Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hotel Toiletries

Have you ever gone to a hotel and taken the complimentary shampoos, conditioners, and lotions? When you get home did you stick them in your collection? Sure they were free and they looked cool in the hotel room light. You might as well take them, because I am not sure if the housekeeping staff can reuse them or if they have to throw them away after they have been in a room. I always take them because I am afraid they might get thrown away and that would be wasteful. Those little bars of soap are cute too. After seeing quite a few of them in my linen closet I decided to figure out something to do with them and came up with a few ideas.

I thought I could put them in a basket for guests to use when they are at my house. It was great idea but no one was using any of them. Another idea I had was take the glycerin soap and make my own soap out of them. That didn’t work either. I think by that time I had seen Fight Club way too many times to count. My other idea was donate them. I thought that homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters could get good use out these items.

So, I started saving them up and donating them when I could to those who might not have soap or shampoo. It seems like something so ordinary to some, something that we take for granted but really some people don’t even have those simple items to use. Some people have to give up everything to get away from those who hurt them or they lose their homes with just the clothes on their backs and what they can stick in a backpack. Sometimes toiletries are the last thing on people’s minds when they have limited space. There are so many other important things they want to save first. You can help in just a small way. It will make a big difference to those you help.


  1. I've sent them to my husband's command as well when they were deployed :)

  2. I've worked in a few hotels as a housemaid even nice ones like holiday in exspress and all of them tell you to throw them away from the rooms (if they were open at all) for two reasons they say which is to let the next paying person get there moneys worth and because once opened they do not know if someone would tamper with the ones left behind and add things to it etc so they do tell house keeping to throw them away. I too take mine wheter they are opened ot not because I feel that I payed for them with the room. But not the tissue box or opened tissues some how I feel thats wrong to take those. House keeping would have some leave those if opened and when the boxes in mixed rooms were low just combine each to make a full one vereses waisting a low box. The hotels I worked at bought the samples in bulk so they had lots of them so I guess thats why they tooss opened ones out but it is waistful when someone can use them. The crayon fabic rolls I make are perfect for those used too as travel packs to store those in when your only going to be gone 2 nights or so as not to take alot of toilettries. I also like saving the little bottles when empty and adding my shampoo at home to go back inside them because of the travel size they offer for convience. You can also donated them to nursing homes so they can use them because I know from family exsperience that its the familys responsibility to supply the person in the nursing home with those supplies and some people are there with no families to help them and that being the case they have to buy it them selves by asking someone to get the supplies and trust that they will and bring back to them.
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