Saturday, November 28, 2009

Scholastic’s Treasury of 25 Fairy Tales, Magic, and More DVD set Review!

Growing up I loved to read books. Scholastic books were always ones I liked to read. I remember when my teachers would send home the order forms for me to order books. It was always fun to pick out a couple books to purchase. My mom is a teacher too so we always had Scholastic Books at home. One of my favorite stories was Strega Nona. I always thought it was a cool book. I loved how she could magically “cook” spaghetti from her magic pot and how much trouble Big Anthony got in for touching the pot. It was a story my mom liked to teach her students. She made up a song about Strega Nona and we still sometimes sing it today. Noah doesn’t like the song. It’s pretty scary if you ask me honestly. Don’t tell my mom I said that though.

So when I had the opportunity to review Scholastic’s Treasury of 25 Fairy Tales, Magic, and More DVD set, I was really excited. I was happy to see that I would be able to watch Strega Nona and share the story with my son. I am so glad to see that they have brought all kinds of stories to life. I know that through your imagination they come to life but seeing them come to life through another person’s imagination is a great experience. There are all kinds of stories on DVD from Scholastic. It reminds me of when I was in Elementary School and we would occasionally watch a video of a book during Library.

We love the Treasury of 25 Fairy Tales, Magic, and More DVD set. I was so eager for my son to be able to watch them all. I am one of those moms who wants to share things from my childhood with my son. There are certain things I want him to see and do and certain traditions I want him to take a part in. Books and movies are definitely one of them.

Watching the Treasury of Fairy Tales, Magic, and More, I reminded me of my childhood and reading and hearing these stories that I had heard back then. Some of them I had forgot and some of them I remember like it was just yesterday.

Noah was hearing and seeing them for the first time. He sat on my lap part of the time and he also would just stare at the stories with his full attention. It was really cool to see his response to the stories. He loves for me to tell him stories and read him books. I am so lucky to be able to share with all of you about these wonderful DVD sets. They are so wonderfully done. They use the same illustrations as the books. Something else really cool is you can select the read along option if you have a child learning to read or wants to read along. I will be using that feature in the future. Some of the stories are also animated.

They are something that would be great for a holiday or birthday present. I think the Treasury of 25 Fairy Tales, Magic, and More DVD set is the perfect addition to any family’s DVD collection. You will probably remember some of the stories too and be reminded of your childhood just as I was.

For more information and to find out where you can purchase these, Please visit here.

Thank you so much to Scholastic for providing me with the Treasury of 25 Fairy Tales, Magic and More DVD set to review.

Hello Kindness? Are you out there?

You know that old saying nice guys finish last? It is true. I feel like not only do I finish last but I end up being hurt before I finish. I just don’t understand why no matter how hard I help someone or whatever nice thing I do it always kicks me in the pants later. You would think by now I would be cynical and mean but I can’t bring myself to do that. I can’t stop caring or helping others just because I always end up getting the short end of the stick. Not to sound like I am bragging but I know I am a good person. I would do anything to help someone in need. I do as much as I can. I remember I knew this girl that didn’t have food for her son so what did I do? I cleaned out my cabinets and gave her a big box full of food. I would rather go hungry than see a child go hungry. That ended in disaster. It wasn’t that she thought I was being rude or anything. She gladly accepted the food with open arms.

There have been many many other times I have done things for people and even gone places I didn’t want to go because they wanted to go but not alone. I could think of a million other things I would rather do than go to a car auction or a flea market. I went anyways because I wanted them to go. I ended up getting really overheated at the car auction. I did so many things for that person and I end up being treated like crap. I still don’t know what I could of possibly done and probably never will. Honestly, I didn’t do anything wrong. I would help anyone if it was possible for me to do so. If I couldn’t help say financially, I would figure out a way for them to get the help they needed. I am not asking for people to shower me with praise or even throw me a parade. Just that they don’t forget what I did, having a part in helping make someone’s dream come true. A simple thank you and not treating me like I am like a Kleenex when you are done would be great. Sometimes I can really related to the song Scars by Papa Roach.

Those are just a small sampling of things I have done. I have done them out of kindness. I just never expected my kindness to be taken for granted over and over and over again. I guess I should expect it now. I still have hope though. My grandma was the most wonderful woman; she would do anything for anyone. I guess I am following in her footsteps. I always look for the good in people. That was how I was raised and taught to be. I believe there is kindness and good in everyone. Well, there are a few exceptions but for the most part that is what I believe. I look for the beauty in people. Beauty is more than just an outward appearance it is found within too. I am teaching my son the same values and morals that I was taught.

I think it is really important to teach my son that everyone is special and that it doesn’t matter what they look like or what race or religion someone is. What matters is their heart. I am teaching him that people’s actions and thoughts are way more important than they way they look. I have a whole theory about this. It will have to wait for another post though. I just don’t understand why people treat me like crap. I don’t deserve it. I will have to keep hoping there will be others out there that will treat me the way I treat them. The standard Golden Rule is Treat people like you want to be treated. I wish more people lived by that same rule as I do. Sadly, a lot of people don’t. I don’t understand why they don’t.

It’s not hard to treat people with respect and kindness. There is so much hate in the world that we can’t control so I think that people should do their part to help there be peace and kindness. Most of the hate and mean spirited things are things that are so trivial that in the big picture it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what someone else has that you don’t. It doesn’t matter if someone is different than you. Everyone is different and that is great. Those differences don’t give you a reason to hate them. We need to embrace each others differences and learn to co-exist peacefully together. How hard is that really? Not at all in my opinion.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PBS Sprout Thanksgiving Call-in number

As I mentioned before Sprout is having their phone lines open so your Sproutlet with the permission of a grown up Sprout can call in and tell the on air host of The Sunny Side Up Show what he or she is thankful for LIVE!

Please note that the phone number will not be active UNTIL 8:45 am Eastern Time on Thanksgiving Morning.

The number is 1-877-91CHICA

Noah and I look forward to hearing what your Sproutlets are thankful for!

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Kodak has started a new tour called Kodak save $110 tour. The idea behind the tour is that your family on average will save $110 a year by using the Kodak All in One printer. The money belongs in your wallet not your printer. I know how expensive printer cartridges can be. Some of them are up to 30 dollars. The tour is part of Kodak’s marketing campaign Print and Prosper reinforcing how Kodak¹s All-in-One inkjet printers are revolutionizing the inkjet printer business by offering the lowest total ink replacement cost in the industry ($14.99 MSRP for color and $9.99 MSRP for black).

To find out what cities the tour will be arriving to next check out and follow the tour here. They might be coming to your city soon!
Over the Thanksgiving holiday the tour will be in Florence AL, Huntsville AL, Hattiesburg, MS and Baton Rouge LA. If you are in those areas you should go and check it out.

For more information check out Print and Prosper to learn more about Kodak
printers and for special savings.

I have a giveaway for you.

One really lucky reader will win a 110 dollar VISA gift card. The dollar amount ($110) correlates with the "Kodak Save $110 Tour" which is traveling across the country to show how families can save on average $110 per year on ink with Kodak's All-in-One inkjet printers. The gift card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. That is a huge prize. I am sure it will help someone out with holiday shopping.

Mandatory Entry: Check out the Print and Prosper website and tell me what you learned or a printer you would like.

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I received nothing in return for this giveaway. Thank you to Kodak for providing the VISA card.

This giveaway is open to US Residents only

This Giveaway will end December 7, 2009 at 11:59 pm ET.

Good Luck!

Glade Sense and Spray Review

I have mentioned before that my son is now in a toddler bed and has free reign of his room. I took out his dresser for the time being because he would pull everything out and I had major trouble trying to get his dresser anchored. He used to have a Glade Light Show air freshener in his room. Now that I don’t have a place to set up an air freshener that plugs in, I needed something else. It was really hard to find something that didn’t have to be plugged in. The only thing I could find is those gel air fresheners in the cone shape. They are not my favorite thing to use. I love Glade. So when I had the opportunity to review the Sense and Spray I was excited. Glade is a brand that I have trusted for years.

The Sense and Spray is an automatic air freshener and odor eliminator that has a motion sensor and goes off every 30 minutes and it won’t go off again unless you push the boost button. It has a sensor up to five feet. That way you aren’t freshening a room with no one in it and you aren’t wasting the product.

I wasn’t sure where I was going to put the Glade Sense and Spray when I knew it was on the way. I didn’t decide until it was in my hands and I was looking at the package. It is battery operated! That means I can put it in my son’s room. First I thought about the closet and then I realized that it wouldn’t be a good spot. So I ended up putting it on the shelf on the wall high enough that my son couldn’t reach it. The set up was a breeze. It didn’t take long at all.

