Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Save Time by going to the Doctor Online with Amwell

As a busy single mom, I don’t always have time to make it to the doctor’s office. I feel like I go there enough with my ongoing health problems. Sometimes it’s just impossible to go. If Noah is home it’s really hard to take him with me to the doctor. Especially if it is something where they need to talk about something private. Doctor’s offices do not offer childcare, so most of the time he has to go in there with me. We are in such a digital age, that we can now go to the doctor online. There is a service called Amwell. I love this because it’s so easy. You can just explain your symptoms to the doctor and they can diagnose you right from your home. It’s like a house call for this century. Remember when the doctor would come to your home and see you in the comfort of your on bedroom. It’s just like that. Amwell is also really affordable. Going to a clinic can be expensive. One time Noah had a really bad rash and I had to take him to a doctor at night. Just for the visit was $100 and they didn’t know what was wrong with him. The doctor said give him some Benadryl. It was also far away and we had to wait for over an hour to be seen. If I would have had Amwell’s online service for that, I would have been able to save time and lots of money.

 I had the opportunity to try out Amwell and it was easy and only took ten minutes. The doctor was very helpful and nice. Thankfully it was just something small that is able to be taken care of with over the counter items, I didn’t need a prescription. They can prescribe medicines for you too if you need them, depending on the state. If it’s something minor don’t load the kids up in the car, wait a long time and have to handle them all at the doctor’s office, try Amwell’s Online Doctor. They also offer 24/7 care for the times when you wake up in the middle of the night throwing up or worse when your kids wake up throwing up. At least you can make it to the toilet. You can just hop online and talk to a doctor right from home with Amwell.

You can save $10 on a visit by using the code LOVEAMWELL10 That will make it only $39 for the visit.

This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. All opinions are my own

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Make Lists for Important Questions

You may not know this but I am pretty shy in person. I sometimes get really nervous when I have to talk to people in person or on the phone. I have gotten a lot better. Before I could barely squeak out a hello to a stranger on the street. Now I just get a little nervous, but I have no problems in normal tasks like ordering food or talking to the school nurse. It can be hard to know what to ask when you are talking to doctors or when you are talk to a used car dealer about what you should know and ask. I have started making lists so I don't forget. I have a pretty good memory but I want to make sure all my bases are covered whenever I talk to someone. It's easy to get distracted or excited and you can forget to ask an important question.  You can get so involved with listening you can just not think of it. I also consult my mom about what to ask, she always has great ideas. She will usually come up with a handful of questions too especially when it comes to important things.  It’s great to have her to bounce ideas off of. She is definitely my most trusted adviser.

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I Wish you could Trade in Everything

I wish everything had a trade in program. Every time you wanted to purchase something big like a tv or appliance you could trade in your old one. It would definitely help when you would like a new item. Of course you would have to worry about condition and somethings don't retain value like cars. Most people don't buy certain things unless they are broken so I am not too sure how well that would work.  There would have to be different used repair shops for everything. Thankfully when you buy a used car, you can trade in your old car to help you with your purchase. Some dealers don't really care about the condition because they can usually fix them up and get them working really well. It can be very helpful and help you save.  It is also great because you don’t have to worry about what to do with the old car too.  Selling a car privately can be a major pain and it could sit for weeks or months and arranging showings can be inconvenient.

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Thinking about when Noah can drive

Noah has decided that he wants to own a Corvette someday. He told me about a raffle for a Corvette that he thinks I should enter. That got me thinking even though he is just eight years old, he won't always be. Before I know it, he will be getting ready to drive. He wants to start driving now but I remind him he isn't old enough yet. I will definitely get him a used car to drive when the time comes. It is important to know what to look for when you buy a used car. Especially when you are like me and know the basics about cars. I would definitely take one of my cousins or my uncle with me because my grandpa taught them all they need to know about cars. I didn't get that luxury because he passed away before I was old enough to really be interested in cars. There are many choices out there from color, make, model and even price.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I Don't Like Buying Things from Strangers

I always prefer to buy things from stores. I don't usually purchase things from friends and I never buy things from strangers. I have bought things on ebay like some stamp sets and other small things. There's just something more secure about going in to an establishment or buying from a well known website. I don't want to say I am mistrusting but you never know what you will get. I have friends who purchase all kinds of things from Facebook or Craigslist without a problem though. I guess I have heard way too many horror stories or watch too many court shows. I also learned that you shouldn't buy used cars from friends or family. If something goes wrong, it could potentially ruin that relationship. It's easier to trust a friend but sometimes it doesn't work out and money does strange things to people. I also don't like to borrow or loan money to people because you never know what might happen. There have been times I have loaned a little money to someone without the real expectation of paying it back. I try really hard to keep money out of friendships. So in my opinion buying a used car from a friend is a big no way in my book.

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Getting a Used Car Loan

Sometimes you need to purchase something and you don't have the money to just pay upfront. Thankfully you can get a loan for a used car. You don't have to pay for it all at once. If that were the case no one would be able to really buy a car. I used to think that if you bought a used car that you had to pay for it all.  I guess that didn’t really make sense, unless it was a private seller. You can of course pay in full but there is financing to help those who don't have several thousand dollars burning a hole in their pocket. I know I don't. If I did, I wouldn’t use it to buy a car outright. I would still finance it. You may think that it is complicated to get a used car loan but it can really be easy. You also may be able to be financed for more than you would with a new car depending on your credit.  

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