Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Advertising with your car

When you own a business, acquiring clients can sometimes be tricky. Using social media can be helpful. Sometimes, good old fashioned advertising is what you need. When we would go on vacation, we would just have bowls of food and litter boxes for our cats. They hate being in the car and taking them isn’t an option. I would always worry about them spilling their water and running out of food. We happened to be driving somewhere and I noticed out the window that there was a van advertising a pet sitter service.

I decided to check them out. I decided to meet with them. They have been our pet sitter for two years. They are amazing. They take such great care of Stormy and Charlie. I receive texts about what they did and how our cats are. They even send photos each visit. Noah looks forward to seeing the cats while we are gone. Sometimes, they leave toys for our cats. I am so glad I found them. The funny thing was, I wasn’t actually looking for a pet sitter. It just felt right. 

If I wouldn’t have seen their van, I wouldn’t have a great pet sitter. You are driving your car anyways, why not use it as your own billboard. It’s much cheaper than a real billboard and it’s also mobile. I have seen businesses who have a cool car to advertise their business. I am not sure if the car is drivable or not. We like going to a restaurant that has a specific car that I remember since I was very little. 

You can make your own window clings with your business name and number or website. You can also hire a company to make it for you. Stick with a window cling unless you want something more permanent like vinyl. You can also make bumper stickers and hand them out at fairs and events. 

You never know who might be driving by at any point and be in the market for your services. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Slow down in neighborhoods

When you drive your car, you always have to be really careful. If you live in a neighborhood or drive through a neighborhood you should proceed with extreme caution. There may be children outside playing with a ball or out with their friends. Children aren’t always the most careful. They sometimes forget to look both ways or can get too focused on what they are doing. It’s your job as the driver to pay attention. Please don’t speed through neighborhoods. I get that people are in a hurry but respect the law and your neighbors and follow the speed limit. It’s the right thing to do. 

Sometimes people will park their car on the street. That’s a common thing in my neighborhood. At one point, there were cars parked down the street daily. Watch out for those cars. If you happen to accidentally hit one, do not drive off and act like nothing happened. Chances are someone will see you do it. It’s a hit and run. It’s a crime. Find out who the car belongs to. It doesn’t matter if you have to go to every house on the street. Take the time to do the right thing. Call the police and explain the situation. Just leaving the scene is not a smart idea. 

They will find you. Especially, with video doorbells and security cameras. It’s better to admit your wrongdoing than hope they will never catch you. 

If you witness a hit and run or an accident, remain calm and call the police. Make note of the color, car make, and model. Try and remember the license plate numbers of both vehicles. Give your information to the owner of the car who was hit in case the police want to speak to you. You would also be a valuable witness.  If you see a suspicious car in your neighborhood, report it. Most of the time, it’s nothing. It is better to be safe than sorry and find out later that you could have helped someone. 

Loaning your car

When you are friends with someone, you usually will want to do anything to help them. You may help them by accompanying them to a doctors appointment or even a medical procedure. You bring them soup when they are sick. You watch their kids so they can have a night out. There’s all kinds of things you can do to help friends. 

Here’s two things you shouldn’t do: It’s not a good idea to put a friend on your cell phone plan for obvious reasons. The other thing you shouldn’t do is loan them your car unless you absolutely trust them and know that they are legal to drive and have car insurance. The law doesn’t care about who is driving a car, they care about who owns it. 

If you loan a friend your car, and then they get in a car accident, you are responsible. You are the one that is sued. It doesn’t matter if you are out of the country, it’s still your car. You will be the one who has to pay the damages if they hit someone. You can sue your friend for reimbursement but small claims have a limit you can sue for. 

Another issue with lending your friend your car is if they get tickets, they are tied to your car. You are responsible. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t driving, if they get a parking ticket, you are the one who gets stuck with it. If you don’t pay it, you will be charged penalties. If there are multiple tickets and they aren’t paid, your car may be booted and then possibly towed. Impound and towing fees are expensive. You may even risk losing your license depending on where you are. I know that you want to help a friend but be smart and don’t loan them your car.  In the days of ride share apps, there are ways to get around. Offer them a ride, just not your keys.