Thursday, May 28, 2015

Warner Bros. & DC Kids Video Playlists and Giveaway!

Check out some of the amazing new videos from DCKids & Warner Bros' new Youtube channels - included are favorites such as Batman Unlimited, DC Super Friends and Scooby-Doo! There will be many more updates over the next year, so don't forget to subscribe to their channels!

WBKids Channel:

Check out the Scooby Doo Playlist. Scooby Doo is one of my best friend's mom's favorite cartoon. She collects Scooby Doo items and she has an amazing collection. 

Enter to Win 1 of 5 Mystery Toy Gift Baskets worth a minimum of $50.  

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

National Senior Health & Fitness Day is May 27th

May 27, 2015 is National Senior Health & Fitness Day! It is so important to take care of our loved ones who are seniors. Even if they are independent, it is important to encourage them to take good care of themselves. I am the youngest grandchild on my mom’s side. I am the youngest of ten so by the time I was born my grandparents were already older than most grandparents. My Grandma Rose had heart problems for years. She had her first open heart surgery a couple years before I was even born. I remember she would always take great care of herself. She would walk around the mall all the time, if she couldn’t get to the mall, she would walk laps around her house. She also always ate a heart healthy diet, not a lot of red meat and took her medicines. She must have done something right because she went sixteen years without another open heart surgery when the normal time frame is ten years.

She ended up with Alzheimer’s disease so she was unable to care for herself in the same way as before. It was extremely hard because she was such an amazing woman. We had to make sure she got exercise and took her medicine and watch her diet for her.  No one minded though because she always took such great care of all of us.  After her Alzheimer’s progressed, it became too hard to care for her ourselves. We had to seek out help by looking for a nursing home as she needed more medical help. I come from a family of teachers, none of us are in the medical field.  Thankfully we found a great one for her to go to. It was also close by so I could go visit her all the time, we were extremely close.  I am so glad there is to help educate those who we trust our loved ones with. is run by the Association of Skilled Nursing Providers (ASNP) a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about skilled nursing care.

Here is a quote about
 We are very grateful for the leadership of John Sorensen in the post-acute care industry. John is a leader in his field, a generous philanthropist, and a great example of someone who places serving the patient above anything else. We are proud to be associated with John and North American Health Care and grateful for his support to promote best practices in skilled nursing.” – Amy Osmond Cook, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Association for Skilled Nursing Providers

You can do lots of things to get your loved ones moving and healthy:

Go for walks together, if the weather is bad, walk around a mall or even around the house.

Take them shopping with you, have them help push the cart for exercise and the cart will give them some support.

Go to parks and walk trails and have some fun on the swings.

Park a little further away to get exercise when going to the store.

There are also many activities at senior centers that they can enjoy and make some new friends.

Make sure they are going to the doctor regularly and are getting preventive tests like colonoscopies and stress tests.

Monitor medicines and make sure they have everything they need for the month

Cook together and make healthy meals that they can just heat up from the freezer. Sometimes cooking isn’t as fun when you are just cooking for one and people tend to go to fast food and other processed foods.

The most important thing is to be there and spend time with them. Family and friends being there can have an impact on how healthy you are. Remember that emotional health is also really important.
 Get them involved in clubs and groups based on their interests so they are making friends and socializing.

I know today is National Senior Health & Fitness  Day but it also reminds me to take better care of myself even though I am only 33. Time goes by so fast and if I make changes now, it will be easier as I get older.

Noah loves Movies about Travel

Noah loves the Cars series. The first time he saw Cars 2 was when he really started to love movies. I had tried to watch movies with him before that because I am a huge movie buff. I wanted to pass it along to Noah. He instantly loved Lightning McQueen and Mater. He couldn’t wait for it to come out on DVD. He hadn’t seen Cars before we saw Cars 2. We actually watched Cars on the Disney Cruise. They had free Disney movies you could order from your stateroom. We ended up watching Cars every night of the cruise. I also purchased the movie when we got home. I also pre-ordered Cars 2. I think that he likes Cars 2 more though. We love to have movie nights together where we watch a movie with popcorn. I would let Noah pick out the movie and for months we watched Cars 2 every week. I like the Cars movies too. I think they are really cute.

 There are so many cute travel movies out there. I really like Radio Flyer too. I remember seeing it in theaters. It was a very sad movie though. I recently watched Radio Flyer again and I was like woah….I totally missed something. I thought he flew away at the end because it was fantasy but other people think there’s a couple different endings.  I am not sure which I believe though even now. I like to still believe that he flew away even now. The other theories are ones that would ruin my childhood. I also forgot how sad the movie really is. I remembered there was abuse but I think now that I am a mom it just is different.  I also used to love Follow that Bird. If Noah knew that I liked a movie about Big Bird as a big kid he would think I am so silly. We have definitely moved way out of the Sesame Street phase at my house.

Here’s a great list about Road Trip movies for Kids.

What’s your favorite kid’s road trip movie?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Grandpa's Garage

My Grandpa was a diesel mechanic and he loved working on cars in his garage. He taught all of my male cousins how to fix up their cars. He would spend hours in his garage working on something or other. I wasn’t really allowed in there because there was all kinds of tools and nails and other dangerous things. My grandpa would fix up cars for friends too. He would have helped anyone just out of the kindness of his heart. After he passed away, there were some vehicles left in the garage and in the driveway that were in the process of being worked on. Instead of my Grandma Rose junking them, she with the advice of my uncles decided to donate them to charities to help others. My Grandma Rose didn’t drive. I think she drove once in her life. So, she really didn’t need a car.  I think that she was sick of looking at them all. I am not sure what happened to my grandpa’s work truck. I am sure it was either sold or donated. No one drove it in my family. Years after my grandpa passed away, my cousins would still fix their cars in my grandpa’s garage. Again some of the cars would sit there and be fixed or just kinda hang out there. They were also donated to charity after a while. I am not sure if some of my cousins were moonlighting as mechanics or what was going on. I am happy that my grandpa’s garage was being used still. He had every tool you could possibly need. He was always working on something. Sometimes I was allowed in the garage and I remember the smell of it. Every time I smell car grease I think of my Gramps. I think donating to charity is an amazing thing. Some people don’t realize you can donate cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even boats to charities.

Check out my post about donating your car to charity