I tried the Clean Spring fragrance. It smelled really good. The Glade Sense and Spray gives off the right amount of scent each time. No more using a spray and using so much that you end up tasting it when you breathe. I am sure you all know what I mean. It works to get rid of any odors in the room. I was really pleased with the ease and the scent. I don’t have to worry about doing anything or worry about my son getting in to it.

It is pretty loud though when it sprays. The first few days, my son would say “Yikes” every time it would go off. I wish it was quieter. Now it has become something he likes. He will say “Do Yikes” and laugh. The sound has startled me some too. It kinda catches you off guard. I have jumped a few times myself. Other than the noise I really like the Glade Sense and Spray. The batteries are brilliant.
It is the right solution to my odor eliminator problem.

You can find the Glade Sense and Spray at stores near you and it comes in some of the popular Glade scents. There are also refills for the system so you can change up the scents.

Thank you to Glade for sending me a complimentary Sense and Spray to try out and enjoy.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Marcal Paper goods review

Noah loves paper towels. He will ask for one when he is eating and he gets messy. He will specifically say paper towel please. He doesn’t say napkin or anything else it is always paper towel. It is really cute. It is so funny to watch him carefully wipe his hands and mouth and occasionally his booster tray. Most parents go through a lot of paper towels when their kids are messy so why not use one that is made completely out of recycled paper? Since you use them anyways why not look for and use a brand that is green and instead of cutting down trees the company reuses the paper.

Some companies claim to use recycled paper and only use a percentage. Marcal uses 100% recycled paper in their products. Marcal makes two kinds napkins and two sizes of paper towels. Marcal makes every day napkins and beautiful dinner napkins. They also make 100% recycled toilet paper and facial tissue. Marcal is very concerned about the environment. Here are some green facts they wanted me to share with you.

According to the Resource Conservation Alliance Every person in the US uses approximately 800 pounds of paper each year! Holy Cow if that right there doesn’t make you want to recycle and use 100% recycled products.

Each of us uses approximately one 100-foot-tall Douglas fir tree in paper and wood products per year. – American Forest and Paper Association

For every 17 trees saved, you are helping the earth absorb 250 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually. – AmeriFlow Recycling Inc.
A single tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year. That means two mature trees can supply enough oxygen annually to support a family of four. – U.S. Department of Agriculture and Bombay Natural History Society

Half of the world’s forests have already been cleared or burned, and 80% of what is left has been seriously degraded. – Environmental Paper Network

One tree can absorb as much carbon in a year as a car produces while driving 26,000 miles. – U.S. Department of Agriculture and Bombay Natural History Society

The average U.S. office worker produces two pounds of paper waste per day. – Envirowise

To manufacture one pound of paper requires three and a half pounds of wood and produces three pounds of carbon dioxide. – Nature Canada

Discarded paper is one of the largest contributors to methane emissions from landfills. (Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 20 times more potent in its effects than CO2). – Ernest Mayer, “What Evolution is 2001”

An EPA study concluded that “Federal subsidies of virgin paper product undoubtedly cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars. – Federal Disincentives: A Study of Federal Tax Subsidies and Other
Programs Affecting Virgin Industries and Recycling (Washington, D.C.: EPA, August 1994), p.5.

All of those facts are scary. I mean not only do we have to preserve our trees for oxygen, but also for beauty and for animal’s homes. It really doesn’t take much to recycle and purchase recycled products. Marcal paper towels aren’t more expensive because they are recycled. You can normally find coupons in your local Sunday paper for them. There really is no reason why you shouldn’t help the Earth.

I had the opportunity to review some Marcal Small Steps Paper towels, Napkins and Dinner napkins. When I first used them I noticed the quality and strength of the paper towels. Let’s face it I am the mom of a three year old little boy who can be a messy little guy. Some paper towels don’t withstand his messes. He is very independent and likes to do things for himself, like eating for example. Now he doesn’t like to have food on him so like I said he asks for a paper towel but that also means he likes to clean himself up if he can. They are strong and absorbent as well.

My favorite quality is of course that they are made of recycled paper. That is the most important thing. A lot of paper towels have pretty little designs inked on them. Marcal doesn’t have that. They however have hearts “embroidered” in the paper towels. When I look at them it reminds me that Marcal loves the Earth. Each roll lasts a long time because you do not constantly need a bunch of paper towels to get the job done.

We like the napkins as well. I am going to be using the dinner napkins for our Thanksgiving dinner because they are so nice looking. They are definitely versatile. You can use the dinner napkins for a picnic or for a special holiday feast. I use the everyday napkins all the time; usually for what I call smaller messes. If my son needs to wipe his face or has a little food on himself I hand him a napkin to get cleaned up. I think I will stick some of the everyday napkins in the car. They are so much better than those scratchy itchy fast food napkins that everyone has in their consuls.

Check out Marcal paper products and help a tree. For more information please visit Marcal’s website. Look for Marcal Small Steps paper towels and napkins in a store near you.

Thank you to Marcal for sending me some complimentary paper towels and napkins for my family to try out.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Pregnant Turkey

My fabulous friend Brandon sent me this joke in an email today. I thought I would share it with you all. I have no clue who wrote it and I am not saying I or Brandon did. I thought it was so funny. There is my disclaimer! Enjoy!

The Pregnant Turkey!

One year at Thanksgiving, my mom went to my sister's house for the traditional feast. Knowing how gullible my sister is, my mom decided to play a trick. She told my sister that she needed something from the store. When my sister left, my mom took the turkey out of the oven. She removed the stuffing, stuffed a Cornish hen, inserted it into the turkey, and re-stuffed the turkey. She then placed the bird(s) back in the oven. When it was time for dinner, my sister pulled the turkey out of the oven and proceeded to remove the stuffing. When her serving spoon hit something, she reached in and pulled out the little bird. With a look of total shock on her face, my mother exclaimed, 'Patricia, you've cooked a pregnant bird!' At the reality of this horrifying news, my sister started to cry. It took the family two hours to convince her that turkeys lay eggs!
Yep..................SHE'S BLONDE!

Just a little memory of mine

I used to love watching Soaps. I was a huge Days of Our Lives fan. I haven’t seen it in a very long time though. I started watching it when I was in the 6th or 7th grade with my sister. I fell in love with the story where Marlena was possessed and the evil Stephano was around. I loved to watch Day’s when ever I could. We would actually tape it on the days we had school. It was a guilty pleasure of mine. So lately I have been thinking about Days a lot. Even so much I looked up Deidre Hall on Twitter and even tweeted a couple times to her.

Back in the day, I don’t remember what year it was but it was a long time ago. Lol. My cousin was getting married in Virginia Beach. He was in the Navy and that was where he was stationed. I remember talking with my family about the wedding and some of my family knew how I liked to watch Days of Our Lives. So when I found out that Deidre Hall’s sister Andrea who used to be on Day’s was coming to the wedding I was so excited. Of course I was excited that my cousin was marrying such a nice woman too.

I found out that growing up her husband and my uncle Steve were really good friends. He was the best man at their wedding and all of that fun stuff. My grandparents knew him really well too. I think my mom did too but I can’t remember. Sadly, My uncle Steve had passed away. My uncle Steve was a great man who loved his family and friends a lot. I couldn’t ask for a better uncle. All of my mom’s brothers were/are wonderful people. Yes, even my uncle who lives in the mountains with all the dogs.

When I went to the wedding I was so excited. I was so star struck. I know she was just a normal person but it was a big deal to me. I hadn’t been watching Day’s long enough to ever see Andrea on the show but she was “Marlena’s” sister. She later returned to Day’s as Hattie. Anyone who knows what Hattie looked like I promise you that Andrea doesn’t really look like that. She looks so much like Deidre it is scary. Andrea is gorgeous.

Andrea and her wonderful husband ended up sitting at our table at the wedding. I ended up sitting next to her at the reception. We took pictures too. They are both really nice people. She gave my sister and I both autographed pictures of Deidre which I still have to this day. It was just really cool to meet her. I think my sister took her napkin as a keepsake.

I don’t know if she still remembers me or not. I do remember her and how much fun we had at the wedding. I am sure they will always both remember my uncle Steve. When my Grandma Rose passed away, I remember that they sent flowers or a plant. That time period is all a little fuzzy to me still. It was a very devastating time for me losing my grandma.

I just felt the urge to share this story with you guys. It has just been on my mind and I think it was totally awesome.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GlammaTOYS Review and Giveaway

My son like all other kids loves toys. That is his favorite thing for me to review. We had a chance to review a toy from GlammaTOYS. GlammaTOYS is a website where you can purchase all kinds of wonderful toys. They have so many to choose from. They even sell one of my favorite games, Bananagrams. My cousin got me addicted to Bananagrams.

