Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Hello kindness are you out there?

You know that old saying nice guys finish last? It is true. I feel like not only do I finish last but I end up being hurt before I finish. I just don’t understand why no matter how hard I help someone or whatever nice thing I do it always kicks me in the pants later. You would think by now I would be cynical and mean but I can’t bring myself to do that. I can’t stop caring or helping others just because I always end up getting the short end of the stick. Not to sound like I am bragging but I know I am a good person. I would do anything to help someone in need. I do as much as I can. I remember I knew this girl that didn’t have food for her son so what did I do? I cleaned out my cabinets and gave her a big box full of food. I would rather go hungry than see a child go hungry. That ended in disaster. It wasn’t that she thought I was being rude or anything. She gladly accepted the food with open arms.

There have been many many other times I have done things for people and even gone places I didn’t want to go because they wanted to go but not alone. I could think of a million other things I would rather do than go to a car auction or a flea market. I went anyways because I wanted them to go. I ended up getting really overheated at the car auction. I did so many things for that person and I end up being treated like crap. I still don’t know what I could of possibly done and probably never will. Honestly, I didn’t do anything wrong. I would help anyone if it was possible for me to do so. If I couldn’t help say financially, I would figure out a way for them to get the help they needed. I am not asking for people to shower me with praise or even throw me a parade. Just that they don’t forget what I did, having a part in helping make someone’s dream come true. A simple thank you and not treating me like I am like a Kleenex when you are done would be great. Sometimes I can really related to the song Scars by Papa Roach. 

Those are just a small sampling of things I have done. I have done them out of kindness. I just never expected my kindness to be taken for granted over and over and over again. I guess I should expect it now. I still have hope though. My grandma was the most wonderful woman; she would do anything for anyone. I guess I am following in her footsteps. I always look for the good in people. That was how I was raised and taught to be. I believe there is kindness and good in everyone. Well, there are a few exceptions but for the most part that is what I believe. I look for the beauty in people. Beauty is more than just an outward appearance it is found within too. I am teaching my son the same values and morals that I was taught. 

I think it is really important to teach my son that everyone is special and that it doesn’t matter what they look like or what race or religion someone is. What matters is their heart. I am teaching him that people’s actions and thoughts are way more important than they way they look. I have a whole theory about this. It will have to wait for another post though. I just don’t understand why people treat me like crap. I don’t deserve it. I will have to keep hoping there will be others out there that will treat me the way I treat them. The standard Golden Rule is Treat people like you want to be treated. I wish more people lived by that same rule as I do. Sadly, a lot of people don’t. I don’t understand why they don’t. 

It’s not hard to treat people with respect and kindness. There is so much hate in the world that we can’t control so I think that people should do their part to help there be peace and kindness. Most of the hate and mean spirited things are things that are so trivial that in the big picture it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what someone else has that you don’t. It doesn’t matter if someone is different than you. Everyone is different and that is great. Those differences don’t give you a reason to hate them. We need to embrace each others differences and learn to co-exist peacefully together. How hard is that really? Not at all in my opinion. 

Friday, November 6, 2020

Simple Homemade Candles

 I used to love making candles when I was younger. I still have an extensive candle collection. Making candles can be really easy and you don't even have to melt the wax. It's a great craft for little kids because there's no heat while making them. I know the thought of dipping candles over a hot pot of wax where you have to make sure you dip them in wax and then in water can be time consuming. It is fun but it is annoying if you don't remember if you did it properly. Noah and I have dipped candles before and they turned out great. I like the easy way though for a quick rainy day craft. 

Easy candles
Different colors of granulated wax
Wicks with the metal button on them 
Glass candle holders. You could even recycle one. 

Place the wick in the bottom of the candle holder. The ones with the metal button help it stand up. 

Layer different colors of wax in the candle holder. You could even break up little bits of scent that you find in the candle making aisle at the craft store to make them smell good.

Trim the wick. Easy Peasy you have a simple homemade candle. 

Thursday, November 5, 2020


 Give whole heartedly and ask for nothing in return. That is a motto I live by daily. I believe if you are going to give to someone no matter what it is, you give to give and not expect anything back. I think is an important thing to teach my son. When I give, I do so out of the kindness of my heart. I do not want anything in return because that cheapens it. Of course I believe that friends should give to each other and then return the favor if they chose to sometime. I don’t have a running tally of things I give to or help I give to someone because that doesn’t matter to me. I believe that a smile and a thank you is enough. I am now thinking about how when my friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday and my mom said, “Your presence is present enough.” Basically if you are there that is all I want. I try to be a giving person and I love helping people. It comes from the way I was raised. I would give if I could.  

I don’t mind sharing what I have. I don’t mind hugging a friend and listening to them vent. I don’t mind feeding someone who is hungry. I don’t mind going out of my way to help someone. It doesn’t matter if you are a family member, a friend, or just a stranger. I have been in situations when I myself needed help. I have accepted the help of a stranger before a few times when I really needed it. I am very grateful for those people that live by the same motto as me. There are so many people in the world that constantly thinks about what is in for me? What do I get? Keeping a score sheet of who owes you a favor. I hate the phrase “You owe me” Seriously, if you don’t want to do something then don’t. I would rather someone not do something than do it and make me feel like I am indebted to them and I owe them something. 

Give whole heartedly and ask for nothing in return. I wish more people would live by that motto. Of course with living my life like that I do get used and walked on occasionally, I guess it is just a side effect of kindness. Somehow I still manage to give and love just like I had before. There are so many people out there that I can’t change my beliefs and morals and the way I was brought up because there are a few jerks in this world and I can’t let them change me.