Thursday, January 12, 2017

Taking medicine can be fun for kids with MediMixer

As a parent, you hate when your child is sick. You would do anything to be sick for them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way and they have to go to the doctor. When they have to take medicine is when it gets tricky. Many children do not like taking medicine. That can be a good thing except when they need to take it. When I was a kid, I hated taking pills. I have this dreadful memory of when we would go on road trips, my mom would give me a spoonful of peanut butter with car sick medicine in it. I used to get car sick a lot. It was pretty much a given if I was in the car for more than an hour. She always gave it to me at some awful time like at 5 am. We always left early to get there sooner. It was horrible.  There was no liquid or gummy form of it. I still to this day can’t eat a spoonful of peanut butter. It makes my stomach churn thinking about it. I can’t even watch someone else eat peanut butter on a spoon.

I also was very scared of pills. I am not sure if I thought I was going to choke or what was going to happen. I still don’t know how people can take pills without water. I eventually learned about putting it in applesauce and swallowing it that way. It worked for a while, until I ran out of applesauce. I pretty much put it in anything I could. Everything from pudding to spaghetti sauce. As I got older, I didn’t really eat applesauce so I either didn’t have any or I had a jar that I would take a spoon of it out at a time. That was pretty gross because it would sit for a while in the fridge. Finally, I got over my fear, although I will tell you, when I was pregnant, I took my prenatal vitamin in applesauce because that sucker was huge. I was on bed rest at the hospital for two weeks before Noah was born, and I had no applesauce. I had to put my mama pants on and figure it out. Looking back if I would have asked my mom to bring me some applesauce cups she probably would have.

Now as a mom, I have already experienced Noah’s disdain for taking medicine. He has had the occasional antibiotic and it has been a huge production to get him to take it. He needed five minutes to prepare. He would have to run around the house three times. Then he would whine for a few minutes, and work up the courage and then finally take it. While I kept my fingers crossed that he wouldn’t spit it out all over the floor, he would need to run around the house five more times.  I wish I could say I was making that up, but I am not. I learned about a product called MediMixer. It is a really cool device that will help encourage your children to take their medicine. It was created by Keith and Jennie Katz after long nights of getting their children to take their medicine.
MediMixer works with both liquid and solid medicines and vitamins too. It will crush the pill up. In some circumstances there are some time release medicines that can not be used in the MediMixer. 

There are also certain drinks with high acidity levels that can not be mixed with medicine. BEFORE using the MediMixer to grind or mix any medications with a liquid, you MUST consult with your child's Doctor, your child's pediatrician and your pharmacist.  Noah has no problem with taking his vitamins. I love the design. It reminds me of Rube Goldberg. Noah is obsessed with Rube Goldberg, he has already said when he gets older he is going to enter the Rube Goldberg competition at Purdue. Not only is a cool way to take medicine, it also gives them an incentive. Kids sometimes need more than a but you will feel better honey, I know I have tried it. It doesn’t work. It comes with tickets they can earn for taking their medicine. If you have ever taken your children anywhere where tickets are, you know how much they love earning them. They exchange them for the goofiest prizes. You can also use the tickets to remember if you have given them their medicine.

The MediMixer doesn’t come with prizes, it’s up to you to come up with something they would like to cash them in for. I would probably offer dinner from our favorite pizza place, or a few dollar toy. It doesn’t even have to be something that costs money. Noah got all A’s this quarter. I decided to give him a reward because it was great. I asked him to give me some ideas, and he told me that he wanted to start staying up till 9 pm on school nights. He had been asking me for a while to do it. You know your child the best so some little toys may not be something they are interested in. It’s something all families should have in their homes. It can save you time, stress and your sanity when it comes to medicine. It will get your kids excited about taking their medicine and they may even ask you for it instead of having to find them from their hiding spot.  I think it would be great for children’s hospitals too. School nurses should invest in MediMixer too. Since it’s fully cleanable and should be cleaned after each use. It would definitely change the way kids take medicine.  

