Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lilly & Van Returns to QVC on March 3, 2010


I wanted to share with you all that Lilly & Van Returns to QVC. Be sure to tune in to QVC on March 3 during the 8:00am (EST) Style hour to see Lilly & Van apparel. “What's great is that American women can have the colors, quality, fit & values that they deserve and prints that are flattering, and will never go out of style, mentions Lilly. Incidentally, Lilly is the god daughter of Lilly Pulitzer and Van is the grandson of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Lilly & Van is a relaxed chic sportswear collection that celebrates the spirit of eternal summer. Lilly & Van will also be featured on QVC on March 5 as well. Visit for more details and times.

That shirt is so pretty. I love the color and the details. I think it would look flattering on anyone who wears it. I will definitely tuning in and I hope you will to. I can't wait to see what else Lilly & Van has to offer on QVC.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Remember to compare

We went to Super Target today. I decided Noah and I were going to bake a treat together tomorrow. As some of you know I love Funfetti cake. They have a cookie recipe on the box. I have been wanting to try the cookies since they will be like those cake cookies you can get in the bakery. My mom told me a while ago about how there is a Funfetti Cookie Mix now too. While we were in the baking aisle, I saw the Funfetti cookie mix and picked it up and handed it to Noah.

I looked at the price because I am careful with saving money. The price said $1.99. Right next to the cookie mix was the cake mix for $0.88. I compared the amount of cookies and they both made 3 dozen. I of course opted for the cake mix since it was more economical. Although I am pretty sure I had a Funfetti Cake Mix in my pantry. I also bought an Angel Food Cake Mix. I have never made it from a box but since I have a stand mixer it should be perfect.

Moral of the story: Don’t forget to compare prices and products because there might be a cheaper option that is the exact same thing.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Norman R. Davis is AWESOME

I love watching Food Network Challenges on the Food Network. I even have a favorite competitor. I think he is adorable and extremely talented. I love to cook but I am not a cake decorator by any means. I blame it on being left handed. My favorite cake guy is Norman R. Davis he owns The Sweet Life. He is awesome. I hope he always wins. I just saw a commercial for another cake show on TLC and I saw Norman and heard his voice. I am so excited; I am going to start watching it. I didn’t catch the name of the show though. I am sure I can figure it out because the internet is wonderful.

My favorite judge is Kerry Vincent, she is a British woman who says what she thinks and isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. I guess she is comparable to Judge Judy. Yes Kerry Vincent is the Judge Judy of the food judges. I know on the episode where they were making Kerry’s birthday cake Norman decided to let his partner take the lead and he did wonderful. I think he won.

My old best friend and I used to go to the grocery store on the weekends when we were in high school and buy a cake from the bakery. We would have them write something on it most of the time. Usually nothing that made sense to anyone but us. We were dorks and we actually had made up our own language. It was a normal Friday or Saturday and we decided we wanted cake, fudgecicles and candy so we went to the store and walked over to the bakery. There was a guy working in the bakery. I still think that he was filling in for someone at the bakery because when we asked for our normal personalized cake, he told us to come do it ourselves. That was an ugly ugly cake when we got done with it. It was a lot of fun though. We never saw that guy again so maybe he wasn’t an employee after all and just a customer pretending to work there. It was late for all we know the bakery could have been closed.

I think the cake challenges are so cool. I just don’t think I could ever have the steady hand to do it myself. I love to cook and bake and I make delicious food but decorating it, it looks like a four year old created it. Of course no one says, Hey Sheila that cake is hideous, I hope it tastes a lot better than it looks.

I would love to meet Norman R Davis, he seems like an awesome guy and I would love for him to make me a cake.

Do you enjoy watching cake competitions? Do you have a favorite decorator? Who is it?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flirty Aprons Coupon Code

A few weeks ago, I wrote a review about Flirty Aprons. I received an email from them today with a special coupon code to share with you all. So, since I could only pick one winner, I thought that many of you would appreciate a special savings for Flirty Aprons. As a special thank you from Flirty Aprons for your support you can use the coupon code 30Coupon to save 30% off your order. Just put it in the coupon code section when you check out.

This coupon will expire Sunday February 28th 2010 at midnight.

