Thursday, December 31, 2009

What is it about red hair??

For as long as I can remember, I have always been attracted to guys with red hair. Not orange hair but dark red. Not famous men with red hair. I like my famous men with gray hair (Mark Harmon and George Clooney). It has to be natural red hair too. I don’t really think that fake red hair is attractive. I guess it must be the Irish in me. I have dated a few guys with red hair. I am not sure what it is so alluring about it. My ex doesn’t have red hair. I guess I am a hair girl. I am mostly an eye girl. I like those eyes that you can get lost in and see the depths of the person’s soul.

Of course appearance is not everything and personality wins over every time. A good personality is the most important thing because that is what truly makes up a person. As the brilliant Judge Judy says…. Beauty fades…Stupid is forever. You never know what the future will bring. I know that a lot of people focus what is on the outside but your outer beauty could be taken from you in an instant. Your inner beauty is forever. Nothing can take that from you as long as you have a heart of gold and you remain true to yourself.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cricket.... Doll or Friend?

You be the judge!

My favorite toy growing up was my Cricket doll. Cricket was a talking doll similar to Teddy Ruxpin but so much cooler. She was awesome. She went everywhere with me. I stepped on a needle when I was seven years old and it had to be removed from my foot because it broke. I still blame my sister for spilling her sewing kit on the floor. I also still have a slight fear of stepping on needles. So, when I was in surgery guess who was with me? Yep it was Cricket. Cricket had all kinds of tapes and outfits and even Cooking with Cricket that came with a cookbook, spatula and two cookie cutters. I still have them all I believe. Noah was walking around with the spatula the other day and made it the propeller for his wrapping paper tube airplane.

I used to listen to the tapes that made her eyes and mouth move every night to fall asleep. The tapes had stories and songs and other cool things. My childhood best friend had a Cricket too. I got mine first though. Lol. She lived in North Carolina and she told me and I quote “You take your Cricket to the beach and I’ll take my Cricket to the beach” and we did. Cricket and I were good friends. She went to my grandparents and pretty much everywhere I went. She isn’t small by any means either. Her insides were a big honking tape recorder too. I loved her anyways.

She is now residing in the garage. I sometimes find her and smile and remember my dear friend and all the wonderful times we shared when I was a little girl.
Until next time, I’ll be talking to you!

I have returned!

Please pardon my absence. I took some family time over the holiday week combined with some computer problems. I have spent lots of time hanging out with my son and family and enjoying just relaxing. I have been playing Bananagrams with my mom too. I am back and I have so many exciting and wonderful things to share with you all. I hope you have enjoyed your family time as much as I have!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

December PBS Sprout Update!

Here is a PBS Sprout update that I received as a member of the Sprout Band of Bloggers!

We have enjoyed watching the Preschool Musical preview on Sprout everyday. Noah loves Caillou’s Christmas Eve and all of the other holiday themed shows. That is just a warm up for next weeks Preschool Musical on TWO sticks. Preschool Musical on Two Sticks: a musical Sproutacular with stick puppets featuring a variety of favorite characters on an exciting journey through a snowstorm. The show premieres Dec. 24th at 5:30pm ET.

We will be watching that as well of course. Noah loves Sprout. It’s not too late to make your own Sprout friends on sticks. You can go to the website and print off the pictures, then color them any way you choose and then have a grownup attach a craft stick on the back and you can play right along with your Sprout friends!

On Christmas Eve Sprout is having the Third Annual Snooze-A-Thon. It is a show that will help your children sleep on Christmas Eve. It is 12 hours of uninterrupted segments that encourage kids to go to bed on time since all of their favorite characters are already sleeping. Starts Dec. 24th at 6pm ET and continues through 6am ET on the 25th. I can’t believe Christmas Eve is on Thursday. Time has flown by this year. Hopefully it will help Noah sleep. He is really excited about Christmas but he is only three so he doesn’t completely have the concept of time and days down. So I am thinking he won’t have problems sleeping. Me on the other hand, I always have trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve. I get so excited and even more so now that I am a mom.

To count down to the New Year Sprout is having Countdown to Noon. Celebrate the New Year the preschool way as The Sunny Side Up Show crew counts down to noon starting December 31st at 11:30am ET. I think that is a great idea! Young kids won’t stay up till midnight nor would my son be allowed to. I had trouble staying up until midnight even when I was young. I used to spend New Years with my grandparents and my cousins. Most years we would change the clock to midnight at like 9 or 10 pm and go out and bang on our pots and pans and go to bed. We would have a huge party too. It was a lot of fun.

For the complete holiday schedule, please go to Sprout's Holiday programing guide
I hope that everyone tunes in to these wonderful Sprout programs. I want to wish you all Happy Holidays and I hope everyone has a safe and fun filled season.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eat Your Sweets and Keep Your Teeth Too Review and LIVE Giveaway

Since is it Christmas time, It is time to do all your holiday baking. Many people make gingerbread houses. I personally love making gingerbread houses but I refuse to eat it. I don’t know why anyone would eat it. Just think the royal icing that is like cement and hard candy even the gumdrops end up like bricks. Of course you could eat it if you wanted to. I had the opportunity to review Williams-Sonoma No-Bake Winter Wonderland Gingerbread House Kit. I love Williams and Sonoma. They have the coolest kitchen and home items. I love to go in to my local Williams-Sonoma store and look around and occasionally sample some of the goodies they have out to nibble on.