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cute ways to announce your expecting

There are so many cute ways a family can announce a pregnancy. They create cute photos using numbers counting the family members and the newest addition. Sometimes they causally post a photo of their youngest wearing a Big Brother or Big Sister T-shirt. I have a friend who just isn’t very active on Facebook just post a belly pic when she was expecting. My sister announced her pregnancy on Christmas Eve last year having my niece open a Big Sister shirt while on Facetime with us. It was definitely a surprise, and my nephew was born on my birthday. My favorite pregnancy announcement is one from TV. Of course they never said the word pregnant on the show. I love when Ricky is asked to sing to a couple to announce that they are expecting, and he starts singing and he keeps asking all the couples and they keep shaking their heads no. Then all the sudden Lucy shows up and he stops and stares at her and she nods. Then he sings to her. It’s so sweet and it gives me goosebumps every time I see it. If I have more children someday, I would love to announce it in a really special way. I mean I am probably done having kids though.

The first time I was pregnant, I told my mom when she was in a parking lot. As you know, I lost my first baby due to a miscarriage. When I was pregnant with Noah, I told my mom over the phone, while she was in the same parking lot. I didn’t plan it that way, it just happened to work out that way. I know when you get that positive pregnancy test it’s a really exciting time. A common question women ask and search online is what is the best pregnancy test to use.  Something you should look for is the amount of HCG the test measures. The lower amount the more sensitive the test. When someone asks me for a recommendation of pregnancy test, I prefer the kind that only has one line per window. I think the plus sign can get confusing especially if you don’t read the directions. Another tip is make sure you read it in the time allotted. Reading it after that time can and will probably result in an evaporation line.

If you are TTC and haven’t yet, I know that it is a hard thing to go through. I am not going to tell you not to stress out or that it will happen when it is meant to because those phrases annoyed me. I hope that you get pregnant soon and take care of yourself.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Don't let your kids wear coats in car seats

When it's really cold outside, you want to keep your kids warm while you are out and about. Did you know that wearing a coat in a car seat is a really bad idea? It can cause the straps to be too loose and if you are in an accident it can endanger your child. I honestly didn't know this for a long time. Thankfully it was never an issue. It was just something I didn't think of. It makes total sense though. 

When Noah was a baby he didn't have a coat. I would just use blankets to keep him warm. He wasn't ever out very long. We didn't go a lot of places when he was a baby in the winter. I don't think I was naive or anything I just think that that long ago it was unknown. Social media has also grown a lot since Noah was in a traditional car seat. Noah had many car seats, he was a big baby and grew out of his infant carrier quickly. When he was one they weren't recommending to be rear facing until two either. Times change of course. If we want to go way back... when I was two we went on a road trip and I threw up all over my car seat and I am pretty sure my parents just threw my car seat away on the way home. 

It's recommended to put your children in a coat and take it off when you put them in the car seat. You can bring blankets for them to snuggle up with after you secure their car seat. I know that is a pain. Sometimes it takes a while to get their coat on or to take it off. It really is dire that their car seat is safe though. It's just one of those annoyances we as parents have to do. If you have an older child you can have them take it off. Let's be honest sometimes it's a challenge for me to keep Noah's coat on. I think he thinks he's part polar bear because he doesn't like wearing his coat. He will give me every excuse why not to wear it. If he has to wear both layers or a coat he doesn't want to, I am automatically overprotective.  I'm just trying not to freeze at the bus stop. Sometimes he will get off the bus holding his coat and that prompts me to tell him to put his coat on before he gets off the bus. I haven't been on a school bus in quite some time but I remember it being either really cold or really warm. There's a possibility that the bus is really warm with all the kids. It's cold outside.  

You can also get your child's car seat inspected at the fire station if you aren't sure it's installed correctly. I always worried about Noah's car seat. It's really awesome that you can get it checked just to make sure.  Rear faced car seats until they are two is now recommended too. One last car seat tip never buy a used car seat. Even if the owner promises it's never been in a crash, it might have not been but they want to sell the seat. Buying new is best. That way you are 100% sure and not a recall. 

Remember if your child is in a car seat, just say no to coats in car seats.

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