Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thank you, lovely Mum!

It’s almost Mother’s Day again. The second Sunday in May is mom’s special day. Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world. Some popular gifts are chocolates, flowers and cards. It’s also a great chance for children to pick out a little gift for mom. Moms do a lot. 

Mothers are very special. They take care of us, encourage us, bring us joy and do almost everything for us. They love us unconditionally and always have a warm hug. Did you know that Mother’s Day tradition was started by the American Anna Marie Jarvis? Since mom deserves her own special day, the tradition spread quickly. 

Wendt & Kuehn has a special present recommendation for mom. The little Angels from the GrĂ¼nhainichen workshops like flying out in May, to bring some joy to all the mothers in the whole world.

The GrĂ¼nhainichen Angels® with the eleven white dots on the wings are playing a song for mum or bringing a lovely little gift – for example the Angel with cake and heart. Such a stylish way to say: I’m glad you’re there! 
Two popular gifts are flowers and chocolates. The flowers would wilt. The chocolates will be eaten. The little Angel, decorated on the sideboard, can give some good memories on this day long time afterwards. 
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Friday, April 27, 2018

Zits Pop n Play Pimples Review

  This is a sponsored post. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The toys I played with when I was a kid are very different than what is popular for kids these days. Some of the things Noah wants to play with are just weird or gross. He loves slime, and anything poop shaped. I am sure some of the things I wanted as a kid were pretty gross too. I wanted GAK and Floam. We spend a lot of time making slime, a lot of time.

I learned about a product called Zits (ewww) Pop n Play Pimples. They follow in line of the slime and poop shaped items. Zits Pop 'n Play Pimples are stick on pimples that you can pop. It even has white stuff that comes out when you squeeze it. Don’t worry though, it is safe and non-toxic. I know a lot of people watch the pimple popping videos online. Thankfully, Noah doesn’t know about them. I had really bad acne when I was in jr high so it kind of gave me flash backs. Noah loves it. He likes to stick them on his face and arms and hands and pretend he has a bunch of Zits. He wanted to wear them to school but I decided that would probably be frowned upon.

Zits Pop 'n Play Pimples are available now at Walmart and other major retailers and will be sold in packages of 25, with an MSRP of $4.99. That’s a kid friendly price. They also come with a So you will have a lot of Zits popping fun.

For more information please visit Zits website

Monday, April 23, 2018

Hand feed hummingbirds with Hummer Ring®

One of my favorite things about spring is the beginning of hummingbird season. I remember watching hummingbirds as a child and wondering how they could fly so fast. We always have hummingbird feeders because my mom loves birds. I also remember my cats watching them through the window. Hummingbirds always dance around like a child begging you to play with them. When we go to New Mexico to visit my sister there are hummingbirds everywhere. I love watching them flutter around in the mornings.  
As a child, I always wanted to feed them like I would feed a duck or a goose. I wanted to have an up close and personal experience with a hummingbird. I didn’t think it was possible until I learned about the Hummer Ring®. It’s a little hummingbird feeder that you wear as a ring. You can hand feed the hummingbirds. The hummingbirds in New Mexico didn’t seem to be phased by people at all. They would fly pretty close to me. I can’t wait to feed them from my Hummer Ring®. Noah loves animals and birds too. I would love to see him feed the hummingbirds too. That would be amazing photos. I think that schools should have these for science class. 
Here are a few fun hummingbird facts:
Hummingbirds can fly 60 miles a hour. They also beat their wings about 78 times per second. 
They also have 1,500 feathers and can fly forwards, backwards, up, down and upside down briefly. 
They have to fly over the Gulf of Mexico to get to Mexico and Central America for the Winter. They have to eat 1 and 1/2 times their weight to make the trip. They normally eat half their body weight a day. Could you imagine eating half your body weight every day? 

It’s really easy to use. First, place it by your other hummingbird feeders so you train them to become comfortable feeding from the ring.  Once they are feeding from the ring, it can be placed near the area where you will be feeding them to bring them in more closely.  Finally, wear the ring and watch as your hummingbirds eat right out of your hand!  Children and seniors love to use the Hummer Ring® and it’s perfect for vacationing at the lake or while camping.  They make terrific gifts and at only $4.99 each, you can get one for every member of the family!  They are reusable and easy to clean. You will get many great memories from Hummer Ring®.  I would recommend buying each person one so they don’t argue over this really neat product. It helps families connect with nature and each other. 

Hummer Ring recommends using the Songbird Essentials brand nectar. It is available in easy mix powder, ready to use liquid, and concentrate liquid form.  The nectar and other accessories are available at as well, through checkout.   

For more information please visit The Hummer Ring® website.