Monday, March 2, 2015

LOBSTERFEST is going on NOW!

Lobster is definitely one of my favorite foods. When Noah really wants something, instead of saying pretty please with a cherry on top, he says pretty please with lobster on top. Of course that is really hard to say no to because he knows me so well. One of our favorite restaurants is Red Lobster. Noah asks to go there often because he loves the Cheddar Bay Biscuits and so do I. Every year Red Lobster does LOBSTERFEST where they have different lobster dishes. It is really hard to pick just one. I wish that I could have a bottomless stomach where I could eat everything. I really have a hard time picking just one thing at Red Lobster. It is such a hard decision. We had the opportunity to visit our local Red Lobster and check out the LOBSTERFEST menu. Of course I had seen the commercials over and over again. It would instantly make me starving for lobster every time. I was really excited to get to go. So, we loaded up in the car and headed there with my mom and off we went. I was starving by the time we arrived. We ate Cheddar Bay Biscuits and Noah had three of them. He would have ate them out of them if I would have let him. 

I ordered The Lobster Lover’s Dream. It had a roasted rock lobster tail and Maine lobster tail, served with lobster-and-shrimp linguini Alfredo.  It was amazing. I wasn’t too sure about the pasta before I went honestly. Any time I had Alfredo sauce, I didn’t like it. I was wrong, I loved the pasta. I filled up on the lobster-and-shrimp linguini Alfredo. I also had a salad with oil and vinegar which was great. I ended up taking home the lobster tails because I was full after the fulfilling pasta, biscuits and the salad. I really enjoyed them the next night! 

 Noah had mac and cheese of course and orange slices. He gobbled everything down really quickly. He didn’t have any leftovers even after the biscuits, which surprised me. My mom ordered the Dueling Lobster Tails. Let me tell you, she was happy to take part of this review. The Dueling Lobster Tails are a lobster tail stuffed with crab and seafood along with another tail topped with creamy roasted-garlic shrimp. It also came with mashed potatoes and she chose green beans for her side. She loved the Dueling Lobster Tails and she kept trying to get me to try the fabulous green beans. The really cool thing was there was a party going on in the next room. We never figured out what type of party they were having but there were lots and lots of red star balloons. There must have been fifty balloons and a room full of happy party goers. We were hoping it was a surprise party, but that wasn’t the case. Our waitress was nice too.  We left very full, even with leftovers. I couldn’t stop eating.

Check out LOBSTERFEST going on now at your local Red Lobster. Go quickly because it is only for a limited time and trust me you DON’T want to miss out! It only happens once a year so if you miss it you will have to wait a whole year to enjoy LOBSTERFEST. Of course they have lots of delicious items at Red Lobster!

Introducing Fat Quarter Shop New Clubs!

Fat Quarter Shop now has some pretty cool clubs! Clubs are always a  lot of fun! There are many different quilting clubs to choose from. Fat Quarter Shop makes it easy peasy to quilt with new supplies. You no longer have to go to the store and be stuck with their selection. You can shop for quilting supplies in your jammies! It doesn't matter if the weather is bad or if there is a bunch of snow on the ground, you just log in! Every month you get something new depending on the club you join. It's a great deal!

Here are some of the New clubs they offer:

-Aurifil Thread Club


-Solid Fat Quarter Club


-Modern Fat Quarter Club


-Reproduction Fat Quarter Club


And much more!
Be sure to check out the Official Fat Quarter Shop blog and read the post about the clubs


For more information Please visit the Fat Quarter Shop Club page

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cars Should Have Names Too

My family has had a habit of naming their cars. It all started with my cousin’s car Trudy. I am not sure why her name was Trudy, but it fit her personality perfectly. Trudy was an older clunker hatchback. It reminded me of a little old lady with her own little quirks. Trudy was an awesome car. My cousin and I went on many adventures in Trudy. You had to talk nicely to her and sometimes say Come on Trudy to get her to go or start. She was well loved by everyone who rode in her. My cousin was a college student at the time she owned Trudy. I miss her.  My other cousin had a car who was named Sherman. He had started staying with my grandma after my grandpa had passed away. He was there to keep an eye on our grandma and to keep her company. I spent a lot of time at my grandma’s house so I got to hang out with my cousin a lot. I always liked that, because we are twelve years apart in age, so growing up I didn’t see him as much as my other cousins. I would see him on occasion at family things. He used to run me to the store and take me to Mc Donald’s and other places. Sherman always smelled like fabric softener. I never did figure out why that was. I think he had some in the trunk.

 My aunt had a Neon who was named Janis. Janis became my cousin’s car and we drove to Texas in Janis. She was of course named after Janis Joplin. My mom had a car named Gracie too. The car my mom drove when Noah was really little was named The Green Car. The Green Car was the best car ever. Noah named it because it was green. The Green Car was always in the stories I would make up about a little boy named Noah. Do you name your car?

Check out my post about naming your car and learn about some of the famous named cars in movies and TV.

Poisonous Snakes at the Rest Stop

It’s important to be safe at rest stops. We love to travel and go on day trips. One time we were coming back from the outlet mall in Ellington Florida, it started pouring really hard as it tends to do in Florida. We had to pull off the road because we couldn’t see anything. It was honestly pretty scary and not safe to continue driving. Thankfully we found a rest stop to just stop at and wait out the rain. As you know, rain storms like this usually don’t last long in Florida in the rainy season. After the rain stopped, we decided to get out and use the restroom. As the rain was clearing and I could actually see the signs that were right in front of me, I saw a warning sign for snakes. Not just your garden variety of snakes, but venomous dangerous snakes. If you know me at all, you know I hate snakes, venomous or not. I was pretty scared to get out of the car, but we had a fairly long drive. I was very aware of my surroundings that day.

I was used to alligator signs and occasionally seeing an alligator off in the distance, but snakes was a new thing. I have been in situations where snakes were probably present, but they didn’t make themselves known to me or I would have freaked out. I think I am more scared of snakes than alligators. I could just cut up the alligator and deep fry it. I have heard horror stories about rest stops. I am sure you have heard them too about women being kidnapped at rest stops and people hiding in their backseats waiting for them to return.  While most of them are probably just urban legends, it is good to be vigilant with your safety especially if you are alone.

Here is my post about Rest Stop Safety.