It is a cute little house that comes with all sorts of candies that are different than the normal gingerbread houses I have made in the past. It is more like a designer gingerbread house. It is really easy to put together. It is really neat. Noah loves gingerbread houses. I made him a bunny house for Easter it was the cutest thing. So, naturally he loves the house.

One thing you have to worry about with all the sweets you eat is your dental health so I also received some Listerine products. I got a great assortment of dental products because you can Eat Your Sweets and Keep Your Teeth Too. I really like the Rembrandt toothpaste and the Listerine pocket packs. You just pop one on your tongue and it melts and freshens your breath! It’s great for those moments when you eat something that might give you stinky breath. I love garlic so its perfect for me! I have raved about Listerine before when I worked with them on the book review.

Thank you to Williams and Sonoma and Listerine for the gingerbread house and dental products for my reviewing purposes and for providing the giveaway package.

I have a live giveaway for you.

One person will win:

Williams-Sonoma No-Bake Winter Wonderland Gingerbread House Kit
This family-friendly kit includes a building tray for the house foundation, sturdy precut gingerbread walls and roof, and colorful candy decorations. Easily assembled, this is sure to create lasting holiday memories you and your loved ones will cherish.

Make Holiday Brushing Fun: *NEW* REACH by Design
Brush away gingerbread crumbs with the new exclusive brushes from REACH. Adults and kids alike will love the festive patterns that make brushing your teeth fun! Plus, the brush is designed to clean and remove more plaque in hard to reach places

For the Holiday Party: LISTERINE PocketPaks
Family get-together coming up soon? Keep this on-the-go solution for fresh breath with you at every occasion. These slender packs fit easily in your pocket or purse, so you’re always prepared to mix and mingle with friends and family!

Take Care of That Sweet Tooth: LISTERINE TOTAL CARE and LISTERINE Antiseptic
This holiday packaged duo is the perfect dop kit necessity. Plus, the individual travel-sized LISTERINE® Antiseptic and LISTERINE TOTAL CARE have germ killing action. Keep your family’s mouths germ free, while maintaining fresh breath and a healthy smile for those memorable holiday moments.

Mandatory Entry: Tell me a memory about making a Gingerbread House in the past
Then you may comment as many times as you want after the mandatory entry.
Comment #40 will win!

US RESIDENTS ONLY! (Sorry bout that)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Returns!

I love the show The Secret Life of The American Teenager. I have seen every episode! I know I am 28 years old and it is a show for teens. I can’t help but watch it. I think it so interesting. I wouldn’t recommend it for young kids though. I am so excited to find out that it starts up again on Jan. 4th! I will watch every week like I have ever since the first episode. I wonder what is going to happen this season. I bet it will be great. I hope they have a marathon of last season on before. They usually do. Yes I watch the marathons too lol! I am a dork like that. I love everything Secret Life. That is all.

I wonder when the third season comes out on DVD.

Martha, Martha, MARTHA!!

If only I were like Martha Stewart. For a long time I have loved Martha Stewart. Even when she went to jail I thought she was innocent. From the moment I knew who she was until now I have enjoyed watching her and her ideas and recipes. I love the way she talks too. She is so interesting and brilliant. I guess I have always been a closet Martha. I mean granted I have always loved to cook, from the moment I was big enough to even help out. Growing up I was never really great at art. I hated art class. I was never really good at it. I am left handed so that is a pain for cutting. I never got “left handed” scissors. I could never make them cut. Yet, the teachers insisted on using them.

I loved cooking in school. I can still remember being in Jr. High in Mrs. Shrewsbury’s class making snickerdoodles and macaroni and cheese. That class was a lot of fun. Then in high school there was the infamous Foods class. I don’t think I will share that story in fear of incriminating myself and others involved. Really though it was nothing big. I did end up missing the Angel Food Cake Lab one day and I “had to” make it up in SRT (study hall) I never got to bring my Angel Food Cake home or even really eat hardly any. She took it and said it was the perfect angel food cake and she wanted other classes to taste it. I am just skilled like that. I ended up accidentally dropping a yolk in my egg whites but I got every speck out. I got like over 100% cause I got bonus points or something. As you all know cooking is a huge part of my life and one of my favorite pastimes. I love being in the kitchen. It is so much fun.

I used to never consider myself crafty. I thought being crafty was what older people did. It was something that Rosie O’Donnell would talk about on her talk show. I didn’t understand what the point was. I knew I wasn’t good at drawing. My stick figure people looked as if a six year old drew them and well I could cut too well, and about all I could do is color. I could make things out of Play-Doh but real clay forget it. So, crafty was out of the picture for me. I knew I would never be crafty. I couldn’t sew. I learned to sew a little bit from my Grandma Rose those were big stitches though. It just wasn’t me. I used to love to make candles. I was going to start doing that again but I never did.