I really like the selection of toys. They also have toys that are great for children with Special Needs including Autism, Down’s Syndrome and Learning Disabilities. You can check out their attention to special needs.

GlammaTOYS even has a special program for teachers and other educators called Educator’s Corner where you get a 10% discount and other special deals and emails. My mom is a teacher so, I know that a lot of the time the materials that teachers have in their classrooms are out of the teacher’s pocket. I think it is wonderful that GlammaTOYS offers them a discount. It is even free to join! What a great way to give back to our teachers. Here is more information on Educator’s Corner
including how to sign up.

You can earn Glammabucks in GlammaTOYS’ loyalty program. It’s really easy when you sign up for a customer account you are automatically enrolled for the rewards program. Just shop and for every dollar you spend you get 3,000 glammabucks reward points. They add up quickly and can be redeemed for instant GlammaTOYS gift certificates. Your points do not expire either. How cool is that? They really reward you for shopping with them. It’s not the normal 10 points a dollar it is three thousand. There are also special offers and free gift wrapping for qualified members. Psst…Teachers… You get double points if you sign up for the Educator’s Corner. Check out here for more about the Loyality program.

If that wasn’t enough to make you run to go shop, GlammaTOYS also has a Refer a Friend program. Here is how it works. For every person you refer you get a $5 gift certificate when your friend makes their first purchase. Your friend saves 10% on their purchase and has all the luxuries of being a GlammaTOYS shopper too. I am sure you and your friends will find wonderful educational toys for your children.

We had the chance to review the Kimochis Huggtopus Box. Kimochi is Japanese for feelings. The Kimochi family of toys were created to help children express their feelings which can be a hard thing to do as a young child. The Huggtopus is a stuffed octopus that comes with emotion cushions. The Huggtopus helps children identify and express their feelings. It calms and comforts and instills confidence. The Huggtopus comes with a story book too.

The day we received the Huggtopus, my son was so excited to open the box and see it. I had showed him on my computer what was coming a couple days before it arrived. So, when I told him it had arrived he was so excited. He wanted me to open the box and he stood right by me the entire time. Once he saw the Huggotpus, his eyes lit up and he smiled. I showed him the little feeling friends as I call them and he liked taking them out of their little bag and putting them back in again. He carried around the Huggtopus all day and even slept with it next to him that night. He likes to talk about him. We haven’t given him a name yet. That will come in time I am sure. I like how soft and cuddly the huggtopus is. You can’t help but want to hug it. It looks so friendly and sweet. We really love our newest stuffed addition.

For more information please visit GlammaTOYS. They have Free shipping on orders over $75. If you want to read about the free shipping please click here

Thank you so much to GlammaTOYS for sending me a complimentary Huggotpus for my son and I to review and providing the giveaway item too.

I have a giveaway for you.

One lucky reader will win their very own Huggtopus Box.

Mandatory entry: Go to the GlammaTOYS website and tell me something else you would love to get for the child in your life

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yoplait Less Sugar More Fun Review and Giveaway!

Yoplait is a well known brand of yogurt. A while back they came up with kid’s yogurt. There are quite a few different varieties of Yoplait Kids. The yogurt has 25% less sugar than the leading kid’s yogurt. It is a good source of Vitamin D. Yoplait Kids also has no artificial sweeteners or flavors. It is thick and creamy so it will stay on your child’s spoon. When my son was eating the yogurt he didn’t get as messy as he often does and the couple times he did spill, it was really easy to clean up.

We had the opportunity to try out Yoplait Kids yogurt because I am a member of My Blog Spark. My son loves it. We had a coupon for a free pack of kid’s yogurt. We got the Dora Strawberry and Strawberry & Vanilla multi pack. It had three cups in each flavor. My son started calling it strawberry because that is what I told him it was. He can be pretty persnickety when it comes to food sometimes. He now calls it strawberry yogurt. I put it in one of his little bowls. I love his little bowls they make it so easy for him to feed him self. I of course stirred it up so it would be smoother. I watched him shovel in to his mouth. He talked about how good it was. He asks for yogurt all the time now. We will have to add that to our shopping list.

We also got two kid sized plastic reusable spoons, a place mat, and a really cool little toy . He loves playing with the toy. So if you want a yogurt that you children will love. Please check out Yoplait Kids Yogurt with lower sugar.

Thank you to General Mills for sending me The Yoplait Less Sugar More Fun pack and providing two for the giveaway.

This coupon offer for a free six pack of Yoplait Kids yogurt is not valid in some states, including Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Tennessee.

Two (2) winners will each win The Yoplait Less Sugar More Fun pack from Yoplait.

The prize pack includes:
1 coupon for Yoplait Kids Yogurt
1 toy
1 place mat
1 little puzzle toy
1 cooler

Mandatory Entry: Tell me what your child’s favorite healthy snack is.

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Please note


Thanks :)

$5 Giftcard from It's All Free Online Giveaway!

I love free samples. Signing up for them has been a hobby of mine for quite some time. My favorite free samples have been from Makers Mark. When I signed up for their Ambassador program, I received two really nice cups and some swizzle sticks. Every so often they will send me an invitation to an event. Last Christmas, I received a random package from the mailman. I had no clue what it was. I opened it and it was wrapping paper with little bottles of Maker's Mark in snow flake patterns. I thought it was really cool.

My friend Matt owns a website called It's All Free Online. You can find the best free samples on his website. There are new ones added all the time. You can find something for everyone. The website is really easy to navigate and is kept up to date. Check it out for all your Freebie needs.

Matt is such a generous guy that he wanted my help to hold a giveaway.

One (1) person will win a five dollar gift card which can be used on any purchase on They sell almost everything. You can either have the gift code emailed to you or Matt will send you an actual Amazon Gift Card in the Mail. I personally prefer the code cause you get it faster. But the choice is up to the winner!

Thanks to Its All Free Online for giving me the opportunity to share his website with you all and providing the Amazon Gift Card.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Tremendous Tote Bag Giveaway from Bea's Gift Baskets and Gifts

Bea’s Gift Baskets and Gifts not only sells gift baskets but they also sell a bunch of adorable baby items. They have baby gift baskets of course but they also sell tote bags in pink trim or blue trim. The tote bag is called the Tremendous Tote Bag.

It would be a great gift for a new mom to carry around all the baby’s items in. I know my son’s diaper bag was always stuffed when we were going out for more than a couple hours. These are extremely spacious and they can hold a lot of stuff. Of Course you could also get this tote bag for your child or a friend or yourself.

From the Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts website:
The Tremendous Tote Bag is Big, Tough, Great Looking, with Great Features, you'll want one for yourself even. You may want to give one to all your friends. 21" Wide x 14" High x 7" Depth. Colored Straps Bottom & Top, Lined Interior for Easy wiping, Key Clip-No More Digging, Front Outside Pocket, Inside Zippered Pocket.

The tote bag would be a great beach bag or as a carry on bag for your next flight. Think of how many groceries you could hold in it. If you or a loved one does a craft such as knitting it would hold all the yarn and knitting needles. They are so cute. For only 40 dollars, it would be a good inexpensive holiday gift for a loved one.

Thank you to Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts for providing this Tremendous Tote bag for a giveaway. I did not receive anything for this giveaway.

One lucky winner will win a Tremendous Tote Bag from Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts in the winner’s choice of pink or blue trim. You can also get this tote bag personalized (up to 8 letters) if you would like.

Mandatory Entry: Go to Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts look around and tell me something else you would love to own. Please be specific.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

How To Make Your own Snuggie!

It seems like almost everyone has fallen love with Snuggies. You know what I am talking about those as seen on TV blankets with arms. I brilliantly figured out how to make my own Snuggie. I thought I would share it with all of you.

I am sure everyone has seen the commercials. I saw the Snuggie inventor on TV on How’d you get so rich? On TV Land. The cool thing about my homemade snuggies is you can make it with whatever print or color you want. It is really simple and fun. You probably already have the materials at home.

Here is a picture of one of my homemade Snuggies!

So why pay 20 dollars when you can make one for the fraction of the cost? That is just crazy if you ask me.

Materials you need:

A robe

Take the robe and turn it backwards and insert your arms in it. VOLIA! You have a Snuggie!
A snuggie is just a robe turned backwards! I told you I am BRILLIANT!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Help Ryan Newman by purchasing a special gift basket from Bea's Gift Baskets & Gifts

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines! Get a great gift basket and Help a wonderful foundation

I am so pleased to be able to share this with you. Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts has teamed up with Ryan Newman to work on a very special project. Bea’s has designed a NASCAR themed beautiful gift basket. The gift basket is for Ryan Newman Foundation. This gift basket is the perfect gift for the NASCAR fan in your life or even as a treat for yourself. Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts will donate all of the proceeds of the baskets to the charity. What a wonderful thing to be a part of. I am so excited to help spread the word of this for all of those in need.

