Friday, January 23, 2015

I Wish I Could Have Traveled when I was Pregnant

Being pregnant is such a fun and magical time. You are usually the center of attention. People dote over you. Even when you travel you receive the pregnant woman special treatment. It's kind of fun to be pampered sometimes. I have heard stories of people traveling while pregnant and strangers paid for their dinner or even gave a monetary gift for the baby. I think that is such a kind thing to do.  I wasn't able to travel while I was pregnant because I was high risk my entire pregnancy. I was put on modified bed rest at 18 weeks. I had Placenta Previa with the cord under the placenta. I don't think I went farther than twenty five minutes away from home my entire pregnancy. It really sucked because I love to travel so much. I didn't go on any vacations my entire pregnancy with Noah. It was such a chore to go anywhere for me. I was pretty much bed ridden. I was allowed to go a few places. We went to the county fair because I wanted an elephant ear. The weather was so hot that I had to rest after getting one. It was early July and I was pretty pregnant by then. I gained a lot of weight.  If you are healthy and have your doctor’s approval it can be fun to travel while you are expecting.

I did go on vacation with my first pregnancy. We went to a beautiful lake and stayed on my ex-husband's family's houseboat. When I was little, I experienced car sickness so I was a little worried when we drove down. Thankfully I am one of the lucky women who doesn't get morning sickness but I wasn't sure about the car. I figured out ways to prevent it and ways to make it more fun for everyone else. Being cooped up in a car can be frustrating when you have a tiny person growing inside your womb if you aren’t prepared.

Check out my post about traveling while you are expecting. Remember it is a special time. Cherish every moment.

Just say NO to Texting and Driving

One thing that really bothers me is when people text while driving. It's so dangerous and irresponsible. You can put your phone down and focus on the road. It's so important not to drive distracted. I can not stand being in the car with someone who checks their phone. I don't care if you are at a stoplight. If the car is running, your phone is down. I knew a girl who always texted while driving with her son in the car. I just don't understand. She would hold the phone in her hand above the steering wheel.  I will admit I check my phone a lot but there's a time and place for it. I also can't stand when you are hanging out with someone and they are constantly on their phone. It's pretty rude in my opinion. You are ignoring the person you are with. I try not to check my email or texts when I am spending time with people. Sometimes I check my phone because they are on theirs.

I have found my voice and have told people not to text and drive when I am in the car. I ask them to please put their phone down. I am a mom and Noah comes first. If you put my life in danger, you are likely to be gone from my life. When Noah starts driving he will not text and drive. It's not worth it. I will monitor his phone and I will take it away. I have a zero tolerance policy. There will be no sorry I forgot or another chance. One text and it's gone. Have you even seen the texting and driving ads? They are really scary. It only takes an instant.  You can't do it. You don't want to be another statistic.

Please read about the dangers of texting and driving and please don't do text and drive.

The Dangers of Road Rage

Have you ever experienced road rage? It's really scary. It makes me think of the movie Joyride. That's like the ultimate road rage movie. It's about three kids that play a trick on a truck driver and he uses the road to get his revenge. People get so angry at other drivers sometimes. It's crazy. There's different degrees of road rage. Some are mild where you yell and cuss. Other times it can turn violent. It seems to be worse in those with anger issues.

My ex-husband had really bad rage and not just on the road. It can be frightening when you look over and see someone speeding up and resembling Cruella DeVil. Depending on the type of day you are having it can be easy to get angry too. It's extremely dangerous to deal with road rage because you never know what the other person will do. You may not know how to deal with it. Some of it is geographical. When I lived in south Florida, you had to drive the moment the light turned green or there would be a bunch of people honking. Everyone was always in a hurry. I witnessed some mild road rage down there. It wasn't anything really dangerous but it could have turned at any moment. There was a lot of cussing and an elderly woman shaking her cane at a car. It was funny for a few minutes but then it seemed serious. It's important to share your feelings and stay calm while driving so you don't turn in to an angry driver.

Here's a post about Road Rage and what to do. Hopefully you will never deal with it.

My Travel Bucket List

I want to create a travel bucket list because traveling is one of my greatest passions. There are so many places I want to visit. I thought it would be fun to share it and have a place where it won't get lost or deleted.

Sheila's Bucket List (in no order):
New Zealand
Costa Rica
A spa somewhere
Another cruise

I would also love to go to all 50 states just because it would be fun.

I would like to visit the following places again:
New Hampshire
Virginia Beach

Where do you want to travel?  Do you have a travel bucket list?

Here's some tips to create your dream travel bucket list.

Traveling with a Fussy Baby

Noah is a huge traveler and I started him off young. We went on a long road trip when he was two months old. He enjoyed riding in the car most of the time. Occasionally, he would start to fuss. He didn't want to be in the car anymore. He wanted to stretch and be held by me. It's hard because you just want to hold them. It's not safe to hold a baby in the car, even though it's so tempting. If I could have just held him on long car trips it would have been easier. Thankfully I am creative and have a knack for making up songs. It helped some when we were in the car.

Even just sitting in the backseat isn't enough. I honestly think it can make it harder sometimes. If you have a snugly baby, just touching them is not satisfying. They can see you and almost beg to be held. It makes the temptation to slip them out of the seat worse. You really have to know what to do to soothe your infant in the car. It's important for everyone's sanity especially if you are traveling far. Trust me when I say this: picture it it's like nine pm we can't find our hotel and everyone is tired from driving. Noah starts crying and his toy breaks. This toy is the only thing that is stopping him from crying. I was a new mom as he was two months old. It was time to get creative. I sang rattle rattle thunder clatter boom boom don't worry call the car-x man for a half hour straight.  I tried to only sing it a few times but well Noah really loved it and he was done with the car that night.

I wrote a post about soothing your infant in the car to hopefully help other parents manage long car rides