Celtic Women- Songs From the Heart Review


I first heard about the music group,Celtic Women, from my old best friend. Her dad really enjoys their music and decided to buy him tickets for a present a few years ago. I had become familiar with their music since then. I really enjoy listening to Celtic Women so when I had the opportunity to receive a CD from my relationship with Music Moms I was really excited. I am Irish so I think liking Celtic music is in my blood. My dad used to play it when I was little so I have always been familiar with the style of music.

Celtic Women is an interesting group with their own unique sound. The group is made up of the vocalists Lisa Kelly, Chole Agnew, Lynn Hillary and Alex Sharpe, with violinist Mairead Nesbitt. The Group is all over the Billboard charts, selling more than 3.8 million records in the U.S. alone, and has had 7 sold-out U.S. tours. They have also performed on Dancing With the Stars and have an upcoming PBS special that will be airing on St. Patrick’s Day. Celtic Women is currently on tour now including dates at Radio City Music Hall.

Celtic Women’s newest release is called Songs from the Heart. It features such songs as Amazing Grace and The Lost Rose Fantasia. My favorite song on the CD is Good Night My Angel which is a Billy Joel song. I happened to sing this song in choir when I was in 7th grade. It is such a great song. My favorite lyric from the song is; someday we’ll all be gone but lullabies go on and on they never die that’s how you and I will be. Celtic Women did a beautiful cover of the song. The group continues to delight fans moving seamlessly between Irish classics, contemporary covers and original compositions. Songs from the Heart includes contemporary hits like Stings “Fields of Gold” and Mariah Carey’s “When You Believe.”

This CD is great. It would be great for any music lover. I really enjoy this CD, my son enjoyed listening to it with me as well. Look for Songs From the Heart by Celtic Women in stores now from EMI Music/Manhattan Records. For more information about Celtic Women please visit Celtic Women

I received this CD from EMI Music as a member of Music Moms for myself to review.

TCM 31 days of Oscar GIVEAWAY!

It’s Oscar time. One of my favorite channels, Turner Classic Movies is having 31 days of Oscar. I have shared with you before about how I like to watch old movies like The Bad Seed. There are so many great old movies playing on TCM this month all leading up to The Oscars. I decided this year I am going to have an Oscar party with my family to celebrate. I am so excited to share this event with my son. He probably won’t know what is going on but growing up I loved to watch the Oscars. In fact I used to pretend that I would win an Oscar one day. Just one problem, I had trouble remembering my lines and I would get really nervous and sick. I hope everyone checks out the 31 days of Oscar on TCM and watches some classics with their loved ones. As well as watch The Oscars.

In order to help you enjoy your Oscars Party, I want to offer one lucky reader an Oscar Party Pack from TCM in a giveaway. The Oscar Party pack contains with popcorn, candy, a martini shaker, coasters and more. It contains everything you need to have to party like a movie star.

For more information and to view the schedule please visit Turner Classic Movies

Thank you to Turner Classic Movies for providing the party pack for the giveaway and also sending me one to be able to host my own Oscar Party.

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Tinkerbell Cosmetics

I was talking to my awesome friend Victoria tonight and we started talking about Tinkerbell cosmetics. They used to sell yellow cologne, fairy dust powder and my personal favorite, the peel off nail polish. I decided to search online for it, sadly they don’t make it anymore and now it is just a distant memory. You know what the coolest thing about it was? It was definitely that you could peel it off. I would sit there and paint my nails and wait for them to dry and peel it off and repeat. I have never really been too big on nail polish but I would totally wear some hot pink Tinkerbell peel off nail polish. It was awesome.
This is not to be confused with Disney's Tinkerbell

So many happy Tinkerbell memories I have. I am sure many of you remember it too. It was nail polish I was actually allowed to wear. Like I said before I painted it just to peel it off. I would try and get one fingernail off at a time without ripping it, I don’t remember if I was actually successful but I am sure I managed to do it at least a couple times. I miss Tinkerbell Cosmetics. It seems like they are bringing back all kinds of things from my childhood I think Tinkerbell should totally be on it. I remember the last time I was looking for it, and I couldn’t find it and I cried. So, please bring it back.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ella's Kitchen Review and Giveaway

I had the opportunity to work with an adorable company called Ella’s Kitchen. Ella is a beautiful little girl whose parents decided to make a baby food and fruit smoothie line for Ella. It all started when Ella’s dad decided that Ella and all kids in her generation should have healthy fun food to eat. They think on a kid’s level and come up with things that appeal to kids senses and tastes. They even incorporate kid friendly textures too. I think this is really cool that Ella’s Dad came up with this idea. Ella could in fact be the next Betty Crocker.

