Thursday, March 19, 2020

Using messaging platforms to reach customers

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When you are running a business, it’s so important to be able to communicate with your customers. You probably have social media and a newsletter to share your latest news and sales. Newsletters are great for conveying sales and coupons. Oddly enough not everyone has social media but almost everyone has an email address. One of the things we value these days is being able to share our opinions about everything. 

People want to be heard and acknowledged. Having a good messaging system can help you be in touch with your customers. Most people don’t like talking on the phone. There’s long wait times and it takes time and you can’t go on with your day. People want to just get their concerns met and go on with their day. They don’t want to have to explain the same thing to five different people. One of the great things about a messaging platform is that you will have records of everything and you can quickly access the information. You would also need a good IPX. You would be able to track if certain customers have repeat problems or if there’s anything serious going on.  I really don’t like having to spend a ton of time talking to customer service people, it gives me anxiety. If I can do it online, I will. It’s also easier for parents with kids who need to be attended to. It’s easier to multitask when you aren’t talking on the phone or put on hold.  

I would love for more people to contact brands and give them compliments some times. It’s so easy to say something negative to a brand, you sometimes forget to give them praise. I think it would raise employee moral and give them some good feedback. Did you know people are much more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one? That also makes it hard when you are reading reviews about brands or items. You really have to be constructive. 

Having a messaging platform is a good idea because the customer or client can quickly convey the concern and you can help provide a solution. I read a lot of reviews for various things, quite a few of them are regarding customer service Mostly things like they never responded or they didn’t listen to the concerns.  Sometimes issues happen with products in shipping or in manufacturing and the best product sometimes doesn’t arrive. Your customers need to be able to efficiently reach you. 

It’s crazy to think about how much customer service has changed in the last ten years. You could call a brand and give them feedback. You would have to wait on hold until a customer service representative was available to take your call. You also could send an email or fill out a form, but that didn’t always mean you would hear back. Now if you have a problem, you hop on the chat and talk live to someone who can take your feedback or even help you troubleshoot. Being able to troubleshoot in real time is important. 

It’s saved my insanity a few times with my cable provider.  I would rather be told how to fix something if I can than have a technician come and fix it for me. Taking care of your customers to try and satisfy them is as important as having a great product. Remember that people talk and share their experiences. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

First Generation American

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I take immigration very seriously. You may not know this but I am first generation American on my dad’s side. My dad’s family is from Ireland and England. As of right now, the only people that live in the United States are my sister and I and our children.  My cousin was also born in the US, but he has lived in England for a long time. My dad doesn’t even live in the United States anymore. The story about how they all ended up in America is really interesting.

 My Grandpa Bill was a doctor of physiology in England. The United States government wanted our family to move to America because he was a brilliant physiologist. My family immigrated in the 1960’s. There was some kind of agreement where his family could live here and work here and have all the benefits of being American citizens. I didn’t know until much later, that my dad wasn’t actually an American Citizen. I found out when he had moved back to England. He had a social security number and could do everything but never had actual citizen status but was here legally. I am not totally sure honestly on all the details as he was just a kid when they moved here. From what I remember being told it was a very special deal and my Grandpa Bill was extremely smart and very accomplished. 

Not all families have this kind of luck when it comes to immigration. A lot of immigration is out of necessity due to conditions of their countries or even safety. With the Corona Virus outbreak in China, I can see Chinese nationals wanting to leave. The United States is a land of hope and freedom to so many. The US has a lot to offer to people. While my family’s story is unique most people will need to get an immigration attorney like Jean Danhong Chen. Immigration attorneys help with getting green cards, citizenship, visa applications, naturalizations and deportation issues. I am a firm believer in having legal representation when you are dealing with something as important as your status in a country. You also have to do things a certain way for when you want to travel abroad so you can come back to the US. I can’t watch Lock Up Abroad on tv because I am afraid that will make me not want to travel. 

On my mom’s side I know that my ancestors  came over from Ireland on a boat. I know they didn’t have any special deals and an immigration lawyer would have been helpful for them because the Irish were not really liked back then. They had a reputation of being drunks and lazy and places would not even hire people because they were Irish. I’ve also known people who have gone through the whole immigration process themselves. One of them was from Korea. She moved here in sixth grade. She went through the whole citizenship process and is now a US citizen. It was really interesting to learn about the process from an actual person and not from a textbook or television. She even had the opportunity to have a legal American name, even though I always called her birth name and she didn’t mind. 

I am very thankful that I was born in the United States and I don’t have to deal with those struggles. I feel for everyone who has to go through the immigration process for whatever reason they have. 

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sustainable Energy

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One of the many things I love about my aunt and uncle’s house is they use solar energy with solar panels. It’s pretty cool that they can use the sun to power their electronics. They only use solar power at their home most of the time. They do have a generator that is for emergencies. They live in the mountains in California so they use quite a few different resources. All of their water comes from a spring, that my uncle dug. They placed the solar panels themselves. It is probably really nice not to have an electric bill or a water bill. I can’t tell a difference between solar and regular power. 

If I were to build another house, I would definitely want solar panels. Solar panels are better for the environment because everything runs on sun power. It’s important to live in a location that gets a lot of sun. If you don’t have a lot of sun, you may have to rely on a backup method too. However, any energy you can save, is worth saving. It’s so important to save power any chance you can. Turning off lights and televisions when they aren’t being used is an easy place to start. Another great idea is not leaving your chargers plugged in when you aren’t charging your device. It doesn’t seem like it’s using a lot of power but it’s using some. 

Another type of sustainable energy is wind power. This is getting energy from the wind using windmills. Wind power doesn’t cost anything to be used and there’s always more wind.  There’s no digging or using up any resources. We have already used up so much of our resources already. We only have one Earth and we need to protect it.  

Before the sustainable energy, we used a lot of coal and oil, which are not renewable forms of energy. We also had to dig for it and remove it from the earth. Burning coal is bad for the air quality and the ozone layer as well. I have friends who live in New England and they still have propane tanks. Using propane is not only a pain because you have to get it delivered and it runs out. It’s also quite expensive. I personally favor solar and wind energy when possible. 

Sometimes, as home owners we have to deal with companies digging on our land looking for energy sources. There’s sometimes some grey areas about what’s allowed and acceptable. As a homeowner, you have a right to protect your land and your investment. It can be pretty easy to be double talked in to agreeing to something you may not understand. You need to make sure you always understand what is going on. You may find yourself needing a lawyer like Douglas Healy who specializes in energy and resources law. It would definitely be smart to have someone look over anything before you sign it and have them explain the legalities of everything to you before you sign. It’s never a bad thing to be well informed. It may save you some time in the future.