Ryan Newman Foundation’s mission is to educate and encourage people to spay/neuter their pets and to adopt dogs and cats from animal shelters; to educate children and adults about the importance of conservation so the beauty of the great outdoors can be appreciated by future generations; and to provide college scholarship funding through the Rich Vogler Scholarship program to students interested in auto racing careers. This gift basket would be a great holiday gift for Ryan Newman fans. Ryan Newman also has a large hardback book called Pit Road Pets would be great for any age.
Animals are important. They need to be spayed and neutered to prevent overpopulation. There are many stray starving animals out there already, some who never find homes. We used to have a family of outdoor neighborhood cats that decided to live under our deck when I was in Jr. High. We would feed them and give them water to drink and even blankets when it was cold out. They would keep having kittens too. One day they stopped coming around. I like to think that a nice family either adopted them or took them to the Humane Society. Animal adoption is a wonderful thing. You should always look for pets to adopt at the Humane Society. All pets deserve a warm home where they are loved and taken care of.

Remember the song America the Beautiful? We really need to all do our part to keep it beautiful. Children need to be taught to recycle and not litter. It really upsets me when I see piles of trash by the road or on a river bank. It really doesn’t take much effort to throw something away. If there isn’t a trash can you can hold on to it until you find one. It is not a good thing to throw trash out your window when you are driving down the road. It isn’t safe and it is not good for the environment. I remember when I was little I went to Cocoa Beach and the beach was filthy. It was really upsetting to me. I waited so long to go to the beach and it wasn’t even a good trip because it was dirty. I still remember the condition the beach was in to this day. We have to preserve the Earth now for our children and grand children and great grandchildren. I know I don’t want anyone to live in a dirty world.

I invite you all to shop at Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts and purchase the special gift basket to help this wonderful charity. You can order them from the Bea’s website. So order yours today!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bea's Gift Baskets & Gifts Review


Do you have someone who is hard to shop for? Are you sick of buying the same old gift for your dad? How many ties does he really need? Do you have an office full of employees to get gifts for? Do you want something exciting and different? How about a gift basket from Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts? Bea’s makes gorgeous gift baskets. Not just the normal meat and cheese gift baskets. You know like all those other companies. Bea’s has something for EVERYONE from babies to grandparents.

Bea’s has beautiful gift baskets full of candy. Some with fruits, some of the gift baskets have the option of adding a movie or bookstore gift card. There are so many gifts to choose from. You could even pick what gift basket to get someone by their personality. The staff is always adding new baskets and gifts.

Everything is extremely fresh. Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts uses only the finest products. The presentations are spectacular. These aren’t the same gift baskets you might be used to. Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts has excellent customer service. They definitely put the customer first and treat them as they are part of their family. They will make sure you have a smile on your face because they truly care about their customers. The staff will go above and beyond to assist you.

I had the opportunity to review the Grand Italian Gourmet Gift Basket. It shipped so fast which was great. I was so impressed when I opened the box. I said wow. The basket was beautiful. The basket’s design was in it’s self a work of art. It was so impressive. I almost didn’t want to open it because it was so perfect looking. Even my son commented on how beautiful the basket was. I imagined how impressed someone would be when they were surprised with such a grand gift basket.

I opened the basket and I started marveling at all my goodies inside. There were two types of pasta, salmon, olive oil in an “oil can”, pasta sauce and so much more. Everything you would need for a traditional Italian dinner. There was even cake and cookies for dessert. It all looked so delicious. There were some decorations in the basket too. The fake grapes were immediately taken by my son to play with. He would talk about the grapes. It was really cute. I also wanted to mention that the basket itself is a nice strong basket. It is not one of those cheap flimsy ones that break easily. Just think of all the things you can do with your basket when it is empty.

We have been enjoying our goodies from our Grand Italian Gourmet Gift Basket. There is so much in the basket. Everything we have tried so far is delicious. The cookies are so good. As everyone knows my son is a cookie monster. It didn’t take long until he started asking me for a cookie. We are going to have a spaghetti dinner with the pasta and sauce soon. I can’t wait. I will definitely make my top secret homemade garlic bread to go with it. Did I mention how much I love garlic? It is my favorite.

I feel very lucky to receive of such a wonderful, delicious and gorgeous gift basket. Thank you so much to Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts for sending me such a great gift basket for my review.

So check out Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts for all of your gift basket needs. They have something for everyone and for all kinds of occasions such as Christmas, weddings, and birthdays. They also love doing corporate gift’s as well. Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts has FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50! If you want to delight your clients, family or friends please visit Bea’s Gift Baskets & Gifts. I know you will be very happy with your purchase and gift.

Happy 100th post to me!

This is my 100th blog post. I have come a long way so far. I know I have a lot to learn still. I would like to thank my readers especially the ones that have been reading since the beginning.I would also like to thank all my blogging friends for their continued support. There are so many of them. It would be hard to name them all. I have a lot of really cool things coming up in the future. I hope you continue to read my blog. I am really looking forward to many years to come.

To celebrate I am going to eat a Christmas tree cake. I thought about making cupcakes with Noah earlier but he wasn't in a good mood. He is better now. We laid in my bed together with pillows and my blanket and watched Dora before bed. I let him stay up and watch it tonight. I have a feeling that is going to become an every day occurrence which is fine with me. It is so fun to snuggle up with my little boy.

Happy 100th blog post to me and Many Many MORE to come!

Sweetly You Review and Giveaway!


I love good smelling lotions, body washes, and other toiletries. I could probably open my own store. I have so many of them. I like to change them up and use different things on different days so I like to have a wide variety of scents. I am a firm believer that good smelling lotion can make you feel better.

I had the opportunity to review three items from Sweetly You. Sweetly You is an online store that sells bath and beauty products. They have 50 scents and many different bath and beauty items such as lotions, bath salts and scrubs. They also sell Jelly Bellys. Sweetly You has 18 items for under ten dollars. There are even a few gift sets that would be a great gift for anyone who is in need of some pampering. Everything is a great price. You should definitely check out the specials and the low flat rate shipping. If you have family in other countries like I do Sweetly You ships world wide too! The holidays are coming up and it would be a nice little treat for a loved one.

I reviewed three items from Sweetly You. The first item was Coconut Lime Verbena Shea & Coco butter cream. The cream was wonderful. It is so thick and it smells wonderful. I really feel moisturized after using it. The scent is great. It is the perfect blend of coconut and lime.

The second item I tried was the Essential Sugar Scrub in Cotton Blossom. I had never used a sugar scrub before so it was interesting and different. I didn’t know what I was missing before I tried it. All of my dead dry skin was washed away and I was left with smooth pretty skin.

The third item I tried was my favorite. It was Foaming Bath Butter in Royal Pear. It works wonderfully with the Essential Sugar Scrub. The Foaming Bath Butter was luxurious and not like the body washes I was used to. It was really a treat to use. I loved the scent of pear. I don’t know what it is about the scent of pear that is just so great. But Wow I felt like I had spent the day in the spa after using these products. You should check them out and let them pamper you and make you feel relaxed and beautiful.

Thank You to Sweetly You for providing me with three complimentary samples to try for my review and providing the giveaway products too.

One of my lucky readers will win the Pomegranate Body Lotion Combination set which has a 4 ounce bottle of Sweetly You’s signature scent Pomegranate and a bag of Pomegranate Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Mandatory Entry go to the Sweetly You website and tell me something you would love to try.

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This giveaway will end November 25, 2009 at 11:59 pm ET

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Reflections of my pregnancy

In 2006 When I found out I was pregnant with Noah I was very excited but very scared at the same time. I had already had a miscarriage and I was worried that the problem that caused the miscarriage was still there. I had my miscarriage in 2003 because I had a septum in my uterus. When I had to get a D and C the doctor noticed that I had a septum in my uterus and tried to remove it. I started bleeding profusely and so he had to stop. I almost had to have a blood transfusion but thankfully my blood pressure kept going up and the bleeding stopped. I was supposed to go back and have a doctor inject dye in to my uterus for x-rays. I never got the chance to get it done.

My pregnancy with Noah was a very uncertain and scary one. I did not know if I was going to lose him too. I had my first ultrasound at 9 weeks. The septum was gone obviously but there were other problems going on. I had become very aware of my body during that time. I made many calls after hours to my doctor. During one of my visits I had to get the Quad marker test. I had a raised AFP level. It was only like half a point higher than normal but my doctor sent me to a specialist for a level 2 ultrasound at 18 weeks. I got to see every little organ and inch of my son. There was no sign of Spinal Bifida or anything wrong with him. I had always thought that Noah was a boy. I only came up with one name. So when the doctor asked me if I wanted to know the sex I wasn’t surprised when he said boy. Not only did I find out that I was having a boy but I also had Placenta Previa with the cord down there. That basically means not only was my placenta covering the cervix but the cord was under there too. That sent me in to higher risk than I was before.