My sister was the crafty one growing up. She would make Barbie furniture out of masking tape, she would make beads out of clay and she would make beaded things. She was the artistic one. If you compared her ceramics projects to mine it would be clear that she was much better at it than I was. I tried I just couldn’t get it. I think that is it partially because I was a perfectionist and if it wasn’t perfect I would scrap it and start over and I would never get it just right so that made it a fail. I had been like that for a while.

Then I became a mom and started getting interested in scrapbooking. I really liked it at first well, I liked the idea and all the little goodies that went with it. I started out by buying a fair amount of items. I didn’t make my first scrapbook page until a couple months later and my first card was made six months after I bought some stuff. But I ended up still buying stuff even though I had only done a few pages and a card or two. It was fun to pick out stuff. I eventually got in to it a lot where I was scrapbooking all the time. Now I am on a scrapping hiatus. I haven’t done a page in about 8 months! It’s not that I lack the materials, it’s the creativity and time. I have to be in a certain mood to create and it just hasn’t happened lately. So my stuff, my mountains of stuff, sit and wait for me.

I have ventured out in to making other crafts too. I make ornaments and embellished paperclips. I also make coasters and alter items. I still can not sew. I have always admired Martha Stewart and I think she has some great ideas. I was watching her last night On Demand and she made the cutest little gumdrop ornaments and all kinds of cool stuff. I thought it was cool to see her with her mom on a couple of the segments. I was curious to see how they interacted together. They were both the same.

I also like to watch Whatever Martha. I think it hilarious how they make fun of Martha’s show. I mean it was Martha’s idea from what she says in the opening credits. It makes you notice things about Martha that you might not before hand, for example the way she raises her eyebrow or how she is kind of grumpy at times.

I still love Martha Stewart and hope that I can hang out with her and cook and scrapbook with her. She sounds like a lot of fun. I subscribe to Martha Stewart Living and Body+ Soul. I like to look at Martha’s calendar for the month to see what she has going on. I really enjoy everything Martha!

Wordless Wednesday- Remembering Bryson

A fellow blogger tragically lost her 2 year old son on Monday. This Wordless Wednesday is dedicated to him. Please be sure to go to Momdot to see the whole prayer and candle train posted in his memory. Please take a few moments to pray for Shellie and her family. Shellie, we all love you and are here for you always.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Puzzle Name 2 tier Step Stool from Bea's Gift Baskets and Gifts Review!

Our kids are growing up in a world that they are just too small for sometimes. They can’t reach the sink to brush their teeth or wash their hands. They have to have someone pick them up and hold them to do these tasks. Of course there are times it is good that your children can’t reach the counter or sink. I suggest that every child has a step stool. They are helpful when they need to reach something.

We always do a lot of holiday cooking and baking. This year I think that Noah is big enough to help out with simple tasks. I have cooked with him before. Although it was lots of fun it was kind of a pain because he is just so small. I can’t wait to have him stand on his little step stool that I got to review from Bea’s Gift Baskets and Gifts. He is going to stand next to me while we bake.

I have been buzzing about Bea's lot lately. I have been talking about the gift baskets but they also sell step stools. These step stools are hand crafted out of fine wood. They also have a puzzle on the top of the step stool with your child’s name on them. They are completely made to order. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to make but trust me it is totally worth it. The staff at Bea’s was wonderful and I was updated on the status of my stool from the time that I ordered to the time I opened the box.

When Noah’s stool came I was so excited I was excited all day to see it. UPS brought it to my house and I opened the box. I took it out with Noah standing right next to me. He saw it and immediately said that’s my name. He must of done the puzzle like twenty times before it was time for bed. He stood on the stool some too. It is a strong step stool. It even held me. Of course it is a child’s stool and is meant for a child not for adults.

Noah loves his new step stool. He enjoys the puzzle and likes to be big and tall. I like it because it is well made. Plastic step stools make me nervous. Plastic isn’t very strong and it can crack easily without warning. I have had plastic step stools flip over and crack on me when I was younger. So I am very happy to have such a great step stool that is sturdy and fun for him to use. It is Noah’s size. He can get climb up it with ease and climb down easily.

So with the help of this cool step stool and Bea’s Gift Baskets and Gifts, Noah can now reach the sink and the counter by himself. He is at the age where he is becoming much more independent. This is a great tool to help him do so. The stool is put away for only the times that he needs it or he’d turn on the sink and go swimming in the bathroom. That would be a complete disaster. So it is in a closet where he can’t get it out unless I am with him. The step stool would be a wonderful gift for that special child in your life for any occasion. If you are looking for a gorgeous step stool for your child that is well made and very sturdy please check out Bea’s Gift Baskets and Gifts.

Don’t forget to check out all the other gift baskets and great baby gifts. They are constantly adding new items so check it out often.

Thank you to Bea’s Gift Baskets and Gifts for sending me a complimentary Step stool to review. Noah thanks you too!

You are invited to Bea's Gift Baskets and Gifts Holiday Twitter Party!!

Grab a cup of hot chocolate and don’t skimp on the marshmallows and join us for a holiday Twitter Party with Bea’s Gift Baskets and Gifts on Monday December 14, 2009 at 8 pm Eastern. We will be sharing gift ideas with each other, chatting, answering questions and there are great prizes. I hope that you can take some time to come hang out with us and learn a thing or two about great holiday gifts and more about Bea’s Gift Baskets and Gifts. It’s just a little break from all the hustle and bustle of the shopping and running around preparing for the holidays. December is such a fun month but boy can it be hectic. So, I invite you to come share in the fun and help us celebrate the holidays!

