Monday, October 21, 2019

Reasons to get an oil change at a car dealership

When you have a car, you do have to keep up with the maintenance of the vehicle. One of the biggest things you have to do is oil changes. I have personally never done an oil change myself. It seems like too much work. One of my friends, wanted to do an oil change on his two cars. We happened to be at Walmart when he decided to do this. We went to the automotive section no less than four times. He kept forgetting things. It’s a hassle to figure out exactly which oil filter you need and all the extra stuff to do it yourself. The oil filters are unorganized and they might even be out of them. Forget using the books and guides they supply at Walmart because they don’t even have all the cars in them. It’s really a pain. We spent twenty minutes each time we went back there looking for things. 

Another thing you would need is an oil pan. When you are done with the oil change you have to figure out what to do with the old oil. You can’t just flush it down the toilet or throw it in the trash. You have to dispose of it properly, which could mean going to the hazardous waste disposal place in your area. They always seem to have weird hours too. Something else you have to consider is space and having the proper tools to do an oil change. It’s honestly a lot of work. 

My friend who said he was going to change his cars’ oil said he never wants to do an oil change alone in case something happens. That’s probably a good idea. I personally think that going to your car dealership where you know they have knowledge of your specific make and model is the smart thing to do. You don’t have to worry about finding the right parts. You also don’t have to have any tools. You won’t lose screws or tools in your car. Just seriously go to your car dealership it will save you tons of time and you won’t have to worry about it. 

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Getting your car windows tinted

You can get all kinds of personalization for your car. You can usually pick the color and the type of interior. You can also pick which features you would like. Some cars have spoilers or what I call little shark fins on the top. You can definitely use your car to express yourself. A common thing to do is get your windows tinted. The best place to get it done is a car dealership. The reasons for that are:

You don’t have to worry about getting a bad tint job. The person tinting your car has done it before. You know that they are experienced. It’s not just some random person you may have hired off of Facebook or Craigslist. 

The tint job will be even and they will give you proper directions like don’t roll your windows down for a certain amount of time. 

You won’t have to worry about a dealership picking up shop and running off if you do end up having a problem with the tint job. 

The dealership is up to date on the laws about tinting. It’s actually illegal to have your windows tinted too dark. It becomes a safety issue. It’s also not safe for law enforcement in the event that you need to be pulled over or identify someone. 

The dealership will have all the tools and tint needed so you can get it done and move on with your day. You can also possibly loan a car while they are doing the tint if you have somewhere that you really need to go. That’s always a great option if you need to go pick up your kids or go somewhere. However, dealerships usually have a nice little hospitality room for clients to wait in. It usually has a television and beverages. Some of them have snacks or vending machines. I have seen some horrible tint jobs in my time, it’s just best to start with the dealership and save time. 

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Cool Cars

There have been some pretty awesome cars throughout the years. Classic cars are some of my favorites. It’s always neat when you are driving down the road and you see a rare car. I always point it out to Noah. I also love classic car shows. I love that people take such good care of their cars and not run them in to the ground and use them as a drivable trash can.

Growing up, my dad and Grandpa Bill both had some pretty cool cars. When I was in elementary school, my dad drove a Mercedes. I still remember that car, mostly from pictures. It was an ugly brown. After that my dad had a Porsche. I remember thinking how little the back seat was. It wasn’t really a family car. It was still really cool. My Grandpa Bill had a Ferrari and a Lamborghini.  It was always a treat to go for a ride in either car. I don’t actually remember going anywhere with my Grandpa Bill unless it was for a ride around the block. I am sure I probably did at some point. Looking back, almost all the times I saw him it was at my Grandma Diana’s house which was strange because they were divorced before I was born. While I remember my childhood, I don’t remember every detail. 

My old best friend’s dad had a MG. I believe it just sat in the garage. Throughout our many years of friendship, I never saw anyone drive it. I don’t even know if it actually ran or not. Maybe it was like Cameron’s dad’s car in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It’s just strange I never saw it move. We spent a lot of time together. 

My neighbors had a Polaris Slingshot for a while. It looked really cool. It’s a mix between a car and a motorcycle. I always thought it would have been fun to ride in. I also love classic cars. I have always wanted to ride in a Shelby mustang or a really old convertible. I think that would be interesting. I would definitely be thinking about the history of the car and what happened in it?  I love thinking about the past and what it was like.