Thursday, October 10, 2019

Collecting sales tax

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When you are owning your own business, it’s extremely important to keep great records of your sales, assets, and your losses. You need to have them to track your growth and improve business. Taxes when you own a business can be a bit tricky. Someone said, “the only guarantees in life is death and taxes.” That is a very true statement. Everyone has to pay their taxes on everything from their income to sales tax. Unless you live in a state doesn’t have sales tax, you have to collect, report and pay sales tax to the government. The sales tax that you collect depends on where you are located. Some places also have local sales tax which depends on where you are located too. It’s not a very common thing, but some places to have it.  It also may depend on if you do online sales. It’s a good idea to have a basic idea of sales tax from online sales.  If you have an actual storefront you will have to collect sales tax. The Supreme Court recently ruled on the South Dakota Tax Nexus Case. 

There’s also certain things that are tax free and again that depends on where you live and what the items are. Some states have tax exempt items like basic needs and some have reduced tax on those items. Tax laws are really an enigma in my opinion. Thankfully, I have a friend who used to work for the IRS. I consider myself very lucky. It would be hard to know every rule on your own. You would have to do this for every item you sell. If you are a successful business with lots of sales, your taxes can become pretty complicated. You must make sure you are in compliance with all the tax laws. You don’t want to make Uncle Sam mad. He’s not very forgiving. You really don’t want to go through the audit process. Being audited is a complete nightmare. You will have the possibility of fines and fees on top of what you owe. Besides, it’s the right thing to do. In my opinion, doing the right thing is the best thing. Pay your taxes because there could be serious consequences. You could face liens. Your business could also be shut down or you could face time in prison. 

The best idea would be to hire a sales tax service  to help all the work for you. You won’t have the headache of trying to do it on your own and the added stress. With a sales tax service, you will have the most up to date information. You will know how to comply with the South Dakota Nexus Decision that will completely change the sales tax nexus when it comes to selling online. You would also have access to a CPA and accurate information. The laws and rules can change and it’s great to have someone else take care of the fine details so you can focus on your customers. After all your customers are the heart of your business. Providing amazing customer service is key. You will also have time to create new inventory and products. Happy customers and employees make a successful business.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Car Urban Legends

I am a self admitted weirdo. I love urban legends. Some you don’t know if they are true or not. An urban legend is a story that people tell each other that happened to someone they know’s friend’s cousin. Sometimes, they aren’t just urban legends and they are true. I thought it would be fun to share some car urban legends. All of these are not true to my knowledge. 

You are going to your car after being at the mall.  You are greeted by someone who wants you smell a new perfume or cologne. You think nothing of it and smell it because you feel bad for the person having to stand out in the sun all day. After you smell it, you wake up in a motel room and you have been kidnapped. You realize later that you have been knocked out and transported to a motel and your captors are demanding a ransom for your safe return. 

Someone is driving in the middle of no where and a very dangerous person has escaped from prison and is likely in the same area. They notice the person behind them driving really fast. They are also flashing their brights and honking repeatedly. It really scares the driver and they pull in to a gas station and they start screaming for the attendant as the other car pulls in and gets out of the car. The other driver warns them that there’s someone in their backseat and was honking and flashing their lights so it would distract the killer. When they look in the backseat all that is left is an ax. 

Years ago, I remember getting emails from people telling me that if I see someone driving without their headlights not to flash my headlights at them to let them know. The story goes that it’s part of a gang initiation where a recruit has to drive around with their headlights off and kill whoever flashes their lights. There’s two versions of this one. The second one is the same except that the gang leader is in a different car than usual and goes looking for them and they accidentally kill their leader.  

A woman is driving in a very bad area of town after going to the grocery store. There’s construction and she has to take a detour. It’s a very hot day. She notices a group of men standing by the street. Her car starts to stall and she has a bit of car trouble. They come up to her and start banging on her car. She is able to get her car to work properly and starts to speed off. All the sudden she hears a bang and feels a hot gooey spot on her head. She is afraid she has been shot. She calls the emergency number and an ambulance arrives on the scene with police. She was fine. She forgot that she had cookie dough in the backseat in the bang was the sound of the cookie dough exploding and then a bit landed on the back of her head. 

What’s your favorite Urban Legend? 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Traveling in Colorado

Growing up, I listened to a lot of Judy Collins on road trips. One of my favorite songs is The Blizzard. I wanted to go to Colorado partially due this song. My best friend in school was originally from Colorado, so she told me all about it all the time. We had talked about vacationing there. It never happened. The closet we came was a layover in Denver. In this traveler’s mind it doesn’t really count. I used to be a Broncos fan because of John Elway. 

I’m not a big cross county road trip person but I have done it a couple times. I would honestly prefer to fly somewhere and rent a car and go on a road trip without the driving to get there. There’s so many things I would love to do in Colorado. 

I would have to visit my friend Katie in Denver. We would watch Pete’s Dragon. She would disown me if I didn’t at least come by and say hi. I would also love to go to a Broncos game. Even though my two favorite quarterbacks are no longer there, it would still be fun to go and see a game. 

I would definitely have to go to Rocky Mountain National Park and explore. I would love to go to as many National Parks as I can. So far, I’ve only been to around eight of them. 

I would also love to go to Steamboat Springs. My childhood best friend’s family always talked about how neat it was. It would be very hard to remove me from the hot springs. I might just stay in there until I melt. I would probably make this a kid free vacation so I can really relax. 

Colorado is a beautiful state and I would love to explore it sometime soon.