On the website Ella says:
When I was little my dad made a promise to me and my brother that he would only use stuff in our products that is natural, is pure and helps make us healthy. I told him everything has to taste great, and he agreed! We now have lots of scrummy foods that babies and little big people love.

The pouches are really interesting combinations. Not just your normal strawberry and apple. Some of the more interesting flavors are Carrots, Apples and Parsnips another one is Broccoli, Pears and Peas. All of the Ella’s Kitchen products are USDA certified organic. Ella’s Kitchen promises never to use salt or sugar in their products. They also promise to never use anything in our products that has no nutritional or health value. I love the beliefs and promises of Ella’s Kitchen. They work closely with nutritionists. I love how they always put children first. Ella’s Kitchen is a great company to work with and purchase products from.

Noah loved all of the Ella’s Kitchen pouches. I thought the Strawberry Apple one was really good. I could actually taste the strawberries. Noah’s favorite part of eating the pouches was deciding which color he wanted to eat. He didn’t know what the flavors were so he did the next best thing and chose the colors. He enjoyed tasting them all. They didn’t last long at all. He gobbled them down. A few of the days he ate two of them. He would ask for them over Goldfish and my son loves Goldfish. I was excited to find something that was so good for him and that he enjoyed eating. They are just the right size for Noah’s little tummy. There wasn’t any leftover and it was a great snack or addition to a meal. We will definitely be buying Ella’s Kitchen products and enjoying them for a long time.

The website is jam packed with information about Ella’s Kitchen and even some recipes incorporating the pouches. You all know how much I love to cook. The recipes look delicious. You can also find out where to purchase Ella’s Kitchen in your area along with signing up for the newsletter so, you can keep up with everything going on in Ella’s Kitchen.

Thank You to Ella’s Kitchen for sending me some products to review and providing the grab bag of products for the giveaway.

I have a giveaway for you!

One (1) lucky reader is going to win a grab bag of Ella’s Kitchen Products.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I took a risk on buying Risk

As some of you know my favorite board game is Risk which is made by Hasbro. I started playing it with my ex. I needed to buy a new one so I waited until yesterday. Risk is expensive. It was 26 dollars, that is more than I would spend on a board game but I had wanted it for so long, I decided to get it. I wanted to teach my mom how to play since she’d never played before. I am undefeated in the game and so I was really excited as I said before it is my favorite game. I thought about it all last night. I couldn’t sleep because it had been so long since I had played.

I opened the game and my heart sank. It wasn’t the same game I remembered. Instead of horses and cannons it was arrows. Instead of Risk cards that are cavalry, infantry and whatever the other one was they were all territory cards with stars. There were now cities too. I was so disappointed because it wasn’t what I thought it was. I decided to put it away and then play another game with my mom.

If you want to buy Risk and are used to I guess the old version don’t buy the one that is in stores or you will be sorely disappointed like I am. Now I guess I am on a mission to find the old version of Risk with all the pieces. This might not be as easy as I think and probably will be equally or more expensive.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Your baby can take part in the Pampers Great Baby Relay


I wanted to share something really cool from Pampers for my readers that have babies. Join in the Pampers Great Baby Relay. You can submit a video of your baby crawling or walking for the Pampers casting call to be in the upcoming Pampers commercial. I wish they had something like this when Noah was a baby. He was adorable when he was crawling and just starting to walk. Submit your videos to Pampers by February 20, 2010. The commercial will air February 28, 2010. Happy crawling and walking!

Here are the official details:
Did you know that a cruising baby in one day can take as many steps as a marathon runner in a race*, and a nine-month old baby can crawl up to 400 meters in 20 minutes**? It's this active play that continually inspires the Pampers brand, and that's why moms and dads are encouraged to log on to beginning February 15 to join in celebrating the development of their own best players. Parents can upload videos of their babies crawling to the world’s great baby relay on All videos featuring babies crawling from left to right that are uploaded by Feb. 20 will be included in a casting call for a commercial that will air on Feb. 28!

I have a relationship with Pampers so I have the opportunity to tell you about exciting news and about new Pampers products.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anonymous comments welcome, blog trolls are not.