The prizes include Gift Baskets from Bea’s Gift Baskets and Gifts, Ciao Italia Five Ingredient Favorites cookbook, Food To Live By Organic Cookbook, Cooking up Holiday Fun Christmas Ornament ,$10.00 Starbucks Gift Card, a pack of holiday ring pops, a coupon for a free pack of Nancy's appetizers, and a five pack of incense and more.

To participate Just log in to Twitter on Monday December 14th 2009 at 8 pm and chat with us and answer the questions! You need to tweet with the hashtag #beasgiftbaskets It would be really helpful if you added the following names on Twitter so you know who are hosting.






So tell all of your friends and We will see you there!

If you don’t have a Twitter account you can sign up for a free account and it only takes a few minutes!

Glade Holiday Collection Review and Giveaway

As I have mentioned before, I love candles. I love the ambiance that they create. I love the aroma of the candle and it just provides warmth and atmosphere. So when I had the opportunity to review two of the new Glade Holiday Candles I was really excited. I really like Glade products and I have many of them in my home. Glade of course is an air freshener company that makes candles, air fresheners and carpet deodorizers which I call Carpet Sprinkles. Glade has many different products and scents. One of my family’s Christmas traditions is buying a candle that smells like a Christmas tree. I love that tradition but there are many other holiday scents of candles I like as well.

Glade has different types of candles. The normal candles in a glass candle holder, the candles in the tins and the Scented Oil Candles. I think that the Scented Oil Candles are cool because when they are done they go out. You can re use the same base over and over with different scents too. I love the Glade commercials. My favorite one is the one where the lady tries to convince her friends that her candle is a boutique candle from France and the label is stuck to the back of her dress. One of her friends says what you have never heard of Gladay. I think the commercials are so funny.

I had the opportunity to try the Bayberry Spice Holiday candle and the Apple Cinnamon scented oil candle. The Bayberry Spice candle is in a beautiful glass holder that is perfect for my holiday décor. It smells wonderful. It is actually lit right now. I often use candles as decorations when they are not lit. It is my favorite color too! It is a strong scent but not over powering. I have noticed that some candles are really over powering or you have to almost burn your nose to smell anything. The Bayberry Spice has a spicy scent that reminds me of Christmases in the past. The Apple Cinnamon Scented Oil candle is great as well. My favorite candle scent is apple. I love the smell of cinnamon too. It reminds me of apple crisp when I smell it. It is warm and inviting and a sweet yet spicy aroma.

The great thing about Glade candles are they are inexpensive. There is usually coupons in the Sunday paper to help you save even more. You can afford to put a Glade candle in every room. You can even afford to burn them all day. I like those expensive candles that you get at candle stores but since they are so expensive I can only get one at a time. I am much more careful about burning them too. Glade candles smell great and are very affordable for all of your candle needs.

I have a giveaway for you.

One very lucky reader is going to win an awesome gift basket from Glade full of great holiday goodies.

It contains:
• Two Glade Candles from the Holiday Collection, in Apple Cinnamon and Bayberry Spice
• Bellagio® Gourmet Cocoa Chocolate Truffle, a true liquid chocolate bar
• Home Classics® Fleece Throw
• Mineral Bath Soak Stress and Tension by The Village Company, made from natural lemon oil, rosemary, and eucalyptus,
• A Holiday favorite, The Polar Express DVD
• Woven Strap Small Shelf Tote, great for both stylish display and storage of accessories

That would be a great gift for someone or a great family gift for your family.

Thank You to Glade and SC Johnson for the two complimentary candles I received for reviewing purposes and for providing the gift basket for the giveaway.

Mandatory entry: Go to the Glade Website and tell me your favorite Glade scent
You must do the mandatory entry to receive the bonus entries.

Bonus entries:

Subscribe to my blog via email. You must verify it. I have had to disqualify winners for not verifying.

Follow my blog

Follow @sheilacakes7 on twitter and tweet about this giveaway and please include the link to this post. This may be done once a day.

This giveaway is open to US Residents ONLY

This giveaway ends on December 15, 2009 at 11:59 pm ET

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oral B Stages Review

My son’s dental health is really important to me. There are so many choices of kids’ dental health products. Different toothbrushes and toothpastes with all kinds of characters and flavors of toothpaste. It is hard to know what is a good brand to try. I personally like Oral B because they have been around for forever and they have a great reputation. Since I only have one child I was clueless about what type would be best. I carefully looked at all of the choices and it was like it was written in a forgeign language. Which is the right size of toothbrush? When I saw a Thomas one that plays the Thomas theme song, I knew it was the perfect choice and bought it. What is the safest great tasting toothpaste that does its job? Since I couldn’t open up all the tubes of toothpaste and sample a small taste of each I went for the Thomas toothpaste. I figured that Noah would like it. So, that is
how I picked my son’s tooth care products until I learned about Oral B Stages.

