a unique opportunity right now for you to go on a cruise and learn about business. This 7 day cruise to the Caribbean called Dare to Dream Dare to be Great is edutainment, meaning you will be educated and entertained all in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Some of the things you will learn during this world class cruise are:

Work with business development trainers

Network with other business owners

Attend personal development sessions

Learn from life mastery specialists

Not to mention the chance to network with other business professional and make some new friends with the 150 people onboard. When you are not attending the workshops you will have plenty of relaxing and fun activities to do on board. I am sure you are wondering how much will it cost? It is only $127 a day per person. That includes your accommodations on the ship with activities such as miniature golf so you can go golfing with your new business associates. There is also an ice rink and rock climbing. You can relax after your workshops with a dip in the luxurious pools while you get some sun or if you are feeling adventurous you can even try out the onboard surfing. You will dine on great food and ALL of your entertainment, the “Dare to Dream… Dare To Be Great” Seminars and Business Tradeshow, your Welcome Party, AND exciting ports of call on sunny, exotic Caribbean Islands! You will wake up in a new and exciting place every day. Don’t miss the sunrise on the deck. It is really an amazing site to see while you look out to sea.

There are also many things you can do on the islands you visit from snorkeling to learning about other cultures. You can experience the country first hand by taking a walk around and shopping. There are amazing golf courses and beautiful beaches. It will definitely be an experience that you will remember. It is not just a business cruise it is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Please check out for more information (and follow @MLM_Zenith on Twitter). I am sure the tickets will go quickly, so don't delay and secure your spot today!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cyber Safety Tips

Everything we do these days is on computers; we get a great deal of our information from the internet. Growing up we were one of the few families that had the internet I knew of. I remember being in the basement when I was in 5th grade sitting on the internet message boards, back before chat rooms, talking to strangers about different things. Not everything I came across was appropriate for my age but I was naïve and I didn’t even know what they were talking about. It wasn’t really crude but it was like what is your bra size. I was definitely not sure how to answer it. The internet was newer back then, there wasn’t as many things going on as there is now.

I think that it is important to teach your children about cybersafety. I think it is as important as teaching them not to talk to strangers in real life. I think that the internet is a very valuable tool if it is used properly. I thought I would share with you some tips I have learned throughout the years of being on the internet and keeping our kids safe. As you all know I am big on safety and protecting kids from the dangers in the world.

Tip #1 Place your computer in a common area so you can know what is going on at all times with your child. That is really important to know who your child is talking to.

Tip #2 Teach your children to not talk to strangers online no matter how nice they sound. Kids are extremely trusting and it is important that you limit their buddy lists, friends lists etc, and NEVER meet someone they talk to on the internet.

Tip #3 Use Parental Controls and monitor what your kids do online. Some people would think that is invading their child’s privacy but I feel that the internet is a privilege that needs to be earned.

Tip #4 Be open with your child about the internet. If they seem to become upset or withdrawn after spending time on the computer, make it a point to find out what happen. They could be the victim of cyber bullying or have some other problem going on.

I think with these 4 tips you can make the internet a safer place for your children. There are many wonderful websites out there where you can learn anything at your fingertips. Just think of all the libraries you would have to visit to have the access to all the knowledge of the internet. I hope you all share these tips with your family and if you have any to add please comment.