Friday, November 3, 2017

Zen Sack By Nested Bean Review

When I was pregnant with Noah, I went out and bought a crib bedding set. After I purchased it, I began reading about something called back to sleep.Back to Sleep is where the baby should be placed in their back to sleep.  I had the opportunity to talk with someone who provides support to new moms and moms to be. They also told me about how there should be nothing in the crib but a fitted sheet and my baby. I had some concerns about if Noah would be warm enough. She reassured me that he will be fine. I decided to not use the adorable bumper and quilt I bought. I hung the quilt on the wall and just packed away the bumper. It’s really confusing for new parents because if you go to a baby store, you will see cribs using bumpers and blankets. 

I knew that I couldn’t use blankets but I lived in Indiana, the winters are very cold. I learned about wearable blankets called sacks. When Noah was a baby, they were new and very hard to find. I was able to find a couple which were very expensive at a department store. Now they are everywhere. Not all of them are created equal. A great company called Nested Bean makes Zen Sacks.

The Zen Sack is lightly weighted to improve sleep. According to their website Moms say babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer within 1-3 nights. 

No need to remove the Zen Sack while changing their diaper. The bottom of the Zen Sack opens easily to make diaper changing fast and easy.  Great for those quick middle night crib changes. 

The Zen Sack simulates the pressure from your touch with a lightly weighted pad and plush upper panel on their chest.

The Zen Sack features adjustable shoulder tabs to accommodate growth and comfort. This is great when your baby is on the bigger side of the growth chart. 

Zen Sacks are not only adorable, but they are soft and great quality. If you have a baby, you will want to buy Zen Sacks because you will use them every night in the winter. You don’t have to worry about getting over heated or trapped in the Zen Sack. 

They would also be great new baby gift or shower gift.  You don’t have to worry about if they already have one. A baby needs multiple Zen Sacks because babies are messy little ones. New moms don’t have time to be constantly doing laundry so it would be a welcome gift to receive a couple. It would provide warmth and safety for baby and peace of mind for the parents. 

For more information please visit Nested Bean. You can also save with my special coupon code. Use the code PR-SHEILA15

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

FamilyTime - App to Protect Children from Hazards on the Internet

The age at which children approach the technology every day is earlier and it is already very common to see the little ones of the house have their own smartphone or tablet and manipulate them to perfection without having the constant supervision of an adult.

But this digital precocity also exposes children to the dangers that can be found on the web. From the pages with inappropriate content, to social networks that hide dark characters with bad intentions, are part of the risks that parents should be aware. Learn how to protect them. 
Parental control applications are a great alternative to monitor the activity of children when they access the Internet from mobile devices or PCs, without them feeling that their privacy is being violated.

These tools offer varying degrees of control depending on the needs. They can be restrictive or supervisory. 
Among all the options that are available in the market for parental control applications, FamilyTime is the one most preferred; reason being its features and the work strategy. Have a look at what does the app offer here!

FamilyTime – Parental Control App
FamilyTime is a complete parental solution that has helped the parental community in protecting kids from all the dangers that lurk online or in the digital world. The app offers a range of valuable features that ace parental monitoring and empower parents to take all the needed control. 

With the FamilyTime parental control app in hand parents can:
1.       Track their teens’ web-history and see the URLs they visit with the date and time stamps.
2.       View the list of favourites and bookmarks saved in their browser.
3.       Monitor the complete list of apps installed on their phones and tablets.
4.       Check the details of the apps such as the version of the app being used, the date of installing the app and the category app belongs to etc.
5.       Check app usage frequency and see the time they spend on each app.
6.       Blacklist any app you find inappropriate for your teen.
7.       Limit screen time by scheduling the auto screen lock on your teens’ device so that the device is disabled at the specific time and is then enabled automatically when the specified duration gets over.
8.       Lock their phone remotely from your Dashboard to control their device usage.
Aren’t these features great? These certainly are. So, give this app a try for free. To get the trial version, go now to the app store on your phone and download the app from there. The trial version of FamilyTime – parental control app works for complete 3 days and provides you access to all premium feature of the app. So, don’t miss the chance and grab the trial version now. You can get the app easily from Google play store and iTunes.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lace Front Wigs help make your hair look fuller

 This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As you age sometimes your hairline starts to recede. It’s not just a problem for men. Women can experience a receding hair line or even hair loss. My hair is very fine so this is something I have been thinking about. One of the traits I inherited was my grandma’s very fine hair. Everyone else in my family has thicker hair, including Noah. I have often told him that I wish I had his thick beautiful hair. Even if you aren’t experiencing a receding hair line, if you have fine hair you can wish it were fuller around your face. Ever since I was a teenager, I searched for a way to make my hair fuller around my face. I used shampoos and conditioners that were supposed to give you volume. I tried styling products, and nothing really worked. Doing my hair for choir was always a nightmare. I thought that I would be cursed with this problem for forever.

Recently, I learned about lace front wigs. I wasn’t too sure what it was at first. After doing some research, I learned that it’s a wig that will make the front of your hair look fuller and look better. You can get a lace front wig made from real or synthetic hair. I like that you have an option. I also like that it looks natural, so no one knows you are wearing it unless they are a loved one. Some wigs are obviously fake. You don’t have this issue with a front lace wig because it blends in with your natural hair. Wigs have somewhat of a negative past but if you feel good wearing it, that’s all that matters.