Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Creating a car gift basket

The holidays are coming and no matter what holiday you celebrate, you have to purchase gifts for your loved ones. Some people can be really hard to shop for. You may be thinking what do you buy someone who has everything? Sometimes we need to think outside the box and get creative. Maybe your dad or husband really loves their car. You can make them a really neat car gift basket that would make anyone happy. Making a gift basket is really fun and easy. It’s cheaper to make your own vs. buying something pre-made. It doesn’t take long to do. I would recommend it, if you don’t have to ship the basket. You can even personalize it with the brands they prefer. 
Here are some must have items for a rocking car gift basket:
Scraper for the icy days
Car wash certificates
Turtle Wax
Microfiber towels
Travel Mug
Car First Aid Kit
Air freshener
Audio Books
Car Charger
Tire Gauge
Gas gift card
You could even get them seat warmers to keep them warm and toasty this winter. You could also get them a subscription to Satellite Radio. If they don’t have a car that supports it, how about a good old fashion mix cd? Maybe use songs that mean a lot to you or just their favorites. Driving can be boring sometimes. I remember riding in the car when I was young listening to music and singing my heart out to the same tapes over and over again.  I still enjoy those songs today.
After you collect your items arrange them in the basket and wrap or you could even wrap everything individually too to make it more fun! I am sure whoever receives this gift basket will be over the moon excited and will love it!

Stay Safe with a Winter Safety Kit

The weather outside has turned and there has been snow. While you are traveling this holiday season to see your loved ones or just driving to and from work, you need to have a winter safety kit. It is very important to be safe and stay warm in the event that you have car trouble or you get in to an accident. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in the dark without supplies. 
Here are some things you will need for a Winter Safety Kit:
Make sure your gas tank has plenty of gas, going under ¼ of a tank can be dangerous
Two flashlights and back up batteries, you need two just in case the other stops working.
Jumper cables to start your car if your battery dies.
Tire Chains in case you get stuck in the slush 
Spare Tire in good condition
Tire gauge to check your tires air pressure
Warm blankets to stay warm in the car
Bottled water is important to stay hydrated
Granola bars or other snack items to curb hunger
Salt or Litter to get traction if you get stuck in the snow or ice
Hats and gloves to protect you from the elements
Warming hand pouches will help warm your hands fast
Extra socks to change in to if your feet get wet
Small tool kit with a knife because you never know when you may need a knife
Road side flares will alert others where you are
First Aid kit with medicines for the unexpected injury or body ache 
A weather radio in the event of a natural disaster

You can also put your own personalized items in there like favorite books or magazines. Make sure you always have a full charge on your cell phone and enable GPS. It could save your life.  Remember to check the weather before you go somewhere. If the conditions are not safe, stay home. It’s not worth the risk.  If I forgot something please let me know in the comments. I hope you all have a safe and uneventful winter. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Renting a car for your road trip

Next time you are going on a road trip, consider renting a car to drive. Depending on how many people you are traveling with it may be cheaper than flying and renting a car. If you are traveling with more people than your car can fit you can rent a van instead of driving multiple cars with twice the gas and miles. A big part of a road trip is the experience of spending time together.  Having to take two cars hinders that.  

Some other reasons you should consider renting a car to travel in:

If you rent a car to drive you don't have to worry about if your car is working well enough. You don't need to think about getting everything checked out before your trip. The couple days before travel, regardless of how you are traveling or where you are going are always really busy. You don't have to put the miles on your own used car.

 If you have an older car or a lot if miles, driving a rental car would be a good option.  The miles and wear and tear on your car may be worth it to rent a car. 

You can pick the type of car you need. If you want to drive a convertible you can rent one. The car will be clean if you don't have time to clean it. 

Some rental car companies will pick you up and bring you home after returning the car.  That's a great help when you just don't want to drive anymore. You want to get home and relax. 
Sometimes there are discounts for renting for a certain amount of time. It's good to shop around online to get the best deal. Don't forget about coupons. 
Some dealerships have cars to rent too. Renting from a dealer can be cheaper than a rental car company. 

Check around and see what option is best for you.