No one knew if the Septum was still there or not. The specialist said that the placenta will probably move since it was still early. If it didn’t I would have to have a c-section. In order to check to see the placenta moved I had to go to the specialist every two weeks. So I got to see Noah all the time and see how he had grown. It never moved so the specialist scheduled me for an amniocentesis to check his lung development. They wanted me to have him as soon as his lungs were ready.

I had gone to the hospital a handful of times during my pregnancy and ended up being put on bed rest. I had to get shots to stop my contractions a few times. I hated those shots because they made me shake for like 30 minutes after getting them. The other two times I went was because I thought I was spotting. I lived in an apartment on the third floor so there were lots of steps and I wasn’t really allowed to leave except like once a week or to go to appointments.

One morning I woke up at 5:30 am to go to the bathroom and I had a huge blood clot so my mom and I left for the hospital. The whole way to the hospital I was freaking out because I couldn’t feel Noah moving. Finally I felt him moving and I was so relieved. The doctor on call called me was I was coming up to the hospital. She told me to go to Labor and Delivery. Any time you are pregnant and need to go to the hospital GO STRAIGHT TO LABOR AND DELIVERY. I wouldn’t mess with the ER. You get seen quicker and you just end up there any way. I get to the hospital and they start an IV and put on a fetal monitor. Everything was fine. They had no idea why I had the blood clot. They assume it was Noah kicking around too hard or something. My doctor had me stay until after Noah was born. Thank goodness for insurance because I have no idea how much a two week hospital stay plus delivery would cost!

They ended up doing the amniocentesis at the hospital instead of at the specialist’s office. I knew there was a numbing shot you could get so I thought why not. I thought it would be like a little prick and I was used to getting the shots to stop the contractions by this time. Nope it hurt and it didn’t even numb it. Don’t do it. So I felt both needles. The needle was HUGE. I was watching Noah on the monitor the whole time. He decided he didn’t like the needle and pushed it out. They checked the fluid level and they didn’t have enough. So I had to get another amniocentesis. Finally they got enough and his lungs weren’t ready yet. So we waited a week.

I spent my birthday in the hospital. I was pretty much on complete bed rest. The different doctors were telling me different things. One doctor when she was on call which seemed like every other day told me to call the nurse when I had to go to the bathroom. My doctor said I could go alone. At this point my IV was just capped and it was a safety precaution in case I had an emergency c–section. It was one less thing they had to do.

Most of the nurses were nice. I had a couple that I couldn’t stand. One of them I asked for her not to be my nurse again because she forced me to wear a huge pad when I didn’t need it. Anyone who has had a child knows what I am talking about. Let’s put it this way it was big enough to put my son on completely. So it was at least 21 inches long. I spent a lot of time watching TV and eating. They had pretty good food. It was like room service so you ordered what you wanted when you wanted. I got a lot of food brought in for me too.

Finally the big day came. I wasn’t allowed to eat after midnight the night before so I was starving before my c-section. I get in to the Operating Room and it is so white and sterile. I stop and stand in the doorway and say...I don’t wanna do this anymore. My doctor who I absolutely LOVE was like you don’t have a choice. I get prepped for my spinal block and when I get it I was in so much pain enough that I said a bad word. I apologized to my doctor. I felt like someone was stapling my spine. They laid me down and the anesthesiologist rubbed my forehead the entire time to comfort me.

My mom held my hand during the whole thing. All the sudden I felt tugging. Not painful tugging because you could cut me in half and I wouldn’t have known. I looked above the blue sheet and I saw him for the first time. It took him a moment to start crying but it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. They cleaned him all up and gave him to my mom to hold so I could see him. I had to wait a few hours to get to hold him which didn’t make me too happy. He was perfectly healthy and happy and he still is.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Movie Moments Pack Review and Giveaway!

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. We all know that General Mills makes the cereals Cheerios, Chex , Lucky Charms, and Wheaties to name a few. Well, I have a really cool promotion to share with you that I learned about, If you buy participating cereals (Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, and Reese’s Puffs). When you purchase two boxes of participating cereal you can go online to the Movie Cash Website and enter the codes found inside the box and print your movie cash. They are valid at many movie theaters in the United States. They are valid at both of the movie theaters by me.

I love movies. I love watching movies, and going to see them. Let’s face it though, going to the movies can be expensive ok it is expensive. Sometimes it is worth it to go a movie though. You don’t get the same experience as you do in the theater at home. I know I don’t have a huge TV with loud speakers. Even then you don’t have the magic of the movies at home. It’s like you are transported in to the movie because everything is almost life sized, which is something that doesn’t happen at your home.

There are some movies like The Lord of The Rings where you must see it in a theater because if you don’t you miss something. Gollum doesn’t sound as creepy at home. Sauran’s eye doesn’t give you that creepy effect like the big screen does. I know that people can’t afford to go to the movies as often as they used to.

So why not cash in on this promotion. I know I buy Cheerios anyway because my son absolutely loves them. Just think you can provide a nutritious breakfast or snack for your family and then take them out to a movie as a treat. You are happy, your kids are happy it’s a great thing for everyone. Don’t have kids? Movies are a great date night too.

We used our free cereal coupon on Banana Nut Cheerios. My son loves them a lot.
Thank you to General Mills for providing me with 4 Movie Cash Certificates and a coupon for a box of General Mills cereal and providing the same prize package for the giveaway.

I had the opportunity to be a part of this because I am a member of My Blog Spark.

I have a wonderful giveaway for you all.

One lucky person will win

Four (4) Movie Cash certificates (up to $12.00 a piece)
One coupon for a free box of any General Mills cereal (up to $6.00)

Mandatory Entry: Tell me your favorite movie as a CHILD.

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This giveaway will end on November 25, 2009 at 11:59 pm ET.

This giveaway is open to US Residents ONLY.

November PBS Sprout Update!

It’s November so it is time for another PBS Sprout update! I am a member of the Sprout Band of Bloggers so I get the opportunity to share what’s up on Sprout each month. November of course means Thanksgiving is coming.

PBS Sprout has a really cool programming schedule for Thanksgiving week. You can tell them what your Sproutlet is thankful for. It might even be on the scroll at the bottom of the screen starting Monday November 23rd 2009. On Thanksgiving morning your Sproutlet can call in with a grown up Sprout and speak live to the on air host and tell them what they are thankful for. That would be so cool to do. If your Sproutlet calls in make sure you have your family and friends watching Sprout too for your child’s debut.

There are all kinds of really cute Fall and Thanksgiving crafts to make. There are many things to keep your kids busy and they could be used to help decorate your table for Thanksgiving. Some of the crafts are place cards, napkin rings and even woven placemats. There are also some really cute coloring pages too. I really like the Sprout’s Thanksgiving Coloring Page because it has all of our favorite Sprout friends on it.

I hope you all watch Sprout with your kids and visit Sprout Online there is so many great activities  for your Sproutlets to do. Parents check out Sprout for Parents for great resources on parenting and other interesting things.

Noah and I will be watching on Thanksgiving week. We hope to hear and read what you are thankful for. We will be also on the lookout for our homemade hand turkey that we had so much fun making and sending in to Sprout.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

$5 On Demand Credit Live Giveaway!

This is just a fun giveaway I am doing. Just out of the kindness of my heart. I ordered a DVD for a friend off and I got the credit. So I thought it would be a fun giveaway. You can use it to watch a season of a TV show of your choosing on your computer from Amazon.

To Enter: Please Tweet : Live Giveaway going on at Sheilacakes http: win a $5 On Demand credit.

You can comment as many times as you want.

Comment number 300 will win.
Please leave your email address in your comments.

Good Luck.

I love NCIS!!

It is Tuesday! Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. I know you are thinking that is a weird favorite day of the week. Four simple worlds Naval Criminal Investigative Service or NCIS! NCIS is my favorite show, I love all of the characters and actors. I started watching NCIS when I was pregnant with my son. I fell in love. I have the first four seasons on DVD.

I love Mark Harmon aka Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He is my favorite actor and the most attractive man in the world. His wife Pam Dawber is one lucky woman. Gibbs is my favorite character on the show naturally. I love his firm personality. He is like a papa bear and will occasionally have a sweet moment with his team. It doesn’t happen too often but when it does it just makes me love Gibbs more. I really like the dynamic of Gibbs and Abby’s relationship. He is always really sweet to her.

