Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let's talk TV!!!

I thought I would talk about what TV shows we watch in my house. Just so you guys can get to know me better.

My Favorite TV show is definitely NCIS. I am a huge Mark Harmon fan. I think he is the most attractive man ever! I also like to watch Monk. I am bummed that it is the final season. I completely understand why Tony Shaloub is moving on. I am sure he is so type casted now and ready to branch out from the obsessive compulsive detective. Thanks to almost all TV shows on DVD you can watch all the episodes whenever you want. It’s not like the old days where once a show was over you had to wait and hope that the show is syndicated in reruns. I am a big crime show junkie. I love Law and Order of course it is not the same after Jerry Orbach left and ultimately passed away. Lenny is definitely my favorite character on Law and Order. I have noticed that TNT rarely shows any episodes with Lenny anymore. They keep showing the newer shows. None of the replacement characters hold a candle to Lenny. I guess I never really got in to the shows without him. I like Law and Order SVU the most out of the Law and Order series. I really like all the actors on the show and the character interaction is amazing. I also really like Cold Case. Cold Case is really interesting. I wish it was on TV more though. It is on a few times during the week and usually at like 2 am. I occasionally stay up and watch it but more often then not I try to be asleep by then.

I love TV court shows too. I am watching Judge Judy as I type this. It is just funny to watch. I have a lot of respect for Judge Judy even when I don’t agree with her ruling. I also like to watch The People’s Court. Judge Marilyn Milian is really caring and compassionate but she has a don’t mess with me attitude when she needs to. I spent two weeks in the hospital when I was pregnant with my son. I was waiting to have my scheduled C-Section due to complications. The nurses would always comment about me watching Court shows saying my baby was going to be a lawyer. Looking back it is funny because Noah loves Judge Judy. He watches it all the time. He even asks to watch it when she isn’t on.

I have been watching The Secret Life of The American Teenager. I have seen every episode and I love it. I know it gets mixed reviews especially from parents. I think that it is a great show. I think that if parents watch it with their children than it could be a conversation starter. I don’t think younger children should watch the show until they are old enough to understand it. It is rated TV-14 for a reason. I used to go to the Secret Life Forums on ABC Family and I was shocked at what I saw! There were teenage girls talking about how badly they want to get pregnant. Some would say how they are pregnant and how they planned it. It was all really sad. I know it is happening but I guess I am sad that it is. I know I am not a teenager anymore but I am not that old. That is a whole other post to write someday.

So I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the shows I like to watch. If you haven't seen some of them I highly recommend them all. Especially NCIS!


  1. I love TV. It's sad how much I like TV actually. My favorite shows are usually comedies although I also love most reality tv shows. (Sad huh?) Thanks for sharing your favs with us!

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