I am going to let you all in on something. You probably should already know this as it is common sense in my opinion but, the internet is not as anonymous as you think it is. When you go to a website someone somewhere can figure out who you are. Well, OK not exactly who you are but if it is someone the person knows of they can. It really is not hard to figure it out, especially if you have left a comment or visited before. They also can tell where you came from and where you visit and how long you stay on the site. How often you visit and what you do.

Leaving anonymous comments is perfectly fine but at the same time know that you are potentially only anonymous to others that visit. I am not saying I know who every person is but it is not too hard to figure out who a blog troll is. Part of the reason I get some of the opportunities I do have to do with my stats. I have to keep track of them somehow. Makes sense right?

I got my first nasty comment on my blog Thursday night. It was on my compassion post. I had never received anything negative on my blog. Besides the occasional spam comment which everyone gets. I don’t really get bothered by spam. It is just a couple clicks and your comment about flowers in India or your foreign symbols are gone. I don’t know the difference between Chinese and Japanese symbols so I can’t say for sure what it is. Everyone up to Thursday night has been really supportive and nice on my blog. It really was rude. Of course curiosity got the best of me and I had an idea of who this blog troll was.

So I looked at my comments and the website I use and figured it out within moments. I have great investigative skills comparable to Monk or Sherlock Holmes. My hunch was right and I decided not to allow the comment to go through because it is my blog and my space and I choose not to litter it up with negativity. It wasn’t that the person had a different opinion than I do. It was the simple fact that the comment was an intentional attack. It was someone who had never been to my blog, at least I don’t think they had. It was a personal attack and while I understand and embrace that people think differently, I won’t let people maliciously attack me or my readers or friends. I am not saying you have to agree with everything I say; just if you decide to leave a comment do so respectfully. I want my readers to feel safe on my blog and know that I don’t tolerate trolls and mean spirited comments.

So, thank you to all my readers that are supportive and kind.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have a little compassion

Where has all the compassion gone? Seriously, I don’t know why people think it is funny or nice to make fun of people because they dress different than you or are a different race or look different. It is not cool to say go to a store and take a picture of a stranger and then exploit them on a website where they purposely make fun of people and the way they look. Not everyone dresses the same. That is part of being different and unique. Just because someone is not dressed like a cookie cutter image of what is in a fashion magazine does not by any means give someone the right to hurt their feelings or make fun of them. Most people do not walk around trying to get on a stupid website. I am sure there are many people that don’t know what it is. I also think that they don’t do it for attention either. Maybe they never will know that they are being laughed at behind a computer screen but maybe someone they love will see it or it really doesn’t matter because it is wrong in my opinion. I doubt someone would want to be made fun of on a website that is mean spirited disguised as humor.

I also don’t think it is funny when people make jokes about disabled people to be funny. They say things like special Ed this and helmet that. People with disabilities are people first and the disability is just a challenge and a part of them. Do I think that everyone that uses the R word and tells jokes about disabilities is purposely making fun of those that have those challenges? No, not always, I know it is “acceptable” in our society but that makes it wrong none the less. Think before you speak, and have some compassion and understanding. Embrace other peoples differences don’t draw a line between you.

There is room for everyone in this world. The world is such a big place. I think that there should be room for everyone to be whom they are and feel comfortable enough to where they can and not be exploited and made fun of for doing so. Everyone is different and that is great! I wish people looked more on the inside than on the outside. In a perfect world they would, but sadly it is not and people will continue to be cruel and uncaring. I invite you to help make a difference by bringing back a little compassion. Maybe it will spread like wild fire and encourage others to be compassionate.

I grew up being taught about compassion and being caring. I was taught it is wrong to make fun of people because they are different. I was taught that words that put down groups of people are wrong. I am teaching my son the same things. I was taught to love and accept people for who they are, not what they look like. It really is heartbreaking to me. I am going to make sure my son has the same morals I have. I think that I have really strong morals and a big heart and I can tell even at age 3 Noah also has a big heart. I hope to teach him and show him that differences are not a bad thing.

I hope you take a little time to think about others feelings and sit down and talk to your children about compassion and embracing differences. I think that would help the world be a better place.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Booty Pop Panties Review

I was lying in bed watching either the 100,000 dollar pyramid or the 25,000 dollar pyramid; I get them mixed up all the time. I saw a commercial for a product called Booty Pop Panties. It is padded underwear that makes women with flat booties more round. I thought it looked so cool. I am one of those women in the flat booty society. I kept thinking about it. The next morning I decided to look at the website and then proceeded to email them. I got a response from them back almost instantly. They said they would send me a pair to review. I was so excited.