I really like Abby too. I have always wanted to be a forensic scientist. I would love to learn how to use the Major Master Spectrometer or just hang out with her in her lab. I would totally bring cupcakes. I love Abby’s personality and I want to try a caff-pow. I think it is awesome that Pauley really has a Master's Degree in Criminology and is obsessed with forensic science. I have to give a shout out to Bert. Bert the tooting hippo. I want to squeeze him.

I remember Sean Murray from his days as Thackery Binx on Hocus Pocus. He was turned in to a cat by the Sanderson Sisters. McGee aka Probie is a cutie and I can’t stand how Tony is mean to him. Tony seems to be getting “nicer”. I like most people are waiting for Tony and Ziva to start a relationship. I don’t know if that would ever happen. It might ruin the whole love/hate dynamic that they have together. I love Tony’s constant movie references. I keep waiting for him to reference Hocus Pocus in a Halloween episode kind of like they referenced David McCallum’s days in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Ducky is a great character. I love his stories and how he talks to his guests. For those who don’t know he is the Medical Examiner at NCIS. I like Ziva (Coty De Pablo) but she is no Kate. Sorry Special Agent David. I really wish Kate would come back. My mom is still upset about Ari killing Kate. Kate was a good agent. I also liked Lauren Holly’s character Director Jenny Shepard. I liked her so much better than Director Vance. He is supposed to be that way though. Every time an agent dies on NCIS I cried.

I love NCIS. No wonder it is the number 1 TV show. The show is a drama but it definitely has humor to it. It is a unique show because it is serious yet funny at the same time. I love the story lines on NCIS too. I don’t really have a favorite episode. I love them all. I prefer the ones where there is an actual murder though. I am not too fond of the arms dealer episodes. I watch them every time I can. I have seen them all many times. Except the newer ones that haven’t been on very much.

My dream is to go to the set of NCIS and meet all of the actors. I would love to be on the show. I would love to be Abby’s forensic friend. Not an assistant because she likes to work alone. Of course I would dream of being Gibbs’ new love interest but I don’t think that would happen. Considering I have brown hair everyone knows Gibbs loves red heads. I would be honored to talk to any of the actors on the show too.

Really people watch NCIS. It is a great show. It is on Tuesday nights at 8pm ET on CBS and on USA all the time like every night almost. You will know what I am talking about after one show you will be hooked. There is also a NCIS soundtrack and a NCIS soundtrack volume 2. It has music featured on the show. I don’t own either yet but, I love the music. Pauley Perrette has also released a cd and owns her own recording studio GO records.

This is just my opinion, I was not asked to write anything about NCIS or CBS. I am just sharing with you about my favorite show.

CBS or NCIS if you read this please email me. I would love to work with you and/or come to the set.

Once upon a time

Every night before Noah goes to bed he asks for a story and a song or two. I love telling him stories and singing him songs. It is a special time we share together. I love how excited he gets when I tell him things and I like to build up the anticipation for him. I think that is his favorite part of wondering what comes next. That is also one of his favorite questions to ask is What comes next?

The stories are almost always about a little boy named Noah. I will start the story Once upon a time there was little boy named….. then Noah will chime in and say Noah! I mainly tell the story but I like when he fills in the blanks for me. It is fun to see what he comes up with and watch him form ideas in his mind. The stories are usually about our lives like going to the store or the zoo and things like that.

I have been telling him a story about Noah going to a farm. He has a love for animals and he loves to look at them and talk about them so I thought he would like that. I thought I would share mine and Noah’s story we told tonight with you.

Once upon a time there was a little boy named NOAH. Who lives in his HOUSE with his MOMMY. Noah and Mommy went to a farm and met a cow named CHICKEN. Noah and the cow named chicken were playing in the field. Then Noah and the cow named Chicken met a pig named HORSE. They played together and then saw a chicken named ROM and a goat named SHEEP. They had a lot of fun playing together until it was time to go home. So mommy and Noah got in the car and went home and watched CAILLOU SHOO SHOO and ate dinner and played together until it was time for bed. The End.

The caps are obviously my son’s responses. I thought it was a great silly story. I encourage you to tell stories to your children and let them fill in the blanks. It’s fun and educational. When we were telling the story we were both laughing really hard and I thought of doing Mad Libs when I was little.
It is so much fun to laugh with my son. He is pure joy and I love him.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wubbzy's Christmas Adventure Review and Giveaway -- 3 winners

What’s little and yellow and super cute? It’s Wubbzy from the show Wow Wow Wubbzy! He is back in a new Christmas DVD! We really enjoyed watching Wubbzy’s Halloween adventures in Wubbzy Goes Boo. We just had to see the newest Wubbzy adventure. Wubbzy’s new DVD is called Wubbzy’s Christmas Adventure. Join Wubbzy this all-new Holiday collection! Everyone’s favorite bendy-tailed buddy pitches in to decorate The Figgity-Fig Tree, fix Walden’s snow sculpture and even solve the mystery of the
Snow Shoo-Shoo!
When I told Noah I had a new Wubbzy DVD to watch he got so excited. I told him I was going to go get it and he started to follow me up the stairs. I told him to wait down stairs and I would go get it. I heard him saying Wow Wow Wubbzy Wubbzy Wubbzy Wow Wow. I came down stairs with the screener and Noah started jumping up and down as the music started. He was so happy.

He watched Wubbzy’s Christmas Adventure with pure glee during dinner. There was a part where Wubbzy and his friends were dancing. Noah said I gotta get down and dance. I let him out of his little booster chair. He danced happily along. When the dancing was over he came back to the table and finished dinner. He watched intently to see what happened next. Laughing and smiling during the whole screener DVD. It was really fun to watch the screener DVD with Noah and also watch Noah’s reactions to what Wubbzy was doing.

When it was over, He wanted to watch it again. I let him watch part of it again until bedtime. I am pretty sure he was dreaming of sugar plums and Wubbzy and friends. The next morning Noah was sleepy and kind of grumpy. He didn’t want to do anything or watch anything. He was being a little stinker. So I put in Wubbzy’s Christmas Adventure and he was just as excited as he was the first time he saw it. We have grown very fond of the little yellow creature.

Thank you to Anchor Bay Entertainment for providing me with a screener and providing the copies of Wubbzy’s Christmas Adventure for the giveaway!

Three (3) of my readers are going to win their very own copy of Wubbzy’s Christmas Adventure (valued at $16.98 each)

Mandatory Entry: Tell me who you want to win this for and why.

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This giveaway will end November 23,2009 at 11:59 pm ET

This giveaway is open to US residents ONLY.

Santas are at the mall and its only November 9th after all

When I was growing up it was the norm to see that stores had Christmas stuff out the week of Thanksgiving. Santa arrived at the malls that week too usually the day after Thanksgiving. Santa would make his grand and glorious appearance during the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. I have always thought even then was too early. I like to start thinking about Christmas during December. I start my Christmas shopping then. I understand if a company or store is doing a huge display of lights and that takes time but really…. its not even double digits of November yet.

I am doing some reviews for holiday gift ideas. That is completely understandable. I mean I know a lot of people start Christmas shopping in September or October and a few that are probably already done. You all want to know about cool gift ideas and I want to help you all out. So I wonder what is going on? Why does Christmas and Winter Holiday things get pushed up so much? What is the rush? I know time is flying by but seriously can’t we get more in to November already?

So far I have observed these things…

1.Holiday items in stores- Ok this one isn’t too surprising because it seems that it has been like this for a while.

2. Massive amounts of holiday ads on TV. There were always a few but it is like I am being bombarded by commercials about Christmas.

3. They are advertising a Christmas special to premiere November 17th or something. Why not make more Thanksgiving shows.

4. Santa is already at my local mall. Hello? It is November 9th. Santa’s break gets shorter and shorter every year. Poor Santa!

5. Tonight I noticed that my lovely neighbors have their Christmas tree not only in their home but decorated and lit. That is just plain silly in my opinion but whatever works for them.

6. I must confess I love Christmas Tree cakes so I happily bought a box yesterday.

Time really is flying by it is still November right? I didn’t wake up in the Twilight Zone or anything did I? I don’t remember becoming Sheila Van Winkle. I love Christmas don’t get me wrong I guess outside of reviewing products I don’t understand why Santa is out and trees are lit and decorated.

I still have my Halloween decorations up! We love pumpkins here. I just don’t get eating some week old Halloween candy then following it up with a candy cane while you decorate your tree. I hope I don't sound like Scrooge.

