Thursday, July 12, 2018

I left the car door open

We went to San Antonio to see our family a couple weeks ago. It was so much fun. While we were planning our trip, my mom wanted to rent a car. She likes to not rely on others to drive her around. I asked my cousin something about where we were going to meet up, and she insisted on driving us around. She said the roads in San Antonio are crazy with construction. We ended up using Susie’s chauffeur service during our whole trip. It was really special because we saw family that we haven’t seen in a very long time. My cousin David even drove from Dallas. I hadn’t seen him or my cousin Rosa since 2005. They had fun meeting Noah. My cousin Susie lives in Switzerland. 

We went to four shopping malls. We did a lot more than just shopping though. It’s blazing hot in San Antonio in July. We tried to mostly do things inside. We went to the Children’s Museum. It was hands on which was great for Noah. We had a meal at my cousin Rosa’s house. I forgot how good her cooking is. I ate so much food on this trip. We also went to the Riverwalk. I highly recommend the boat ride. I learned so much. There’s a hotel in San Antonio that was moved. It was transported on trucks and it took four days to move it. 

We of course went to The Alamo. When I was there in 2000, we stopped briefly. This time we went in and it was so interesting. I love history. Noah thought it was pretty neat. That evening, we went out to dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant. It was Noah’s pick to have Italian food. We had an amazing dinner and spent a long time talking and eating. I had pizza with whole cloves of garlic. It was so good. I even put it in my suitcase and flew home with it. I had never done that before. 

After a great meal and the end of our trip approaching we went out to the car. It was an odd sight. The door was wide open. We thought someone had broken in but then we realized that I forgot to shut the door.  I had never done that before. I guess I thought Noah was getting out on my side. It was weird that none of us noticed. No one said said there’s a car with the door open. Thankfully, the car wasn’t stolen and nothing was taken. My family will bring this up for years to come. I always give my cousin Susie a hard time about running out of gas years ago. Now it’s my payback. 

Switzerland dreams

I love to travel. I am lucky because I have family in some pretty cool locations. I would love to go to Switzerland and visit my cousin Susie. We spent a lot of time talking bout the possibility of eventually visiting her. I have never been to Europe. It’s funny because my dad lives in England. He has invited us. I didn’t think Noah was old enough at the time. I asked Susie if we could travel while I visited. Of course we can! I would want to go to Paris and see Notre Dame Cathedral. My favorite Disney movie is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I would also like to go to Germany, Amsterdam, Italy, Spain and possibly London.  That might have to be more than one trip to Susie’s. I would honestly go anywhere she would take me. 

I found out that my cousin doesn’t have a car in Switzerland. I always figured she had. Here everyone drives unless you live in like New York City. I had to ask her how she gets around. She does a lot of walking or she takes public transportation. When we were discussing traveling to Paris, she told me it was a couple hour train ride to Paris. It’s so neat that she can just hop on a train and go. She did say she has access a car if she needs it. 

I am not sure we would go to London or not. She said we would likely have to fly and then go through customs. They aren’t part of the act where when you are flying between countries in Europe you don’t have to go through customs. There’s always a really long line. I would love to go to London though. We could always drive to London, but it’s a 12 hour drive. We are the same crazy cousins who drove from Indiana to basically the Mexican border. I will probably save London for another time. 

This is just a dream at this time. I don’t have any definite plans at this time. I would have to save many many pennies for this dream vacation. I would really love to visit her while I have her in Switzerland. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

beach car tips

For many families, summer means making a road trip to the beach. My family loves the beach. Noah’s first beach trip was when he was two months old. We went again when he was eight months old and he was with me in the ocean. Going to the beach, while extremely fun can also be extremely messy. Not everyone stays at a beach front hotel. Some of my favorite beaches don’t even have hotels. You may have to drive your car to the beach. 

There’s the sand. Sand is messy. You think you have it all off and you miss a spot. It typically gets on everything. My mom has sand in her trunk often. She keeps the noodles and Noah’s sand toys and everything we bring to the beach in her trunk. Definitely invest in weather liners for your car so you can remove them and dump out the sand as needed. They are also great for snow. If you are in a rental car use trash bags on the floors. It’s better than nothing and they work in a pinch. Make sure you use the foot showers at the beach to remove the excess sand. 

There’s a good chance there will not be a proper changing room so you will likely be in your wet swimming suit. Use towels to protect the seats. You can also use blankets. I like to walk along the beach a bit to dry off some. The warm sun will dry you quickly. 

Bring bags for shells you find. I like using bags with zip tops so i don’t lose the shells or end up with more sand. Bring frozen bottles of water. You would be surprised how quickly they will melt in the sun. 

Apply sunscreen before going to the beach so it has time to absorb before you are out in the sun. You don’t want to get sunscreen on your seats. Bring the bottle in case you need to apply more. 

Time at the beach doesn’t have to make a mess of your car with these tips.