I had the opportunity to review an Oral B stages toothbrush and toothpaste. Then I learned that there are different stages according to age and developmental needs along with dental needs. There are four stages:

Stage 1 is for 4 to 24 months: Teething can be unpleasant for everyone. Your baby needs something special that is really gentle on baby’s extra tender gums. During this time your child gets their first tooth and more teeth to follow. It is really important to start taking care of them as soon as they pop up.

Stage 2 is for 2 to 4 years: With small hands and a small mouth your child really needs a toothbrush that has the ability to help them manage brushing their new set of teeth.

Stage 3 is for 5 to 7 years old: Since your child is really getting the hang of brushing their teeth and maybe even experiencing a visit or two from the Tooth Fairy it is important they have a more mature toothbrush to match their growing mouths and bodies. Your child will start to get molars and those can be tricky to reach but with the right toothbrush it will be a snap!

Stage 4 is for 8 years and up: Your child will have a mixture of baby teeth and adult teeth. As you lose your baby teeth and your adult teeth take their place, your child will need a toothbrush that can really clean around gaps as he or she forms a dental care routine.

My son is in stage 2. He got a new Little Einsteins toothbrush and Winnie the Pooh toothpaste. My son loves to brush his teeth which is a good thing. It makes it easy on me. He likes to brush his own teeth. I of course take a turn after he does just to make sure he doesn’t miss anything hiding. Not to mention he is three , he tries to brush them. He is so proud of himself after every time he brushes. His teeth look great. They look really clean.

You all should check out Oral-B Stages' new program with Scrapblog. To educate parents about children’s oral health, Oral-B Stages and Scrapblog have partnered to provide parents a unique and easy way to document key 'Smile-Stages' in their children’s oral health development. Smile-Stages are important milestones in children’s oral health development, such as their first smile or the loss of their first tooth. A Smile-Stage is also a specific time of year when children’s oral health is especially important, like the Halloween and the holidays when kids are eating lots of sugary treats. Parents can capture their children’s best Smile-Stages moments by visiting Smile Stages and creating personalized multimedia scrapbooks that can be viewed and shared online.

I love scrapbooking so this is right up my alley. It would be great for those loved ones that live in other parts of the country or maybe even another country. My dad lives in England so this would be a cool way to share with him pictures of Noah.

Thank you to Oral-B for providing the complimentary Stage 2 toothbrush and toothpaste for my review.

Klutz Big Holiday Sale!

Remember my posts about Klutz? Well I wanted to share with you guys about a special sale they are having. You can get 25% off your order at There is no minimum purchase which is awesome! That is a great savings opportunity! I highly recommend the Kid’s Cooking Cookbook for all the young chefs in your life. I also recommend the Encyclopedia of Immaturity Volumes 1 &2 for anyone who is ages 9 to 99. Any of the Klutz books are really neat. I think that would be a fun job to have to sit around and come up with cool ideas and put them in books.

Here are the details of the coupon code:

BIG HOLIDAY SALE – 25% off your entire order (no minimum!)

The coupon code is HOLIDAY25 and expires on 12/16

- One time use per email address

- Not to be combined with other offers

- Expires 12/16/09

- Valid only at

Please shop this link to receive the savings.

Marriott Delivers Sweepstakes UPDATE!

This sweepstakes has been closed for entries and winners are being drawn and are being contacted. So be sure to check your email to see if you might be a winner! Once all winners have been verified, I will post the final results. Winners, I would love to hear about your travels and your stay with Marriott, so keep me posted! And if you didn’t win, don’t give up. Remember that Marriott is still giving away a Grand Prize 7-day vacation with spending money and three First Prize $250 TravelCards! Visit Marriott Delivers for additional details and your chance to win!

Thank you entering and Good Luck!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I wish computers were made like they were in the OLD days even though they were slow!

I have come to the conclusion that computers are not made like they once were. My grandparents had a Commodore 64 that I used to play games on. That computer lived forever. I remember playing on it for 10 years or so. Now a days it seems like it lives for a few years and then it dies. I bought an Acer Laptop off QVC in October 2007. I remember the day I received it. It was Halloween. I remember thinking Trick or Treat to me! Well it has not been a treat. It has been nothing but tricks. I know you are thinking that maybe a 2 year computer is a long life for it. Well why? Why is it that it becomes a $729 dollar paper weight after only a couple years?

My first problem was the battery would only last 20 minutes after having it for 3 or 4 months. I called and they sent me a new one after I fought tooth and nail for it. It wasn’t perfect but it worked. My second problem was when it malfunctioned in March 2008 5 months after I bought it. I ended up losing all my pictures on it because I had to reformat it. I had pictures of the Garlic Fest and other things that can’t be replaced. Then they told me I had a back up hard drive and to save everything to it. Then in July 2008 I had my screen break. I had to send it back on my own dime for shipping. I was still under warranty. It took forever to get it back. I immediately had to reformat it again. I have had to reformat it like 15 times in two years. Now my laptop has been over heating. It has been getting so hot that it burns my flesh. It will get so hot that it will turn off after a hour of use.