I am very happy to receive any opportunities of products to review and giveaway for the Holiday Season. It is not too early when it comes to the review process.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Klutz Encyclopedia of Immaturity Review and Giveaway- 3 winners

What would you say if I told you the secret of never growing up? I will share it with you. It is a little bit of laughter and the Klutz The Encyclopedia of Immaturity volume 1 and Volume 2. These books are your guide to how to never grow up. You will learn how to live your life with some fun and silliness.

I have noticed that people are too serious sometimes. I think it is fun to be silly sometimes. There is a time for seriousness and a time for fun. I am pretty sure that was what the writers of The Encyclopedia of Immaturity volumes 1&2 were thinking when they started writing the series. Klutz makes all kinds of fun books. I have loved all of the ones I have seen or owned. I have always been a huge Klutz fan. I am sure you remember my post about my favorite cookbook from my childhood. Growing up my family and I had a couple other Klutz books as well. We had the book where you get a dollar refund to make things out of money. We also had the Cat’s Cradle book where you made things out of string.

So, when I had the opportunity to review The Encyclopedia of Immaturity Volume 2 I was excited.The Encyclopedia of Immaturity series is for ages 9 to 99.The Encyclopedia of Immaturity has been such a hit that Klutz is following up with a second book! The Encyclopedia of Immaturity Volume 2 includes thought-provoking topics such as how to slide down a banister, what we talk about when we talk about wedgies, how to send a toiletgram, and more. It’s all new and all hopelessly goofy.

There are all kinds of fun things in the book like how to give your mom a diamond ring that only costs $1.10. There is a fool proof way to put a “kick me” sign on someone with out have to slap or pat them on the back. If only I thought of that. Wanna learn how to eat scabs? When I saw that page I thought well that’s charming. No really it is. It sounds pretty good. Hint: It’s not real scabs.

I really enjoyed reading through this book. It has a lot of great ideas on how to not act my age. Which is something everyone needs to do every once in a while. My favorite thing in the book is Blindfolded Makeovers. I think that would be a lot of fun to do with a mother or a friend. Make sure you take lots of pictures. I have a picture of my mom from when I was growing up where I did a horrible job on her makeup and it still makes me laugh. There is really something for everyone. It is not just for kids. Even if you are 9 or if you are 99 you will enjoy this light hearted book full of tricks, secrets and tips.

Thank you to Klutz for sending me a copy of The Encyclopedia of Immaturity Volume 2 and providing the giveaway prizes too.

I have a giveaway for you all!

Three (3) winners will each win their own copies of NEW release The Encyclopedia of Immaturity Volume 2 and The Encyclopedia of Immaturity.

Mandatory Entry: Go to the Klutz Website and tell me another book you would love to own

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Glowgirl Coupon Organizer Review and Giveaway

If you haven’t figured it out yet… I love coupons. I love to get a great deal. I used to get really excited when a grocery store did triple coupons and dollar doubles. I would spend like 2 hours in the grocery store seeking out those bargains. I would also spend time at home prepping for it. I know coupons sound like a lot of work but the savings are worth it. I think of it as my pay. If I save 20 dollars and it took me a hour to clip and organize I was paid twenty dollars. I think my record is saving $120 dollars in one trip and spending only $70. So, for $70 dollars I got 190 dollars worth of groceries. Pretty good huh?

One of my couponing annoyances are coupon organizers that fall apart. I think that it is a complete necessary to have a coupon holder for organization purposes. You don’t want to be the person with a puddle of coupons on the floor at the grocery store. I have seriously have had about 5 coupon organizers in my couponing days. They fall apart, they rip, the elastic band stretches, then falls off. You know what I am talking about I am sure.

Then they become a work of art with all the masking tape you use to hold it together complete with a hair band to keep it from spilling out everywhere. We have all been there. It doesn’t matter if it is one from the dollar store or one you paid 8 dollars for. The plastic ones crack and rip too. There must be something better, a coupon holder that won’t fall apart and will withstand my abuse. Noah’s too, I don’t know what is so intriguing about a coupon organizer to a young child. There has been many times he has gone and dumped it out everywhere.

I had the opportunity to review a homemade cloth coupon organizer from Glowgirl Fibers owns her own little Etsy store. She makes all kinds of wonderful items including coupon organizers, blah,blah blah. The coupon organizers come with little file cards and 70 different labels so you can set it up the way you like it. Before I had this wonderful coupon organizer I would put my cat food coupons in with the snacks and batteries. Both cat food and batteries are not my snack of choice but my space was limited.

Now I can break free of those few labels and broken coupon organizers. Glowgirl has many different designs because she gets her fabric all kinds of places not just the local fabric store. Sometimes she gets fabrics at estate sales. It makes it unique and special not to mention gorgeous! Your coupon organizer could have some unknown really neat history. Honestly I don’t know who decides what to put on those factory made paper coupon organizers but I have seen some not so attractive ones. The coupon organizers are extremely well made. I don’t think I will need a new one for a very long time.

I have another couponing annoyance. When you are shopping, you go and get out a coupon and then you are stuck holding the coupon organizer. You can’t possibly throw it in the cart. It will get buried like your purse is. So, you are looking for a place to put your coupons. Well, my new coupon organizer can be attached to the cart. How cool is that? No more awkward couponing moments. It also gives your cart a little decoration.

My coupon organizer is a pretty green with palm fronds on them. I love the beach and palm trees so this one was perfect for me. It is really pretty and really easy to use. I love it. One thing I will share with you is if you see a fabric you like order fast. She is really popular and her stuff flies off the virtual shelves. This is important if there is a certain fabric that you absolutely love. I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I do. It is definitely a great investment. The Coupon organizers are only $12.00 each.

Glowgirl also makes fabric grocery tote bags and reusable Sandwich bags. Both will help cut down on excess plastic usage. It's really cool if you ask me.

Thank you to GlowGirl for sending me the beautiful coupon organizer and providing one for the giveaway.

I have a coupon code for you all to help you save. You will get free shipping if you enter Sheilacakes in the comments and Glowgirl will refund the shipping charge right away!

I have one fabric coupon organizer in the print of the winners choice.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

eebee's Mix and Mash Review

I have said this before but I really love to cook. I am a great cook and it is one of my passions, in my quest to teach Noah to cook. I had the opportunity to review eebee's Mix & Mash Adventures dvd and book. The book and dvd shows you how to cook with your baby. It is something that toddlers can handle and even babies. Yes babies. It is really cool. Most people would think you couldn’t cook with your baby but eebee makes it possible. The recipes are for 6 months and up. A few of the recipes are for older babies. Your child is the chef and you are the assistant. All of the recipes are healthy and really easy. One of the steps your child does is shake. Noah loves to shake things. It is so cute because he says “shake shake shake”.

This is so cool. I love being able to share this with my son. I often find myself wondering what he can do in the kitchen with me. This book and DVD have not only opened me up to new recipes but new ideas as well. Noah and I will be trying out some of the recipes together and I am sure we will laugh and laugh while we are making some delicious recipes that are not only fun to make but healthy too. These recipes will be something we will enjoy for years to come.

Noah and I decided to make the blueb-eebee soup. Noah helped me pour the blueberries in the bowl and add the water and he even pressed the start button on the microwave with my assistance. We used some yogurt we had in the refrigerator too. Noah loved cooking with me. He was laughing the whole time. We sang songs while we cooked together. He loves to explore in the kitchen and through this book we will be able to come up with more ideas that even my little boy can do.

Noah and I loved the taste of the blueb-eebee soup. Noah said mmm it’s delicious. He asked to make it again later but we were out of blueberries. We only made half a recipe. Next time we will make a whole one. I have to remember to add some of the ingredients on my grocery list. Something else that is really cool about the book is there are little nutrition tidbits with each recipe. I now know why blueberries are blue. Do you?
For more information on eebee’s Mix & Mash Adventures please visit the website. eebee’s Mix & Mash Adventures in the Kitchen for baby and you is available at Barnes and Noble bookstores nationwide.

Thank you to eebee for sending me a complimentary copy of eebee’s Mix & Mash Adventures.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The best thing that anyone has done for me

I am in a nostalgic mood tonight. I am listening to old mix cds I have from 4 or so years ago. I decided to tell you all about the best thing that anyone has ever done for me. I have lost contact with her but I will never ever forget what she did for me. In July 2003 I had a miscarriage. I was devastated completely and utterly devastated. All my life all I wanted to be was a mother. Most girls were playing with Barbies I was playing with dolls. I owned like 3 barbies in my life. They weren’t my thing.

When I was in the hospital, I found out that they do a memorial service at a cemetery where they cremate the baby’s ashes and put them all other and bury them in a cylinder a couple times a year. That was something that I really wanted for my child. It was something tangible to hold on to. I could go visit. It really helped me with my healing process.

