Friday, September 13, 2019

The importance of data

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Let’s face it, data is important. You have to know what kind of data you have when it comes to your business. You also need to know about the data quality. Not all data is good data. There’s also bad data. Good data is high quality. It can also show you if you have good customer service and repeat customers. If you have bad data, it can be damaging to your business. You want happy customers and to build a solid relationship with them. A good relationship means more business.

You also need to know where your customers are located so, you know you are reaching the right customer. I somehow receive emails for businesses that are no where near me. I always wish that I could visit that restaurant or business but can’t do to where I am located. If you have an email service, they usually charge you based on how many people receive your emails. If you are emailing people that can’t reach you or are the wrong demographic then you are wasting money and time. 

Demographic is huge when it comes to data. You need to make sure you aren’t emailing baby product ads to people who don’t have children. You need to make sure they are actually interested in whatever you are selling. You could have a great product, but if you don’t know your demographic, it could be counterproductive. 

You also need data to see how many people are clicking on your links and visiting your site. You also need to monitor if you are losing your customers interest. Do some investigating to see what might be the cause. Are you sending too many emails? Are you wording things incorrectly? How is your customer feedback? It wouldn’t hurt to have a quick survey at the end to see how your employees are handling their interactions. 

Keep an eye out on social media. Even if the customer doesn’t tag you, see if there are any problems by searching your company on all the social media sites. If there are issues, fix them immediately and to their satisfaction. Remember that more people leave reviews and comments when it’s negative than when it’s positive. Remember that some people will be looking for anything negative. I always check reviews and social media to see the quality of products or services. There has been a few times that I have passed on buying something because of the negative reviews and comments. 

I am not saying negative reviews are bad in the long run. It help to improve your performance and products. It can be useful if you take the time to actually listen to the customer and try and make your product better or to make your customers happy. Word of mouth and social media reaches so many people now. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing. 

You need to have a good relationship and reputation. So pay attention to your data. It can be a very useful tool in solving problems and growing. Don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong. It takes a lot to admit you are wrong and make it right. 

Nursing home Neglect

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As your loved ones grow older, sometimes you are unable to provide them the care that they need. They might need a little extra care that you just can’t do. They may need a more watchful eye where they can’t live alone anymore. It is heartbreaking when it comes to this point but you want to have their needs met. 

When my Grandma Rose was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I was one of her main care givers. She reached the point where she needed more medical care. We found an assisted living facility and she moved in. We weren’t happy with the  facility so, we decided to move her back in with us. There wasn’t one thing we didn’t like in particular, it just wasn’t the right place. We found out a week later that someone was able to leave and froze to death on the front lawn. We ended up finding another place for her as her medical needs became more apparent. It was a great place for her. Not every place is as good as it should be. 

Unfortunately, not every place that is licensed is a good place. There are some instances of abuse, thankfully they are not common. There are however quite a few instances of neglect. I have sadly learned this first hand. One of my friends has both his mom and grandma in nursing homes. They are on their third nursing home.

 Residents have to wait quite a while to have their needs met. I am not talking about getting them their photo albums or knitting, I am talking about changing them and making sure they have their basic needs met. Sometimes a call button is turned off and the aides walk away for forty five minutes before the resident gets what they need. 

Nursing homes are grossly understaffed. That can be due to not having applicants apply or state minimums. In my state, it’s 13 residents to 1 nurse and there is no state minimum for aides. That makes me wonder if some of the aides that are hired don’t really care about the residents and could hurt them because they are frustrated because they are angry. It makes me sick to even think about it. 

When you suspect your loved one has been abused or neglected, you need to hire a personal injury attorney. Look for one that specializes in Elder Law like  Kinney, Fernandez, & Boire P.A. They will help be the voice for your loved one. 

Know the signs of Elder Abuse. Document every instance of mistreatment. Opt for sending emails along with phone calls. If you have it in writing, you can prove that you put them on notice. I think it would be a good idea to get everything in writing. 

Move them to a new place for their safety. Some people can get mad when they are called out. They might start messing with the patient by spilling their drink or withholding help. It will also make it apparent that it’s not a good place for your loved one. Do your research and find a better nursing home for them to live. 

Report them to Adult Protective Services. When a report is made, the state will look in to it and investigate. As always, follow the advice from your attorney. I really hope no one ever has to deal with this. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Self Employment Ideas

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Some people can handle the hustle and bustle of a 9 to 5 job and work for someone else. It’s honestly not for everyone. Others have the calling to become self employed. Maybe they want to do something out of the box or want to work from home. When you are thinking about becoming self employed, you need to first decide what you want to do. There are so many different choices. Remember that if you aren’t an actual employee, and you work do work for companies, you are considered an independent contractor or self employed. 

I thought it would be fun to discuss a few of the options you may have:

I’m a blogger and I work with brands and Public Relations firms to help promote products and services. I have been doing it for ten years and it’s a lot of fun. 

If you love kids, you could own your own daycare. It can be ran right from your home. I knew a woman who has had her own home daycare for over thirty years. You would have to get the necessary licenses and inspections to be a legal daycare. That is such a fulfilling job. I had thought about owning my own daycare when I was younger. 

If you love to bake, you can sell baked goods at farmer’s markets and roadside stands. Many states have Cottage Laws so you can bake from home and sell legally. It’s a great way to share your love of baking and food with others. Make sure you check the specific laws in your state as to where you can and cannot sell your items.  

If you like making crafts, you can sell them online or at local events. It’s a great way to be creative and support your family. Websites like Pinterest are a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration. I knew a lady named Eva who sold her artwork. She was doing this well in to her nineties. I am not sure how old she was when she passed away. 

You can always go with the more traditional method by selling products through companies that you purchase products from. You can even make your own products or sell items online that you purchase and be a reseller. 

There’s the most common method of being self employed, owning a store or restaurant and having a brick and mortar place to do your business. My old family friends owned their own independent bookstore for quite some time. You actually don’t even have to sell products you can own a salon or do tax preparation. 

All of the options I gave you do require start up costs. If you have a daycare, you have to have toys, cribs, and other supplies. Baking costs include ingredients and extra kitchen items. Crafts also require supplies too. You will definitely have some start up costs regardless which is why there are self employment loans for those who are looking to start out or are already self employed. 

Honestly, for the most part if you can think of it, there’s probably a way to make it a business somehow. You just have to have the drive and determination to do it.  The world is your oyster if you are willing to pick it up and shuck it.