I called Acer tonight and the guy was no help. I know I was out of warranty and stuff but given my history with my defective laptop from hell you would think he would want to be some kind of help. Nope. I ended up crying on the phone. He talked so fast I could barely understand him or keep up. I don’t think that Acer gives a crap about their customers and never have. Every time I have called it has left me in tears. I wish there was a good laptop out there that wasn’t crap after months of purchasing it. It was never oh your computer sounds defective let’s back up your files and give you a new one. It is always been a sucks to be you attitude and it makes me sad.

Acer really needs better customer Service when apparently the laptop is defective. The guy from Acer knew it had problems he had my “file” in front of him and he said he saw it. He agreed it sounded defective but there is nothing he could do.

It sucks because I am a blogger and a computer is vital to me and I can not afford a new one or to get this demon spawn fixed even though it rolled off the line messed up.

How many recalls has Acer had for overheating computers? Like tons!

Wubbzy's Christmas Adventure DVD Live Giveaway

I had a giveaway a while back for the Wubbzy's Christmas Adventure DVD and one of my winners didn't respond. This DVD needs a home. It is a great DVD. So, I am going to do a live giveaway in hopes that it goes quickly.

Leave me a comment. Please keep it clean and nice. You can comment as much as you want.

Comment #30 wins.

Good Luck!

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, there’s magic in the air! Today, we brought in our Christmas tree and got out some of our Christmas decorations. We bought our tree yesterday and had it out side in a bucket of water. Yesterday we hung the lighted garland and the wreath. Noah oohed and ahhed over the lights and kept commenting on how beautiful the lights were. Today, he got really excited about having a tree in the house. We have this toy where Santa comes down the chimney. We got it when I was younger. I can’t remember how old I was but I remember playing with it. It was really cool to think about me playing with it as he spent an hour making Santa come down the chimney. He laughed and smiled the whole time as he played.

I showed him a snow globe that plays music and he thought it was really cool. He had me pick him up so he could get a better look at the mantle and the decorations on the entertainment center. He is really excited about Christmas. It is so much fun. He is adorable when he gets excited. He knows that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday too. He will tell you all about it. Well as much as he can. For his first Christmas he got the dvd God made Christmas. We started watching it before Christmas and it was his first dvd. I remember him being a few months old sitting in his bouncer being mesmerized at the sights. We love all of the Baby Faith DVD’s. It tells the story of Baby Jesus. I was going to let him watch it today, but I can’t find it. I want him to know the real meaning of Christmas. I hope I find it soon. I know he will enjoy it still.

We also made a craft. Noah is learning about patience and waiting for Christmas. I thought we should make a chain that counts the days till Christmas. Every day we tear off one of the links and count how many more days. Noah did a great job with the glue stick and had a lot of fun. I bought the stuff to make candy cane reindeer. I must say candy canes have gotten expensive. They were two dollars a box. I thought things were supposed to get cheaper. I guess not. The pipe cleaners I got were striped. They didn’t have any solid brown ones so I figured it would be the closest thing. I have come up with a few other fun Christmas crafts and decorations we can do together.

What are some fun holiday crafts do you do with your children? Maybe I will get some more ideas. Please feel free to share them with me.

Wal-mart Santa

We went to Wal-mart yesterday. We had gotten our groceries and managed to make it out without a scratch from the frenzied shoppers. After walking all over the place, avoiding the toys of course we went through the check out. Our cashier was an older man with long silver hair and a beard. He was really nice. As soon as it was our turn he started talking to us. Most cashiers will say “Hi, How are you?” not this one. He started talking to us. He was talking to Noah too. He told us that we missed it. I was curious I thought we missed something really huge. We did. He told us all about how Santa was there and asked Noah if he wanted to see Santa. Noah said NO! That is the typical Noah answer. The man told him about how Santa gives candy. Noah’s eyes got really big.

The man asked him what he wanted for Christmas and Noah started talking about presents and wrapping paper. They had a really nice little chat. He told us that Santa will be there every Saturday morning. As we were walking out my mom who was with us said I think he was Santa. I said maybe Santa moonlights at Wal-mart. She thinks he is the Wal-mart Santa. I did notice a twinkle in his eye. There was something magical about him. So maybe we talked to the Wal-mart Santa disguised as a Wal-mart cashier.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blockbuster's Dysfunctional Families Trivia and Giveaway

The Holiday Season is officially here! That means lots of great food and shopping and gifts and of course your family. To help you cope with the holidays, I have teamed up with Blockbuster to remind you that your family might not be as dysfunctional as you think. Blockbuster has composed a list of Dysfunctional Family Movies for you to enjoy.

The list of movies are Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Scent of a Woman, Hannah and her Sisters, Nobody’s Fool, Home for the Holidays, Pieces of April, The Ice Storm, and The House of Yes. Blockbuster has also complied a fun trivia game for me to share with you. All of the questions have come from these eight movies.
Here are the questions:

1. In Nobody’s Fool, Paul Newman’s character Sully lives in a rooming house owned by?
A. His eighth-grade teacher
B. His ex-wife
C. His doctor
D. His childhood neighbor

2. In Nobody’s Fool, Paul Newman’s character Sully is best friends with a mildly retarded handyman named?
A. Bernard
B. Rub
C. Lenny
D. Catch

3. In Planes, Trains and Automobiles, how does Steve Martin’s character Neal meet annoying salesman Del (John Candy)?
A. They share a cab to the airport.
B. They get trapped in a hotel elevator together.
C. They sit next to each other on a plane.
D. They meet as distant relatives at a family reunion.