In October 2003 I met a girl named Charlene. She was dating a guy that my ex was in a band with. Ok it was more like jam sessions but they called it a band at this point. Charlene came with Caleb to band practice one day. I stayed home and hung out at the apartment. My ex called me and told me about her. She ended up coming over that night. She was crying. Crying really hard. I sat down next to her and rubbed her back and reassured her that everything is ok and we talked. I thought I would never see her again. It was one of those random meetings. I hardly ever went to band practice with him so I just thought oh she was nice. Charlene and Caleb were planning on going to Florida a day or two later.

I had gotten an invitation for the memorial service so of course I wanted to go. We got there and my mom and sister were there and his whole family was there. I couldn’t take it. I was crying so hard I couldn’t see. I was looking down at the ground because I couldn’t look at anyone. I saw a hand give me some Kleenex and I looked up to thank them and it was Charlene. I met this girl one night and she was there for me the moment I needed a friend. I was amazed that she would take time out to be there for me. Especially when they were supposed to be in Florida.

At the end of the service, she and I were joking about hiding in the trunk and going to Florida with them and the guys said we didn’t have to hide in the trunk and we left for Florida at midnight.

After that we were always together. We were best of friends. We did all kinds of things together. We would go on little adventures together. We would stay up late and go to a restaurant for hours. They passed out ribbons at the memorial and she hung hers from her rear view mirror with a message to my child. Every time I saw it I thought about the wonderful thing she did and about my baby.

She had the opportunity to go to Germany for a semester of college and when she came back she had changed. She was like a stranger again. I had hung out with her a handful of times before we just stopped contacting each other. I miss her. We had some really fun times together. People change and times change. I just hope she is happy and all that.
Honk Honk. Beep Beep.

New use for Boogie Wipes

Tonight I was chopping an onion cause I was making a quiche, and my eyes started watering really bad. My eyes hate the fumes that onions expel that cause you to cry so I have been trying to figure out something that would work. Sure if I owned a food processor that would work wonders. My Blender is like 2 9 years old and it barely works at all anymore without constant shaking. I did buy a little tiny one on Amazon but it made onion paste and mush not really quiche worthy so I don't use that. I only used that thing once after it made onion mush. Not fun.

I had a brilliant idea tonight as I was crying from the onions. I keep a package of Boogie Wipes in my kitchen drawer. I thought maybe if I smelled the Boogie Wipe it would help because it is made with saline. I tried it and then blew my nose. I stopped crying. I was still around the cut onions but the tears stopped. The Saline removed the onion smell from my nose and helped clear my nostrils and then hence stopping the vapors that were getting to my eyes.

Just now I had another idea... You could use Boogie Wipes to cover your eyes or wipe them when you are chopping onions. They are made of Saline and that is what is in contact solution. So I am pretty sure it wouldn't hurt them. Man I am brilliant!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Some day I'll be grown up too...and if I can I'll grow up Just like you.

When I was a little girl I used to listen to the Disney favorites tapes. They were red cassettes and I loved listening to them in the car on long car trips. I knew all of the songs by heart. My favorite song was called Just For You. It was based on Mercer Mayer’s little critter books. I love Little Critter and have since I was a small child. I have two big Little Critter story collection books. I loved the song and the message that it had.

I used to search for that song. I still have the tapes but they were taped over. I was really sad about that. Who really has a tape recorder anymore anyways? I have one I don’t really know where it came from, but I have it. When I found out that the “Hot 9 at 9” from like 15 years ago was recorded over it I went on a mission. I was going to find the song again. I wanted to hear those songs again. I wanted to hear Just For You again.

After years of searching I came up empty handed. Until I randomly found out that they had put my beloved red tapes on CD! I was pregnant with Noah at that time. I instantly decided that Just For You would be our song. So, I went to Borders and bought the CD. He started listening to it from four months old when he was in his own room. Every night that CD would play. I sang Just For you to him since he was born. I remembered all of the words.

For a while now he will sing it with me. He first would sing the last word of each sentence but now he sings the whole thing. It is the sweetest song. I will type out the words but they are not my own and I am not trying to infringe any copy rights dear Disney or Mercer Mayer. I don’t know if the lyrics are anywhere on the web that I can find. So here they are

I picked the reddest apple from the tree
It was the finest one that I could see
I saved it all except a bite or two
Just for you

I carried home the groceries from the store
I wanted to be helpful with a chore
I put them all away except a few
Just for you

Some day I’ll be grown up too
And if I can I’ll grow up
Just like you

I ate up all my lunch Just like you said
But I think there was a little too much bread
So I left the crusts when I was through
Just for you

Some day I’ll be grown up too
And if I can I’ll grow up
Just like you

Just one more thing before I go to bed
Then everything I have to said is said
There is something special that I wanna do
Here’s a kiss just for you.

There is our special song. It means a lot to me. Tonight when we were singing it Noah sang the part about wanting to be just like me. I got a little teary eyed. My mom and I’s special song is Too rah loo rah loo rah. That is what she used to sing to me. I remember her singing me to sleep when I had my Kevin dream or couldn’t sleep.

Do you and your children have a special song? If you don’t its time you should. Songs are a great way to bond and it can become a priceless family heirloom that gets passed down from generation to generation.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another TJ Maxx Shopping Trip!


I am excited to share with you all, that I had the opportunity to take part in another TJ Maxx campaign like I did a couple months ago. You can read about my past shopping trip here.

I love TJ Maxx. I love the fact that the products are always changing. There is always something new and fun to buy there. I have said this before and I will say this again. TJ Maxx has a bad rep from some people. TJ Maxx isn’t less quality it is just over stock or discontinued merchandise. The only thing that could be considered “dysfunctional” about clothing at TJ Maxx is that they take a marker and draw a line on the tag. They do that so a customer can’t take it back to a high end store and try and be dishonest and return it. It doesn’t affect the quality or the brand. They do it protect the designer and the stores. I completely understood when I figured out why they did that.

I am so happy to have the chance to share my latest deals I picked up at TJ Maxx. Here is what I got all for under 50 dollars total. Noah loves puzzles; he can put his 12 piece puzzle together backwards without looking at the picture. So, I thought it was time to get him something a little more challenging. I got him a 24 piece Very Hungry Caterpillar puzzle that he absolutely loves. It’s definitely a challenge but he will figure it out with some practice. Noah’s new puzzle was $3.99.

I also got a huge soft blanket. I like to have a blanket when I sit on the couch and Noah will take his blanket away from me when I use it. I love my new blanket. It is so pretty and definitely one that I can snuggle up in and be fully covered vs. a little blanket that barely covers me. What a cozy thing to buy myself! My blanket was $12.99! This is a deluxe blanket. I totally got a great deal.

I bought some Dearform Slippers too. If you guys haven’t figured out I am all about comfort when I am at home. I really needed new slippers the soles were really worn out. The bottoms were full of holes. My new slippers were $6.99. My last pair of slippers was $12.00 on clearance at another store. That is almost half price!

I love garlic so I got some Garlic infused oil. It is gourmet oil and you can see the chunks of garlic in it. It seems like the gourmet foods section has more options this time. It might be because it’s getting close to Thanksgiving and Christmas. The shelves were over flowing with interesting products most of them brand names that I have heard of. My delicious garlic infused oil was $3.99

Not sure exactly why I bought Funnel Cake Mix. I love funnel cakes and I bought a funnel a while back. I used to have a “funnel cake maker” but instead of buying another I decided to just do it myself. I haven’t had time to look up a recipe so I figured the mix was the best way to go. I can’t wait to make some delicious fresh funnel cakes. Noah really likes them too. The funnel cake mix was $2.99.

I got a set of small paring knives. They are really cool. They come with little covers and one of them is a Santoku knife, which is my favorite kind of knife. They are the ones with the circles or oval indentations in the blade. I love to cook and chop up garlic and onions so good knives are a must for me. I scored my set of 2 knives for $6.99

I picked up some panty hose too for those formal occasions. I don’t really have much to say about those. They were $4.99 which is a good price in my opinion.

Ever heard of Reindeer Corn? It is holiday gourmet candy corn. I used to get little packs of it at another store around Christmas. When I saw it I was so excited because it has been a while since I have had any. My TJ Maxx has lots of cool Christmas things everything from decorations to DVD's to specialty holiday foods like Panettone Cake. My Reindeer Corn was $3.99. A little bag would cost 99 cents at that other store and this bag is large so what a great deal.

So for less than FIFTY dollars, I got a puzzle, a huge blanket, a set of knives, panty hose, slippers, garlic oil, funnel cake mix, and Reindeer corn all at TJ Maxx. If my first shopping trip didn’t get you to go to your nearest TJ Maxx then maybe this one will. Just think of the bargains you could get!

Thank You to TJ Maxx for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful campaign.