Saturday, June 18, 2016

Quackers Wants to Fly By Susan Wolff Review

Reading is so important for kids. I started reading to Noah when he was in my tummy. After he was born, I made sure I read him a lot of books every day. He also had a couple stories before bedtime. I really think that helped foster his love for reading now. There are so many children’s books out there. It can be difficult to pick out books for your children. You have to find something that is age appropriate that will hold their attention and that isn’t too long. I like books with different characters because it’s fun to give them their own voices and personalities while you read. It makes it more fun.

I had the opportunity to check out a book called Quackers Wants to Fly by Susan Wolff and illustrated by Justin Currie. Quackers Wants to Fly is the first book in the Friends at the Pond series. Susan wrote Quackers Wants to Fly to inspire children to want to spread their wings and want to try new things.  Quackers is a very determined duck who has trouble learning to fly. He meets friends along the way who help him on his journey.  You will go on an adventure with Quackers and his friends Gertrude the Goose, Dena the Dragonfly, Ollie the Owl and Clementine the Duck.
My favorite friend is Clementine, although they are all really great. I love that they learn together and inspire each other to keep going.  It also teaches patience, fun and friendship.  I love the illustrations and the story is really cute. My niece is two and she would love Quackers Wants to Fly. She is so funny because she acts surprised about everything. I can’t wait to read it to her soon. I know she will say, what’s that? It’s a duck or a dragonfly or even a goose. She may even make the animal noises! I think it would be a great book for Noah to read to her.

Noah and I enjoyed reading it together too. I really like stories where there is a lesson or you learn something. Quackers Wants to Fly encourages children to never give up and to keep trying. If you keep trying those difficult things eventually you will be able to do it. It also teaches that it's ok to be different and it celebrates differences. I recommend Quackers Wants to Fly to anyone with small children as a great bedtime story. It's also an easy read so it would be a great book to learn to read. 

For more information and to purchase please visit the Friends at the Pond Website.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Plumbing Tips and Tricks From Roto-Rooter

This is my second post as a Roto-Rooter Ambassador. I love to do DIY things around my home. I try and come up with tips and tricks to make things easier. One of the things I like to do is come up with my own plumbing hacks. Several years ago, I had a clogged drain. I knew it was just below the drain grate. I knew it was because I had such long hair. I was unable to get to the store and I really needed to get it unclogged because of the standing water. My two cats I had would have climbed up and possibly fell in the tub. Noah was also young and I didn't want him to climb in or worse fall in. I started brainstorming after trying to manually empty out the tub with a bucket. That was taking forever. Then it dawned on me. A wire clothes hanger would work in a pinch. I carefully undid the hanger and started removing the hair clog from the grate. I knew it wouldn't work on a clog inside the pipe. I would need to get some Roto-Rooter to help that. So once I was able to remove the hair and the water went down, I immediately put it on my shopping list.  You can also use a metal skewer if you don't have a metal coat hanger.

Hangers can also work in a pinch for toilet clogs. Noah has been pretty good about not flushing things down the toilet that don't belong. He did use a lot of toilet paper when he was younger. He clogged the toilet a few times. He has also occasionally flushed wipes too. I was able to pull the extra toilet paper and wipes out of the toilet using a metal coat hanger.  One time it was so clogged after using flushable wipes that the toilet ha to be removed and the toilet broke some tools. Thankfully we lived in an apartment and didn't have to deal with it. I stopped buying flushable wipes that day. 

You will want to wash off the coat hanger and save it for your next clog. It is really hard to find metal hangers.

Sometimes when your having toilet trouble and you have the water off, someone forgets and uses that bathroom. One year the leprechauns that visit on St. Patrick's day decided to use that toilet. They were up to their old tricks! You can manually flush the toilet by pouring water in the bowl. Be careful not to overflow the toilet. You might have to repeat depending on what is in there.

Using a plunger can be tricky if you don't know how to use one. It's a good idea to get one with a raised section. It seems to help create a better seal. The seal is really important to push down the clog. It is possible to do it with a traditional plunger you just have to make sure the seal is correct. Once you have the seal, get in to a rhythm. Pick a song with a beat or sing along.

Check out the Roto-Rooter plumbing line for your hard clogs and to help protect your septic tank.

As a Roto-Rooter Ambassador, I  received complimentary product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Downy Fabric Conditioner is my Secret to #ProtectClothesYouLove

One of the household duties I don’t mind doing is laundry. I don’t like to fold and put the clothes away though. Thankfully, Noah is always willing to help me with that. His job is matching socks and putting his clothes away in his drawers. I hang his clothes up for him for now. It won’t be much longer until he can just do the laundry himself. I am very picky about what I use to wash our clothes. I have been using the same two products for about 15 years or so together. I have been using Downy for as long as I can remember. My favorite scent is April Fresh but I lovingly refer to it as Pink Cap Downy.

I hate to go clothes shopping. I have to buy a new bathing suit because mine is 5 years old and worn out. I am not looking forward to it. I like to keep my clothes as long as I can. With all we do to protect our clothes, why not do something as simple as pour Downy Fabric Conditioner into every load of laundry? With the simple filling of a cap, you can say goodbye to stretching, fading, and pilling, giving your clothes a longer, happier life. I think that my clothes, towels and blankets all have lasted as long as they have because I use Downy Fabric Conditioner. Not to mention how soft it makes your clothes and blankets. I will not wash clothes without it. I always have an ample supply on hand. 

Here’s some information about Downy Fabric Conditioner:
  • Downy protects clothes:
    • Instead of losing their shape, clothes bounce back to their store-bought form.
    • Colors stay true and resist fading.
    • Towels are protected from pilling and fuzz.
    • Fabrics are softened for added comfort.

  • The science behind fabric protection: During a ride around the washing machine, garments pull stretch, and rub together. Downy conditions, strengthens, and lubricates each fiber to protect clothing from the friction, and agitation of typical washing cycle.
  • Take fabric protection a step further: In addition to the protection Downy fabric conditioner offers, turning garments inside out, and washing soft fabrics like cotton on the gentle cycle will keep your clothes looking the best.
  • Perfect for the vintage pickup or future heirlooms: It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to protect that one-of-a-kind thrift-store find or maintain your favorite dress so you can one day pass it down to your daughter Downy extends the life of fabric by keeping your clothes looking and feeling like you just picked then up from the store. Noah has decided his Turtle Pillow Pet is going to be a family heirloom and he is going to pass it down through the generations until the end of time. Good thing I wash it with Downy so it will be just as cuddly and cute for years to come.
 Who has time to iron clothes? I don’t even know where my iron is… let alone if I have an ironing board. Downy Fabric Conditioner provides clothes with long-lasting freshness and reduces wrinkles better than using detergent alone. There’s just something I love about being wrapped up in a blanket fresh from the dryer. I also love how long the scent of Downy Fabric Conditioner lasts. It’s one of my favorite scents.

My love of Downy comes from my mom.
I usually pick up Downy Fabric Conditioner at Walmart because I do a lot of my shopping there. I like that things are really affordable and I can get more for my money. I also like that I can buy a huge bottle of Downy Fabric Conditioner and have it last for a long time. It’s also cheaper than at other retailers. I am big on saving money. My favorite time to shop at Walmart is on a weekday morning around 9 am, it’s usually pretty empty which makes it easier to get in and get out. Walmart also offers Savings Catcher which compares prices of other retailers and if the price is lower, Walmart will give you the difference on a gift card. I also like that you can find different sizes and scents of Downy Fabric Conditioner really easily at Walmart.

Downy Fabric Conditioner is available at Walmart and for everyday low prices. Learn more and shop for it here.

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