The day my teal green Booty Pop Panties arrived I was so excited. I felt the padding in them and giggled. I am sorry but these are funny. It is like a padded bra. I immediately put them on and looked in the mirror. Yep my booty was bigger and rounder. It made my jeans and pants look better too. I thought it was cool. I wore them for a while flaunting them. I felt like I was still wearing them after I took them off. I guess a lot of celebrities wear them too. So, maybe that explains a lot. Booty Pop Panties would be great for ice skating for those of us that fall down a lot like I do. I love those As Seen on TV things.
For more information please visit Booty Pop Panties

Thank you to Booty Pop Panties for sending me a pair of Booty Pop Panties for my reviewing purposes!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hosptial Gowns are not a fashion statement I wanna make.

On August 1, 2005 it was just like any other morning. My old best friend and I were driving down the road and we were taking her daughter to Grandma’s house so her son could go to the dentist. We turned in her parents’ neighborhood as we had done a million times before. We were turning in and all the sudden I started screaming. We had been hit. We were T-boned on my door. We spun around five times or so and then came really close to crashing in to a brick sign. Thankfully we stopped. The whole time we are spinning I was screaming. I was so scared. I thought I was going to die.
The man who was in the other car who was going really fast we think purposely hit the car, the brand new Acura TSX that she had bought a little over a month. I was stuck in the car. The kids were fine and so was my friend. They all got out really easily. I had to be pulled out of the car on a board wearing a neck brace by 4 firemen. I was conscious. Every person I talked to which was many I would say make sure they know I am allergic to latex. I rode in the ambulance and I didn’t know if my leg was broken or what was going on. I had some cuts where the window shattered and stuff. The car was completely totaled. RIP beautiful Acura.

In the ambulance they cut off my favorite pair of Silver Jeans. I loved those jeans so much. They had to take scissors and cut them down the sides all the way down. I got to the hospital and nothing was broken, surprisingly. I took all the impact on my door. I didn’t know where my friend and her kids were. They were going to take her to another hospital but I found her shortly after they said I could go home. My mom had her cell on during the day that day because my grandma was in the hospital so, I know it scared her when she got a call from the Fire Department from my number. I had no shoes because I took them off in the car. I had no pants because they were cut off.
I went home in a hospital gown and a t-shirt, barefoot. We had to stop to get my prescriptions for pain meds filled. I am glad that for some reason I was sitting differently that I used to. I wasn’t sitting Indian style, which is a good thing or I would of shattered my knee cap. I couldn’t really walk the first day. I had big bruises and I spent a lot of time lying in bed sleeping.

I still have really bad car anxiety too. It has gotten a lot better over the years though.

Monday, February 1, 2010

What did you say?

What it do is a popular slang word these days. I always wonder what does what do? I don’t really understand most of these slang words these days. Oh man I sound old. I am 28 but I just don’t get it. I am sure people didn’t understand what groovy meant at some point and time. Just like I am sure my mom didn’t understand why I would say something.

Actually I take that back, my mom knows more slang words than I do. I had to ask HER on several occasions what something meant. She is a teacher and she has taught in some pretty bad areas. So she is well versed in slang. My favorite thing my mom has said is when a kid didn’t think she would know who 50 cent is , my mom said (and I quote) “Please, I knew fifty cent went he was just a nickel.” I thought that was classic. My mom is funny like that.

I know I probably sound like I am going to say whipper snapper at any minute and talk about walking to school barefoot up hill for 3 miles. I did used to walk from the stadium to school and it was uphill but that is beside the point. I guess now that I am older and no doubt wiser I just don’t understand why people say those ridiculous things. I guess I decided that when I was about 20ish I would sound like an adult. After all I am a mom now. My son will repeat what I say at given moment. I want to make sure what I say isn’t a bunch of gibberish. He talks enough gibberish on his own. I don’t need to feed him more.

I really don’t understand today’s teenagers. I think it is disgraceful. I don’t see what is so great about going out and doing God knows what with who ever it is you find that day without any recourse. I don’t understand why people dress the way they do with their hineys hanging out etc. I guess I have always dressed modestly. That was the way that I was brought up. I am fully covered at all times. I just don’t know what society is feeding the younger people these days. It’s kind of sad if you think about it.