4. After a few too many drinks in Home for the Holidays, Geraldine Chaplin’s character Gladys confesses?
A. She used to be a burlesque dancer.
B. Her long-ago lust for Henry.
C. She has been married four times.
D. Her mother never loved her.

5. In Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino’s character Frank, who is a blind, retired army colonel, intends to visit his family, have a few terrific meals, sleep with a beautiful woman and, finally?
A. Commit suicide
B. Undergo an experimental eye surgery
C. Move to an isolated cabin in the woods
D. Fall in love for the first time

6. When Katie Holmes’ character April decides to cook a Thanksgiving feast for her family in Pieces of April, what occurrence threatens to ruin her meal?
A. Her electricity goes out.
B. She forgets to thaw the turkey.
C. She gets the flu.
D. Her oven doesn’t work.

7. In The Ice Storm, Christina Ricci’s 14-year-old character Wendy is obsessed with what subject matter?
A. Animal autopsies
B. Socrates
C. The Watergate scandal
D. Snow

8. Michael Caine’s character Elliot in Hannah and Her Sisters is married, but spends the majority of the film lusting after?
A. His wife’s sister Lee
B. Lee’s live-in boyfriend Frederick
C. His wife’s sister Holly
D. His ex-wife

9. In Hannah and Her Sisters, Diane Wiest’s character Holly is a recovering?
A. Alcoholic
B. Co-dependent
C. Cocaine addict
D. Bulimic

10. Where does Josh Hamilton’s character Marty Pascal meet his fiancé Lesly in The House of Yes?
A. The grocery store
B. A doughnut shop
C. On the subway
D. During a date with another woman

11. In The House of Yes, Parker Posy’s character Jackie is obsessed with:
A. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
B. William Shakespeare
C. Her brother’s finance
D. Civil War reenactments

Thank you to Blockbuster for providing me with two complimentary dvds and providing the Dysfunctional Families Prize Pack for the giveaway.

I also have a giveaway for you.

One (1) lucky reader will win a Dysfunctional Families Prize Pack which contains two (2) of the eight movies from the list above and a ten dollar Blockbuster gift card.

Mandatory Entry: Answer the trivia questions.

If you don't know just guess as the drawing will be random and it just for fun. Please answer 1. Q 2.Q

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Holiday Celebrations Large Gift Basket from Bea's Gift Baskets and Gifts Review!

I have yet another wonderful gift basket from Bea’s Gift Baskets and Gifts. Bea’s Gift Baskets and Gifts is an online store that sells amazing gift baskets. I have always loved gift baskets especially at Christmas time. I always liked to look at them at the stores. They don’t hold a candle to the great gift baskets at Bea’s Gift baskets. They are the perfect holiday gift with tons to choose from you can get something for everyone. They also have great corporate gift baskets too for those of you that have employees to shop for. They even have discounts for corporate orders. You will amaze your loved ones or your employees or clients with these gift baskets.

The staff are so helpful and the customer service is really the best. They are so caring and prompt. They will put a smile on even Scrooge’s face.

This time I got the Holiday Celebrations Large Gift Basket. It was full of all kinds of goodies. It has everything from Veggie Spread to Salami and Summer Sausage to candies and chocolate. There is even some Wolfgang Puck Coffee! This gift basket is a plethora of delicious treats. I was once again very impressed with the gift basket I received. I knew that the gift basket was going to be great but I was still very impressed at the size of the basket and the goodies in the basket.

Noah’s eyes were huge when he saw the basket. He was telling me about all the candy in the basket. There was some decorative Holly in the basket and Noah calls them Holly balls. I told them that they are Holly Berries. The presentation was absolutely perfect. Everything was artistically placed. You can tell they put time and care in to putting them together. He wanted to dig right in to the basket and consume everything. We both love sweets and snacks. It must have been because I ate a lot of sweets and snacks when I was pregnant with him. I am so happy to have the opportunity to receive another gift basket.

My sister and Mike came over for Thanksgiving. I showed them my new gift basket and I thought Mike was going to fall over from all the goodies I showed them. They really liked the gift basket too. I kept an eye on the basket in case my sister decided to help her self. Thankfully she didn’t. I did share some Cheese Straws with her and Mike. They are so good. The quality is excellent. Everything is gourmet and fresh and delicious. I can’t wait to dig in some more and enjoy some more treats from Bea’s Gift Baskets and Gifts.

So please check out Bea’s Gift Baskets and Gifts for all your holiday gift needs. They also have gift baskets for all occasions and for everyone. They have FREE
SHIPPING on orders over $50 in order to help with the economy. The free shipping offer is only good in the US.

Thank you so much to Bea’s Gift Baskets and Gifts for sending me a complimentary Holiday Celebrations Gift Basketfor my review.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Macy's Believe campaign and $25 Gift Card Giveaway- 2 winners!

