Friday, September 3, 2010


Give whole heartedly and ask for nothing in return. That is a motto I live by daily. I believe if you are going to give to someone no matter what it is, you give to give and not expect anything back. I think is an important thing to teach my son. When I give, I do so out of the kindness of my heart. I do not want anything in return because that cheapens it. Of course I believe that friends should give to each other and then return the favor if they chose to sometime. I don’t have a running tally of things I give to or help I give to someone because that doesn’t matter to me. I believe that a smile and a thank you is enough. I am now thinking about how when my friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday and my mom said, “Your presence is present enough.” Basically if you are there that is all I want. I try to be a giving person and I love helping people. It comes from the way I was raised. I would give if I could.

I don’t mind sharing what I have. I don’t mind hugging a friend and listening to them vent. I don’t mind feeding someone who is hungry. I don’t mind going out of my way to help someone. It doesn’t matter if you are a family member, a friend, or just a stranger. I have been in situations when I myself needed help. I have accepted the help of a stranger before a few times when I really needed it. I am very grateful for those people that live by the same motto as me. There are so many people in the world that constantly thinks about what is in for me? What do I get? Keeping a score sheet of who owes you a favor. I hate the phrase “You owe me” Seriously, if you don’t want to do something then don’t. I would rather someone not do something than do it and make me feel like I am indebted to them and I owe them something.

Give whole heartedly and ask for nothing in return. I wish more people would live by that motto. Of course with living my life like that I do get used and walked on occasionally, I guess it is just a side effect of kindness. Somehow I still manage to give and love just like I had before. There are so many people out there that I can’t change my beliefs and morals and the way I was brought up because there are a few jerks in this world and I can’t let them change me.


  1. Lovely post! I notice the "owe me" thing and remember when you said you owed me and I was like "no that's what friends are for". I am not perfect for sure but I do have the same attitude, just on a bad day I can forget and get grumpy. So much going on, but I do see you as a very good person and a kind heart! Great article girl!

  2. wonderful post! I am the same way. like you said, it is they way we grew up, something from within. It becomes 2nd nature, and you just give, help, offer, jump in blindly whatever! we not be prefect, but it is not from lack of trying, and not because of lack of heart!
    **hugs** Faythe