One of my fondest memories growing up was writing to Santa what I wanted for Christmas. I spent a lot of time carefully composing my Christmas list and waiting until Christmas morning. To this day, I still have trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve. It is just so magical. Christmas is my favorite holiday by far. I love the traditions and the togetherness and the whole idea of Christmas. I am happy to share with you Macy’s newest campaign, Believe, which builds on the great success of last year’s holiday effort to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This year, Macy’s is adding to the spirit of “Believe” with a national Santa Tour, an honorary National Believe Day, a “Yes, Virginia ” animated special, and a new TV commercial featuring Queen Latifah.

The nostalgic holiday campaign was inspired by the New York Sun’s famous “Yes, Virginia , there is a Santa Claus” editorial from 1897 and includes letter-writing “Believe Stations” in Macy’s stores across the country. For each letter received, Macy’s will donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, up to $1 million.
If you are not familiar with Make-A-Wish Foundation they help children with medical problems and critical illnesses by granting their wishes. It is a wonderful foundation with a great cause. I invite you all to gather with your children and sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and write a letter for each of your children to Santa. Even if they can’t write you can help. Santa won’t mind. Use this opportunity to help other children’s dreams come true by bonding with your children and mailing your letters to Santa at your local Macy’s. You can share with your children this little secret. If you mail your letter to Santa at Macy’s no stamp is required because Santa has a special delivery elf that goes and picks up the letters for him.

For more information please visit Macy's Believe Website.

I have a giveaway for you.

Two (2) winners will each win a $25 Macy’s Gift card

Mandatory Entry: Tell me if you are going to sit down with your kids and write a letter to Santa and mail it at Macy’s and one thing that will be on their list.
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Wife Swap issues!

I like to watch Wife Swap as I have told you before. It is on Monday through Friday on Lifetime a few times each day. Wife Swap has been on for 6 seasons I believe. I don’t understand why Lifetime only plays the same 15 episodes over and over and over there are so many other ones. It drives me crazy. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the same ones over and over. There are some I haven’t even seen but I know these 15 episodes by heart. Please Lifetime put on different episodes please! This one was on like three weeks ago!

I am also wondering when the NEW season of Wife Swap will be on ABC. I know it always starts later than the regular season but come on now. Last year it started on Halloween I think. Here it is December and where is my Wife Swap. The website says that new episodes are coming soon. It has said that since September. Anyone have any idea?

Marriott You Asked..We Answered $100 Travelcard Giveaway- 5 winners


I love to travel. When I travel, I like to stay in Marriott Hotels. I like Marriott because they are always clean and friendly and I know when I stay at one the service will be wonderful. They have quite a few braches of hotels. A few of them are Courtyard,Residence Inn and Spring Hill Suites. There is a Courtyard Inn in Macon Georgia I have stayed at more times than I can count. Growing up it was always our stopping point for the night when we were going to Florida.

My friend and I took a trip to Macon and I recommended that we stay at that same Courtyard. There is a really nice Residence Inn in Virginia Beach that is amazing. I really liked staying there and hearing the ocean as I fell asleep and the ocean view was great. I have also stayed at Spring Hill Suites. They are as impressive. I love Marriott Hotels and I stay at one anytime possible. Not to mention my whole family are members of the Marriott rewards club. If you aren’t a member I suggest you sign up. It’s free and you can earn free hotel nights.

I have some really exciting news to share with you all. First here is a letter from Marriott Hotels.

At Marriott, we’re always looking for ways to serve our guests better. That’s why the new Marriott was developed through a two-way dialogue between Marriott and thousands of our customers. The results? Search front and center. Improved navigation. A more modern and elegant look and feel. And, of course, enhanced functionality overall.

It just goes to show that only good things can happen when a huge organization like ours takes the time to listen to our individual guests to find out how to better serve them. They helped us create something better. It’s also the reason why we’re calling our new campaign, “You asked. We delivered.”

To celebrate the re-design and get the word out, we’re running a promotion that gives Sheilacakes visitors a chance to win a $100 Marriott TravelCard. Entering is easy, just watch the video below and share your thoughts with Marriott in the comment section. On Tuesday, December 8th, Marriott will select five lucky winners at random from my comments.

That’s right FIVE (5) of you are going to win a $100 Marriott TravelCard Gift Card for being a reader of my blog!

All you have to do is watch the video above and leave a comment sharing your thoughts with Marriott on this post.

One (1) entry per email address, per comment specifically relating to the posted video (any posts not relating to the video, as determined by Sponsor, Sweepstakes Administrator, and/or the Sweepstakes Blog in their sole discretion, will not count towards an entry) You must leave your email address in your comment. I am not picking the winners and I want it to be easy for the folks at Marriott to contact the winners.

Sweepstakes ends next Monday December 7,2009 at 11:59:59 P.M. ET. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open only to legal residents of 50 US (incl. D.C., excluding Puerto Rico). The winners must be 19 or older and 21 in Mississippi. See Sweepstakes Rules & Regulations for details.

I would like to thank Marriott for providing the five travelcards for my giveaway. I received nothing for this post.

To learn more about the new design and to enter for a chance to win one of three $250 Marriott TravelCards and the Grand Prize of a 7-night vacation (plus $1,500 for travel expenses) visit MarriottDelivers.